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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

SyS Creations team will help you to custom build the most functional and catchy mobile apps swiftly, deploy easily, and upgrade timely as needed.

Users need anytime accessibility to your business and custom mobile apps is the most reliable mode of ensuring the same.

Mobile apps are now very vivid and innovative. From prototyping to development, testing, and publishing your app, we being the best healthcare app development company vouch to partner with its end-to-end services for building next-generation healthcare app development.

Native Healthcare App Development (iOS & Android)

To make an impact on the digitalized market, native apps are the perfect tools to build. We can help you make the best featured apps, optimized for each OS by keeping consistency in performance and branding across the platforms.
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  • Healthcare App Development (iOS)

    • Swift-based app development
    • Objective-C based app development
    • X-Code10-based app development
    • Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks
    • Compatibility across Apple devices
  • Healthcare App Development (Android)

    • Android Studio code templates
    • Java, Kotlin, CPP based app
    • Flexible Gradle-style builds
    • Optimized for all Android devices
    • Functional on Android wearables, TV
  • Digital Team For Consulting

    • Expert app developers to consult
    • Convert your wants into app features.
    • Hassle-free development
    • App publishing assistance
    • Anytime dedicated support
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Hybrid & Cross Platform Healthcare Apps

We offer hybrid app development services to build high-performing and feature-packed apps, which are fully secured and scalable. SyS Creations hybrid app development team includes skilled UX designers, HTML experts, and software engineers who insightfully engage in app development.
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  • Supporting Portability

    • Quick way to build feature-rich apps
    • Cross functional apps
    • Various software and hardware plugins
    • Random data streaming abilities
    • Secured & scalable
  • Effortlessness Integrations

    • Better synchronization with other apps
    • Can use phone features as needed
    • Works well with the native apps
    • Seamless data integration
    • Easy updates like web apps
  • Offline Data & Info Support

    • Stores device API for offline info
    • Quick app loading and access
    • Prompt syncing of data when back online
    • Anytime access
    • Timely updates and patches
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Business Apps & API Integration Services

Mobile business apps are now a necessity for all. Our team of app developers has worked with many brands, large organizations, start-ups, and individuals to create powerful business apps from fresh ideas. API integration will help create solutions for better customer experience without increasing cost and helping to streamline various businesses operations.
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  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    • Mobile application platform
    • Mobile device management
    • Supports remote working & telecommuting
    • M2M communications
    • Mobile security
  • Social Integration

    • Improve brand visibility & awareness
    • Easy signup through social accounts
    • Customizable user profiles
    • Push notifications
    • Track social engagement across the apps
  • Payment Gateway Integration

    • Detailed reporting and invoicing
    • Multiple payment options
    • Multi-channel processing
    • Faultless encryption standards
    • Fraud detection and high security payment standards
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Apps for IoT

Smartphones now bring in more portability to IoT solutions. SyS Creations team can assist you in building IoT ready mobile apps to ensure enhanced user experience and optimum efficiency. With these intelligent mobile apps, you can manage multiple devices and data from a centralized app.
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  • Healthcare Data Management

    • Able to manage huge amounts of data
    • Integrated Big Data algorithms
    • Managing multiple IoT devices with app
    • Integration with AI & ML algorithms
    • Connected health solutions
  • Medical IoT Ready Features

    • Run smoothly on any device & any OS via cross functional apps
    • GPS-Free proximity solutions
    • Auto device discovery
    • Trigger events on controlled devices
    • Remote control apps
  • Healthcare Automation

    • Remotely monitor & Control equipment
    • Operate hazardous medical equipment from safe distance.
    • Real-time alerts and updates
    • Avert chances of unexpected downtime
    • Management of connected devices
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UI/UX for Apps

UI/UX is the heart of mobile app development for users to interact with the app smoothly and intuitively. Our UI/UX designers can build some astounding designs, which not only enrich the end user experience, but also offer the latest trends to create a positive and appealing impact to your app.
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  • User Research

    • Understanding target audience
    • User-centric custom UI/UX design
    • Do task analysis and incorporate the preferences
    • Market research and design discovery
    • Concept formulation at best
  • Prototyping UI/UX

    • Concept formulation
    • Clickable prototype
    • Thoughtful combinations to choose from
    • Ongoing reviews and updates
    • Following latest standards
  • Experience Testing

    • Real-time testing with targeted users
    • Multi-centric cross functional testing approach
    • User experience reviews
    • Optimizing the app based on feedback
    • Agile app development approach
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Business Analysis & Consulting Services

Even though not directly linked to mobile app development services, business analytics and consulting comes as a key functional subsidiary of SyS Creations which goes along with other services. We have in-house healthcare, IT professionals and analytics experts with a high proficiency in business consulting.
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  • Strategic Consulting

    • Business feasibility consulting
    • Tuning your business with futuristic trends
    • Brand & image building
    • Marketing and sales consulting
    • Legal & compliance hacking
  • SOP Consulting

    • Business and industry centric Standard Operating Procedures
    • Inventory control
    • Strategic planning of operations
    • Multi-channel facilitation
    • People and resource management
  • Analytics & Performance

    • Statistical modelling
    • Activity-based costing
    • Big data analytics
    • Analyzing clinical practices variations & performance optimizing
    • Growth Hacking to grow multi-fold
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50+ Technologies


Let’s transform the mobility realm and get set for the future

  • Working closely to understand the business value to design user-centric apps
  • Devising the right strategy by choosing an apt set of technologies, platforms, and architecture
  • Bringing brands to life through apps to enhance user engagement
  • Shorter development cycle with a continuous delivery approach
  • Incorporate AR, VR, AI technologies into mobile apps
  • App launch support to avoid any pre-or post-launch snags
  • Expert marketing support for app store optimization of mobile apps

Healthcare App Development and Publishing


Understanding the needs

Our mobile app team will conduct a thorough requirement analysis by talking closely with you to understand your needs and challenges.


Setting the right logic

Developers work hand-in-hand with you to build a prototype for streaming the app logic and features to meet the desired objectives.


Coding the app

Finalizing on the technology stack and start to build the native or hybrid app based on your choices to ensure optimum functionality.


Testing & Publishing

Testing app for features, user-friendliness, API functions etc., and further publishing apps to Play Store or App Store accordingly without hassles.



I’m new to it, where should I start with healthcare app development?

You may just talk to SyS Creations expert to share your raw ideas. Our team will convert those thoughts into technology terms and can build the best functional healthcare apps for you. We are always open to help you with medical app development.

Is there a fixed-price quote given?

Yes, we can give you a fixed price quote by fully understanding your needs, on agreeing upon the technology and project specifications. We remain fully accountable to deliver what is agreed upon the paper, for the exact price quoted.

Is it possible to build a healthcare app for both Android and iOS Android?

Yes, business want to have their native healthcare apps for both Android and iOS. The modern business apps must work across mobile and web devices, so we build it on React native platform too to ensure support on both the platforms.

Will I get a proprietary source code?

Yes, all associated codes, copyrights ,and licenses of your mobile app belong to you. We follow a very transparent policy in intellectual property rights. You are free to review, update, or modify the code later as needed.

What kind of support is extended during the healthcare app development process?

A dedicated mobile app development team and project manager are assigned to your project. The project manager will act as your primary contact point throughout the development process. All your queries and requests will be manged through a 24×7 support portal with swift responses and quick resolutions.

Will my healthcare app and data be kept secured?

We comply with all advanced security standards, but do not want to share security precautions publicly here. However, once the requirement is shared, we will walk you through the steps involved in ensuring app and data security.