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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

SyS Creations team has been dealing with telemedicine app development, tech, business, and compliance for 6+ years. You have a perfect opportunity to optimize our knowledge for your growth.
Market uncertainty and tech complexities are stopping you?

Trust us. Telemedicine is here to stay and we know a thousand ways out through all tech complexities.

Our teams of developers, compliance experts and business analysts will help you from just a telemedicine idea to glory. Because we are not a vendor, we are a partner – interested in your success, not in equity.


We are equipped with all resources to transform your clinic into a modern virtual clinic. Onboard remote patients, consult them and write ePrescriptions with simple workflows.
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  • Custom Telemedicine Platform

    • MVP or full-fledged platform
    • Custom UI/UX
    • Government billing code support
    • Separate apps for providers and patients
  • White-Label Telemedicine Platform

    • Your customized branding (theme, logos, colour)
    • Scope for customization
    • Source code ownership
    • Compliant with privacy laws
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We put innovations and disruption in top gear to create a telemedicine 2.0 experience that is not just limited to virtual care but the online pharmacy, healthcare eCommerce and remote monitoring from the single telemedicine platform. More offerings = more revenue streams.
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  • Telemedicine 2.0

    • Multi-purpose telemedicine super app
    • SaaS-ready
    • Analytics and user management
    • AI, machine learning and IoT-enabled
  • Compliance and Security

    • Comprehensive compliance audit
    • HIPAA compliant
    • Encrypted PHI
    • 2-factor authentication
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We assist you in achieving wellness and strategic goals you have set for your organization. An enterprise telemedicine platform must focus on driving clinical quality, overall wellness and must be scalable
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  • Telemedicine Solution

    • Virtual workplace for clinicians
    • A build-in clinical collaboration system
    • Build-it decision-support system
    • Can support outsourced clinicians
  • Telemedicine Hardware

    • Telemedicine kiosk
    • Telemedicine cart
    • Telemedicine tablets
    • Network setup and support
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50+ Technologies

Assess, Plan, Evaluate

Telemedicine App Development


Requirement assessment

Our telemedicine tech and business teams will assess your requirements, guide you on new ideas and present a complete roadmap.


Workflows and UI/UX

Business analysts define workflows to plan out how your platform drives patient journeys forward, and UI/UX team brings workflows in design.


Frontend and backend development

Following a strict timeline, the development team puts all telemedicine platform features together to bring a telemedicine idea to life.


QA and delivery

Before app delivery, the QA team tests the working and its functionality in different environments and on other devices.

Use Cases

It’s not your perfect bet. It’s your smart investment!

Remote, affordable and rapid care

Telemedicine facilitates clinicians to optimize care delivery for people living in remote areas. Clinicians can treat them from anywhere in the world. This results in zero travelling time and cost, which ultimately eliminates the costly and delayed care healthcare ecosystem is notorious for!

Medical speciality-specific telemedicine

A general-purpose telemedicine platform does not work effectively for every clinician. Because different medical specialists run practice on different clinical workflows and require a dedicated platform for the patient goals they have explicitly defined. For instance, a platform for dentists doesn’t enhance clinical values in senior care.

A single virtual care platform for all medical needs

The concept of a multi-purpose or super app is very successful in the startup ecosystem. It offers multiple services from a single platform. To enable patients to seek 360-degree care virtually, you can integrate online pharmacy, remote monitoring, and healthcare eCommerce modules in your telemedicine app.

Deliverables, Timeline, and Involvement

Our Methodology

  • Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and covert those into technological terms.
  • Deriving the most appropriate and customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Molding a prototype to simulate how it works in real-time
Build & Test
  • Building and testing actual technology stack.
Pilot to Production
  • Implementing the technology suite, orienting the team, and offering 24 x7 support.
Continuous Support
  • Always available when you need us. We understand patient care and it's urgency.
Custom Telemedicine App Development Solution


1) What is the difference between a custom and white-label telemedicine platform?

We build a custom platform from scratch by following every step of the development lifecycle dedicatedly for yourself. At the same time, a white-label platform is a ready-to-use platform with customization and branding options.

2) What is healthcare compliance?

Several authorities worldwide have imposed different local and national healthcare data privacy laws to ensure the privacy and security of ePHI. By achieving each law’s technical and administrative regulations, we make telemedicine platforms compliant with applicable laws.

3) What is the future of telemedicine?

A large number of people and clinicians have shifted to telemedicine during the pandemic time. While using it, they’ve developed awareness around use cases and the benefits of telemedicine platforms. As a result, they are most likely to continue opting more for virtual care even in the post-pandemic era.

4) Which are the top telemedicine business ideas?

You can build a telemedicine platform for a dedicated medical speciality. You can even create a super telemedicine platform. You can also start telemedicine for medical cannabis if it is legal in your region.

5) Who will own the source code of the telemedicine platform you provide?

If you go for the custom telemedicine development, you will enjoy full code ownership. But for the white-label telemedicine platform, we also offer you the flexibility to choose no code ownership in order to keep acquisition costs low.

6) Which are the top types of telemedicine app development solutions you're offering?

We know the fact that budget and needs of everyone are different. Thus, we offer white-label telemedicine app, custom telemedicine mobile app and web app development, MVP telemedicine app development, native and cross-platform telemedicine app development, clone app development and even progressive web app development.