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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

Functioning has been part and parcel of the healthcare industry for a long; our expert team of cross‑functional professionals is all set to offer featured enterprise healthcare IT consulting to medical facilities of all sizes.

Continuous innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies are essentials for healthcare services to thrive.

For medical services providers, it is essential to understand the significance of various future‑generation technologies and outsmart those to take your services to the next level. At SyS Creations, we are always a step ahead of technology and handhold our clients to achieve it.

Digital Health

Digital health is a term with a broad scope, covering many things, including mHealth (mobile health), healthcare information technology, telemedicine, wearable devices, personalized healthcare administration etc. We, at SyS Creations, enable digital health by incorporating advanced technologies like AI & ML into digital health.
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  • Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

    • Medical devices platforms
    • Off-the-shelf commercial platforms
    • Virtual healthcare networks
    • Integrated & customizable features
    • Effective & insightful data access
  • Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS)

    • Store, transfer & analyze data
    • Control features & parameters
    • Covering non-device data systems
    • Secured & compliant
    • Quick & anywhere data access
  • Telemedicine (White-Label & Customized)

    • Managing patient follow-ups
    • Reduce chances of missed appointments
    • Remote management of chronic diseases
    • Preventative care support
    • Improve consulting outcomes
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Healthcare Operational Transformation

SyS Creations’ comprehensive approach to healthcare operational transformation enables medical facilities to prepare for fast-changing medical scenarios, expand the healthcare market, advance technologies, and increasing digitization.
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  • Healthcare Mobility

    • Mobilizing healthcare workflow
    • Connecting teams with critical info
    • User-friendly UI for various devices
    • Enabling coordinated procedures
    • Integration with other systems & apps
  • Cloud Enablement

    • Anytime scalability & high capacity
    • Largely reduced cost
    • Rapid application development
    • Enabling big data & IoT applications
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Digital Workplace Planning

    • Enabling digital workplace strategy
    • Smooth work-from-home practices
    • Telemedicine & telehealth consulting
    • Real-time collaboration & communication
    • BYOD & multi-device enablement
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Healthcare Software Transformation

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector starts with customizing all software applications from a patient-centric perspective. SyS Creations make it possible by assisting healthcare providers in rationalizing their software by understanding what customers/patients need and ensuring the best user experience.
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  • Digital Health Wallet

    • One patient – one record
    • Health tracking & summary
    • Health profiling
    • Individual health portal interface
    • Privacy & confidentiality
  • Automation in Healthcare

    • Patient encounter automation
    • Reporting & RCM
    • Automated healthcare workflow
    • Payment processing
    • AI-based applications
  • Quality & Margin Improvement

    • AI-based quality control
    • Health awareness
    • Operational transformation
    • Predictions for improved staffing
    • Informed strategic planning
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Healthcare Analytics

Health analytics solutions offered by SyS Creations help enterprises to gain a better insight into clinical, research, and financial data related to patient care. With analytics, healthcare facilities can optimize the productivity, quality, and overall efficiency of their services.
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  • Analytical Tools

    • Risk assessment & risk profiling
    • Health calculator
    • Individualized patient care insights
    • Cost & value optimization
    • Efficient medical coding & billing
  • Clinical Analytics

    • Prioritized care coordination
    • Optimize the quality of care
    • Probability modeling for predictions
    • Regulatory compliance analysis
    • Effective utilization of cost
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics

    • Payer behavior analytics
    • Automated RCM
    • Detailed dashboard visualization
    • Underpayment & rejection analysis
    • Business functionality snapshot
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Digital Engineering and R&D

SyS Creations assists in end-to-end digital engineering and research & development initiatives of health facilities of all sizes, from hardware and software to mechanical engineering. We have got sufficient case studies to put forth in our healthcare clients' R&D cum digital transformation.
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  • Product Engineering

    • Software product engineering
    • Hardware & system engineering
    • Embedded engineering
    • Product lifecycle management
    • Validation & verification
  • Platform Engineering

    • Platform strategy & selection
    • Digital blueprint of engineering
    • Platform development
    • Platform acceleration
    • Platform sustenance & customization
  • Operational R&D Services

    • Digital operations management
    • DevOps R&D
    • Embedded software
    • Product manufacturing R&D
    • Next-gen engineering
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Healthcare Compliance Consulting

SyS Creations empowers healthcare facilities to comply with the regulatory requirements through strategic management and adopting compliant technologies to design, deploy, and manage software applications.
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  • General Compliance Solutions

    • Compliance audits
    • Addressing compliance risks
    • Attorney consulting
    • Development of compliance policies
    • Corporate integrity agreements
  • HIPAA Compliance

    • Protection of patient information
    • A preventative approach to HIPAA
    • Data privacy & confidentiality
    • Audits & assessments
    • Comprehensive staff training
  • Compliant Software & Tools

    • Data security affirmations
    • Compliant UI/UX
    • Multifactor authentication for data access
    • Secured storage on cloud / on-premises
    • Fraud detection & prevention
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50+ Technologies


Help you thrive in the realm of digital transformation in the healthcare sector

  • Shift to more quality-based & outcome-based healthcare service
  • Cut cost and improve efficiency by streamlining the processes
  • Using analytics & workflow management to optimize patient outcomes
  • Enforce and manage patient consent across enterprises
  • Secure & efficient data transfer with partners by ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • Enterprise content management solutions based on industry regulations
  • Organizational change management and operational excellence

Tech & Compliancy


Consult with our experts

Our expert team of consultants can talk to you to understand your needs and goals and set the right framework to take a sustainable transformational route.


Finding solutions

With a comprehensive approach to enterprise healthcare consulting, we can equip you with apt tools and solutions.



With a standard set of transformational tools, we can customize the same based on your specific use case and goals.


Test & track

We test and fine-tune transformational tools before implementing them to ensure optimum efficiency and compliance with healthcare regulations.



What can I expect through enterprise healthcare IT consulting services?

Our healthcare IT consulting team works closely with the clients to understand your challenges while entering into next-generation healthcare technologies and practices. Further, we help you to find the most suitable solutions. We can create sustainable strategies to help you overcome those challenges and achieve success.

What is covered under digital health?

Digital health incorporates a wide range of technologies to connect healthcare services and users for better health and wellness. Digital health enables an integrated, flexible, and interoperable digital ecosystem which can transform and modernize care delivery.

What is the significance of a digital healthcare workplace?

Now, stethoscopes and scalpels are not just tools for healthcare professionals. The digital workplace will facilitate easy service delivery even in case of emergency medical situations. In the post-pandemic era, digital workplaces are revolutionizing healthcare services by empowering quick knowledge sharing, collaborating diversified workforce, and optimizing productivity & efficiency.

How to use data analytics for healthcare improvement?

Like many other industries, analytics is rapidly changing the ways in the healthcare sector, too, with a lot of data-centric applications and analytics in the picture. Some examples are optimizing clinical trials, efficient drug development & delivery, detection of disease outbreaks, preventative predictions, patient engagement analysis, precise healthcare decision making etc.

What kind of R&D Services do you offer?

To meet the challenges of changing healthcare market, we help you invest rightly in futuristic research & development to bring up the most effective healthcare solutions. R&D focus primarily on the translation of your idea into a tangible product to addresses certain need/s. Our R&D team works closely with you to derive the most affordable, appropriate, acceptable, and accessible healthcare IT solutions.

How is the cost of enterprise healthcare IT consulting services decided?

The cost structure of enterprise healthcare IT consulting depends on many factors like technological tools involved, number of expert consulting hours, and the level of customization needed etc. We offer tailored end-to-end consulting services on an as-needed basis, and you have to pay for only what you avail.