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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

At SyS Creations, we have dedicated 24×7 healthcare IT support team to open-mindedly address the client queries & complaints anytime to come up with the most relevant solutions.

Technology stronghold is not everyone's cup of tea, but for our healthcare IT clients, we are always vigilant and available to offer flawless support.

Support is a key aspect of any product or service, which becomes too critical in the healthcare industry. We have a multi-disciplinary support team to handle the support requests based on the nature of the query and priority.

Healthcare Service Desk

SyS Creations' dedicated healthcare service desk is always available and willing to resolve the healthcare facility-based rapidly and patient service queries with an intelligent and automated query management system.
+1905 635 7574
  • Incident Management

    • Incident recording & classification
    • Automated priority setting
    • Omnichannel access
    • Incident tagging for easy tracking
    • Customized prebuilt templates
  • Intelligent Assignment

    • Tagging & classifying service requests
    • Intelligent & proactive resolution
    • Configurable categorization forms
    • Monitoring & driving closure of requests
    • Enhance overall patient experience
  • Real-time Insights

    • Personalized dashboards
    • Availability of customized reports
    • Data-drive approach
    • Time tracking
    • Integration of analytical tools
+1905 635 7574

Level 1,2,3 Support

SyS Creations offer multi-level support, with Level 1 being the primary help desk, Level 2 in-depth technical support, Level 3 expert product service support etc. Going beyond these, we offer dedicated remote and on-premises support too.
+1905 635 7574
  • Help Desk Support

    • Supporting basic user issues
    • Fulfilling SLAs
    • Primary support level personnel
    • Instant resolution of quick queries
    • Anytime access
  • Level 2 In-depth Support

    • Escalation from Level 1
    • More knowledgeable technicians
    • Product level support
    • Access to higher technology tools
    • Smart Scheduled support
  • Expert Product Support

    • Higher-level problem resolutions
    • New feature creation
    • Root cause analysis
    • Support design, code, specifications
    • Timely fixes & updates
+1905 635 7574

Application Support

Application support services offered by SyS Creations ensure that technological healthcare applications are correctly functioning, always available, and stay relevant to the latest needs. Our expert team ensures essential higher-level support as well as timely maintenance of the applications.
+1905 635 7574
  • Reactive Application Support

    • Technical & product info
    • Knowledge base with a custom search
    • Prioritizing support queries
    • Quick fixing of performance issues
    • Software installations & updating
  • Proactive Application Support  

    • Code review
    • Performance optimization
    • Security monitoring
    • Compliance management
    • Optimization of cloud consumption
  • Backend Support

    • Database support
    • Platform support
    • Remote collaboration
    • Internet telephony & messaging
    • Payment gateway support
+1905 635 7574

Start-up Support

Our dedicated start-ups support team has vast experience in technically & strategically supporting start-ups by meeting all documentation & regulatory compliances. SyS Creations' support model works with local management ownership by ensuring best technical practices for start-ups to thrive.
+1905 635 7574
  • Dedicated IT Consulting Partner

    • Strategic IT advice
    • Project management
    • IT infrastructure consulting
    • IT management & support
    • Level 1, 2, 3 support
  • Virtual CIO

    • Spearheading complex IT initiatives
    • Formulate IT recommendations
    • Resolution of cybersecurity challenges
    • Developing IT strategy
    • Mapping tech growth with budget
  • ITaaS (IT as a Service)

    • No overhead of on-premises infrastructure
    • Easy anytime scalability
    • Maximum uptime guaranteed
    • 24 x 7 support
    • Remote security & risk management
+1905 635 7574

Go-Live Support

Along with facilitating the actual go-live of applications and platforms, the success of your go-live operations depends on two fundamental approaches as 'pre go-live preparation' and 'post go-live transition'. SyS Creations cater to all these stages of go-live operations.
+1905 635 7574
  • Operational Readiness Planning

    • Ensure process alignment
    • Formalize policies & procedures
    • Defining real-time workflow
    • Defining roles & responsibilities
    • End-user training
  • Vendor Partnerships

    • Internal resource assessment
    • Planning external resources needed
    • Development of overall strategy
    • Early engagement of external vendors
    • Onboarding vendors
  • Post Go-live Support

    • Post go-live strategy planning
    • Contract staffing support
    • Transition to support model
    • Clinician & user adoption
    • Command centre operations
+1905 635 7574

Development Support Centre

SyS Creations act as your technology partner to ensure continuous customer process operations without any interruptions. For this, we offer the best application development & support services. Our team is technology-agnostic, utilizes the best available technology, and offers end-to-end, scalable, and sustainable application development support.
+1905 635 7574
  • Embedded Systems

    • Autonomous solutions
    • Display systems
    • Functional safety systems
    • Model-based development
    • Telematics systems
  • Connected Technologies

    • Desktop applications
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Web & mobile applications
    • Cross-platform applications
    • Stack development
  • Autonomous Systems

    • In-house systems development
    • Integrated engineering services
    • Close to actual prototyping
    • Advanced platooning
    • Testing & Validation
+1905 635 7574


50+ Technologies


Maintenance, migration, and modernization – comprehensive healthcare IT support

  • Assessing client readiness to implement vendor-powered solutions
  • Omnichannel technology across all touchpoints of telehealth, wearables, mobility and more
  • Enabling value-based care to enhance clinician and patient experiences
  • Security risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • HIPAA compliant, multi-layered framework for cybersecurity
  • Help align the business processes, systems, networks, and supporting mechanisms
  • Anytime IT support for an industry that never sleep

Healthcare Tech


Identify your needs

It is essential to pre-define your use case and plan the level of support needed when it comes to IT support. SyS Creations can work it out based on your unique support requirements for now and in future.


Setting the right kind of support

Once your support needs are listed, it is crucial to set the mode of support and level of support needed to ensure flawless healthcare IT operations.


Support platform and tools

Support needed to be streamlined based on the specific needs of the users, admins, and clients, for which you have to choose the most appropriate tools and support platform.


Trial & tune

Support strategies needed to be tested and fine-tuned to ensure a flawless and all-inclusive approach to healthcare IT support, as healthcare is a crucial industry that never sleeps.



What to consider while adopting healthcare IT support services?

To avail healthcare IT support, you need to consider;

  • HIPAA compliance
  • What risk analysis do they do to ensure compliance & security
  • What are data & information protection measures?
  • Do they offer 24/7 and priority support?
  • Backup and recovery service?

How can I trust SyS Creations for Health-tech support?

Indeed, many of the technology solutions providers cannot offer customized solutions for healthcare organizations. SyS Creations, with its years of experience in healthcare IT support and a dedicated team of healthcare-technology professionals, is all set to offer customized and sophisticated technology tools and healthcare support.

Can you provide any references and testimonials regarding the delivery of healthcare IT services?

SyS Creations has a wide range of loyal healthcare IT customers. Once the initial talks are over, we can give you a handful of references of our existing healthcare IT clients for a reference check.

Is there any Service Level Agreement?

Based on the support planning, all SLAs will be clearly defined and part of the contract. SyS Creations team is dedicated to fulfilling the deliverables in the SLAs.

How quickly do I get support for IT emergencies?

Similar to how medical emergencies happen, critical IT application/resource emergencies also may pop up in healthcare IT from time to time. SyS Creations offer timely support based on the priority of the support requests and resolve 100% of the support queries as per the SLA.

How much cost is involved in healthcare IT support?

There is no such fixed cost to show up, but the comprehensive support package cost is estimated based on the level of support needed, coverage of support areas and the SLA signed conditions.