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We help clients take a step forward on every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor to top-tier management or as a do-gooder along with the front-line employees. We partner up with clients to work along and receive their feedback to be brought into practice before implementing it. We assure this to help achieve workforce skills, ensure operational improvement, and implement new working methodologies.


1. Helping entrepreneur’s and the industry
deliver better care for all.

Health Information Technology or Health IT is evolving drastically, and Mobile Apps are revolutionizing the entire industry to provide users with the best experience and business management systems. We help you connect your dreams with technology and walk past brutal challenges faced by the competition.

We are here to help you provide better care and save lives by developing cutting-edge applications that make healthcare more accessible and reliable.

It must be user-oriented

It must be developed alongside the actual end-users with the implementation of their feedback. Nothing can replace the opinions and feedback from experiences of real-time users, making their advice and feedback the pedestal for success.

It must be affordable

Tech development for healthcare businesses of all sizes should be cost-efficient. Many lives depend on it. The cost should be affordable, making room for new technologies to connect most users with services that provide care.

It must be scalable

To connect millions of users with the service that provides healthcare, it must be ready-to-go, easy, and quick to implement using basic configurations and simple enough to understand by any non-technical users.

It must achieve a win-win situation

A healthcare app is a platform for numerous people seeking healthcare solutions. Developing an affordable and cost-effective app creates a win-win situation, leading to a greater victory of providing healthcare to people in need.

It must achieve healthcare standards

Healthcare standards are set to ensure the safety and good health of patients as well as healthcare providers. It should follow through with every standard and guideline set, as compromises with healthcare standards under any circumstances would make the healthcare application inadequate.

It must comply with legislation

Privacy and Security is fundamentally a civil right, making it essential for every healthcare solution to adhere to and comply with worldwide legislation (HIPAA) and cover PHI’s legal aspects.


2.  We are in this FOR THE PEOPLE


All of our team members share the same vision. They want to put their all experience, knowledge and most importantly 8 hours a day to good use that translates into patients’ benefits and clinical hours saving. All of our actions are for the betterment of people!

When developing a healthcare application, others hide behind the false hopes of providing you with the best features & cutting edge technology and let you down at the time of implementation and results.

While others are busy talking people into their schemes, we let our work and experience speak for us. With patient care as our prime motive, we help entrepreneurs & organizations to provide the best services and come through our promises.
Patient care is our primary goal. We’ve raised awareness in lots of healthcare businesses and startups by investing our heart and soul in promoting patient data security.

We’ve already made over 200+ applications for startups and healthcare organizations, helping them achieve the dream they saw with their eyes open.

We frequently take initiatives and work on awareness campaigns with leading organizations focusing on the latest healthcare technologies.
We work efficiently with no scope for situations that could arise and lead users to lawsuits that would disrupt their business and lives.
We’ve helped many non-profit organizations in solving their difficulties by providing them with our services and solutions pro bono.
We receive appreciation from our users who are happy with the application and how it would make it easy to be at service for patients.


3.Health care industry is left behind by traditional app development companies.

If you look around, the healthcare industry is stuck on outdated technologies and traditional methods. What would be your answer if you were asked to state any state-of-the-art healthcare app? None, right? This is not because we lack innovation or ideas. It is because the healthcare industry faces so many problems.

They charge absurd prices

Developing healthcare applications costs a fortune despite traditional developers using old-school methods and traditional techniques. Healthcare developers are expensive to hire as they are paid for each line of code. Their cost also includes bug fixing, remediation, and reevaluation of their work. People would think about hiring traditional developers and getting it done but traditional developers would cost even more as they would have to develop an architecture that would comply with HIPAA guidelines and solving errors for a traditional application will also be expensive.

They are not scalable

Traditional healthcare developers with their traditional techniques design applications that are not scalable. If the applications are not designed right, an increase in number of users and their requirements disrupt the user experience.

They forget about business needs

Traditional developers often forget about business needs in the process of rectifying applications to be in check with guidelines from government and agencies. They forget about the business requirements of online stores, small, and medium businesses. Dynamic and small businesses with their websites need a solution provider as traditional solution providers don't understand their business requirements.

They cannot keep up with the updates

To cope up with the never-ending needs of customers and new trends of the market, IT products have to roll out updates frequently.Once the remediation project is complete, there is no one to ensure that things are running smoothly.

They have made healthcare more complex and costlier than ever with inappropriate tech stack selection and clogged-up workflows.


4. Seamlessly bringing together everything you need.

With Sys creations, you are always taken care of. To stand out from the crowd, we provide you with our endless support while others try to coax you with their promises to deliver on time and provide you with constant support.

Affordable for any business

One of the major factors in any business is affordability. Each business expects to partner up with dedicated healthcare experts with knowledge of the industry, which should be an obvious choice. Still, traditional healthcare developers come up with an impossible cost plan. Sys creations have devised a unique business model for providing the best healthcare developers, support personnel, and project managers to solve this problem.

We understand business and healthcare needs

We understand business needs along with healthcare needs. For small and medium businesses, it is challenging to keep up with everything while they deal with other problems, so we plan to help by focusing on healthcare and business needs. Consider Sys creations a supermarket for everything you need in terms of health IT. Support personnel, application developers with healthcare knowledge, network support, or healthcare experts, you name it. We believe in a vision, and if you envision an innovative healthcare application, we will make sure that you have everything you are looking for and some more.

Scalable because it is cloud-enabled

We believe in fulfilling the requirements and enhancing the experience for users. Cloud enables you with the increase or decrease in resources as per your requirements giving users the best experience.

Keeping up with updates

With so many updates, it's hard to keep up with other tasks at hand. AI keeps up with updates for you and constantly processes remediation after every update to ensure accessibility.

Convinced already? Reach out to us to discuss more of your ideas in healthcare innovation. Let’s bring your vision to life.


Our People

It’s easy to fall into the trap of applying ‘tech for tech’s sake. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and skills development regardless of where our people are located, so that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

Parth Patel

Chief Executive Officer
Burlington, ON

Let’s talk and you would find out what’s special about our team.

Tej Sodi

Everything Officer
Burlington, ON

You will find me in everything as I will be helping you out with everything you need.

Prachi Jaiswal

Support Analyst
Burlington, ON

You can always rely on me for any kind of support needed for your app.

Connor St. Louis

Business Analyst
Burlington, ON

You will get lot’s of detailed document from me consisting of your application workflows.

Harshil Patel

RPA Geek
Ahmedabad, GJ

You will see how I automate everything when it specially comes to paper.

Divesh Bansal

Product Manager
Mississauga, ON

On the backend, I am responsible for managing projects and bring light to the projects on frontend.

Nicole Ross

Numbers Lady
Kitchener, ON

Probably any project numbers, estimates or invoices you see, you will see me.

Confidential Marketer

Chief Marketing Officer
Confidential, MARS

Probably you reached on this page, by the efforts my department is putting everyday.