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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

For start-ups to established enterprises, your resource management overheads can be deported to us to get your development projects done in a timely & efficient manner with optimum ROI.

Getting Skilled & Insightful Workforce is Not a Challenge Anymore

Enterprises focusing on growth want to aim at their core business resource building rather than maintaining an internal IT team. This is where SyS Creations can be your reliable partner to deploy  dedicated IT resources to take ownership of your development projects, no strings attached

Virtual CTO

SyS Creations offers top technical executive-level expertise as a service for start-ups and medium sized enterprises. A Dedicated virtual CTO will help to streamline your IT initiatives, devise tech strategies, manage technology infrastructure and teams.
+1905 635 7574
  • CTO-as-a-Service

    • Ease off complexities in technology adoption
    • Planning long-term business success
    • Hand-picked executive professionals
    • Varying skillsets & mindsets for start-ups and SMEs
    • Scaling up & optimizing the growth curve
  • Acting as a Neutral Vendor

    • Evaluation of technology proposals and advisory
    • Requirement analysis
    • Contract negotiation and acting in your best interest
    • Choice of the best technology suite
    • Future-proof and instant plans for start-ups
  • Determining Solutions

    • For start-ups, small, mid-size, and large enterprises
    • Finalizing decisions based on the latest technologies
    • Setting standards and compliance regulations
    • Focus on optimizing cost-efficiency
    • Prioritization & objective-driven approach
+1905 635 7574

Tech Project Manager

SyS Creations can bring on board reliable and expert tech project managers to take up end-to-end project management activities from planning to executing various project stages. You can entirely rely on your PM to manage the budget, coordinate with other departments, technology integration, and project launch.
+1905 635 7574
  • Technology Roadmap

    • Plan & track project lifecycle
    • Define technology stack and design architecture
    • Optimize & track the deployments
    • Define KPIs and performance checks
    • Ensure optimum ROI
  • Technology Integration

    • Technology integration to existing IT framework
    • Project management advisory
    • Process migration with zero downtime
    • Seamless flow of information
    • Anytime access
  • IT Project Management & Delivery

    • Own-premises PM advisory
    • Lead, manage, and deploy tech projects
    • Facilitate project development & implementation
    • Access to the on-demand resource pool
    • Continuous testing & delivery
+1905 635 7574

Backend Developer

Our team of backend developers with varying levels of experience are readily available to work on your projects on-demand. These competitive consultants can offer custom-tailored backend solutions to suit the needs of desktop, web, and mobile application development projects.
+1905 635 7574
  • Staff Augmentation

    • Backend developers to work with your remote team
    • Full-stack back-end development
    • T&M and outstaffing contract
    • Ready to deliver custom, robust solutions
    • Anytime support, on-the-run
  • Web & Mobile Developers

    • B2B, B2C and B2E web & mobile back-end
    • Native iOS/Android apps backend
    • Hybrid, cross-platform apps backend
    • Latest technologies & languages
    • JavaScript, React Native, PhoneGap, Cordova and more.
  • Cloud Backend Developers

    • Cloud-based high availability backend designers
    • Able to operate on heavy loads
    • Ability to handle big data solutions
    • AI, BL, and machine learning technologies
    • Your partner in next-gen innovations and patient care
+1905 635 7574

Frontend Developer

Our consulting frontend developers possess diversified experience working with start-ups to top corporates on web & mobile app development and UI/UX project. The team consists of senior developers, coders, and architects having exposure to modern technology stacks.
+1905 635 7574
  •  Frontend Development

    • Latest methodologies in frontend development
    • Customer-centric development
    • High quality and competitive pricing
    • PSD-to-Bootstrap conversions
    • CMS theming
  • HTML & CSS Responsive Frontends

    • Frontend developers with healthcare expertise
    • Consistency and branding ensured
    • Responsive websites & mobile UIs
    • CSS, HTML and JavaScript at the core
    • React & Node JS development
  • Reliability & Scalability

    • Flexible and reliable frontend resources
    • Continuous development and deployment
    • Updates and upgrades from time-to-time
    • Collaborative working with remote team
    • Working on your project dedicatedly 9am-5pm
+1905 635 7574

QA & UAT Engineers

SyS Creations offers support of dedicated QA & UAT resources along with software development services as an add-on. QA is done at each phase of the development process and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is done towards completion from end user point of view to verify the relevance before moving to production.
+1905 635 7574
  • Testing Requirements & Specs

    • Functional & non-functional testing
    • Migration & deployment testing
    • Manual and performance testing
    • Automation testing
    • Detailed QA reporting
  • Functional Testing Experts

    • Ensuring full system functionality
    • Regression testing
    • Integration testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Smoke testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

    • User experience testing
    • Performance testing
    • Stress testing
    • Scalability testing
    • Testing automation
+1905 635 7574

UI/UX Designers

If you do not have an internal team to build your product UI/UX design with professional perfection, turn to SyS Creations UI/UX designers on contract. Our team possesses high-end UI/UX design expertise for websites, mobile applications, social media, and even landing pages.
+1905 635 7574
  • Broad Range of Experience

    • Patient care centered UI
    • Root cause analysis
    • Interface architecture
    • Animation designs
    • Cross-platform UI/UX designs
  • Research Expertise

    • UI research
    • UX strategy
    • Visual designs
    • Target-audience-centric approach
    • Collaborative UI/UX design
  • Storyboarding & Wireframing

    • Wireframe page layouts
    • Purpose-built designs
    • Use case definitions
    • Each use case storyboards
    • Strategizing CTA placements
+1905 635 7574


50+ Technologies


Most transformations fail,
We help you flip the odds

  • Vetted flutter developers only. No freelancers.
  • Flexible hiring contracts, from hourly, full-time to the dedicated development team
  • Agile development methodology and weekly sprint standups for effective delivery.
  • Round the clock consultation; no time-zone difference
  • 100+ confidentiality with strict NDA contracts
  • Zero risk-free consultation and guaranteed delivery
  • Highly secured development area with enterprise-graded firewalls

On Demand Resources


Knowing your needs

Our consulting team will listen and understand your goals and evaluate it realistically to identify the resource requirements.


Setting the team

Reviewing the technological skillset of our desired team members with the clients and finalizing the best team to set.


Delivering services

Deploying the dedicated resources on your project, either remote or on-premises, to work with your existing team.


On-demand resources

Based on various stages of development projects, we can assign expert resources for multiple tasks ranging from front-end development to backend development, design, testing, or deployment etc.



1. Why consider dedicated resources versus an in-house team?

There are many reasons you think of dedicated resources for consulting to acquire expertise, which is not internally available, avoid time & cost overheads, focus more on your core processes, and enjoy a high degree of flexibility and freedom.

2. Is it possible to hire dedicated resources for a few parts of a project?

Yes, you can hire dedicated resources for any part/s of the SDLC, ranging from frontend developers to backend developers, testers, UI/UX designers, database experts and more.

3. How is the quality of dedicated resources ensured?

Our expert resource pool consists of highly experienced technology professionals. We first do a thorough analysis of your requirements to share a list of the most qualified professionals for your review. Once you approve, we then proceed with the contract.

4. Are the dedicated resources for start-ups?

Any organization which does not want to build an in-house team for their non-core or one-time development needs can quickly get dedicated resources on demand. This approach offers huge time and cost benefits along with ease of operations. SyS Creations have start-ups to big corporates in our clientele.


5. What is the work schedule of dedicated resources?

Our team works on flexible schedules based on your project requirements. They set a project timeline too as a part of the contract and stick to it. The work schedule of dedicated resource/s can be custom planned based on the client time zone and availability.

6. On what basis the cost is calculated?

It depends on the number of dedicated resources and estimated hours, type of project/technology to be handled, overall project duration, support needs etc.