Connect the factory of the future

Your people, processes and machines have the ability to adapt in real time. SyS Creations is ushering in this new era with cognitive manufacturing solutions that transform the value chain beyond the factory walls.

80% of maintenance time is spent reacting to broken parts and equipment.

44% of unscheduled downtime is due to aging equipment.

Manufacturing IT Solutions


Access to your data and applications is critical for productivity and profitability. Our solutions deliver real-time insights to save time and control costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of technology to anticipate demand, pinpoint quality issues, and increase equipment uptime with predictive maintenance solutions.


Safeguard your connected operations with security solutions to harden defenses, prevent attacks, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risk of IoT.

Internet of Things

Continuously monitor and analyze factory data with IoT solutions to identify potential machine problems, prevent downtime, and increase quality and yield.

Industries we Serve




Retail & Consumer

Travel & Transportations

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