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SyS Creations is one of the very few healthcare IT company that makes sense. All other alternatives are either expensive, antique, or unreliable (or all three), and create more problems than existed in the first place

While most companies only care about winning the project bid, we work closely with our customers and its end-users, physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other healthcare people daily to ensure a reliable, excellent digital experience that fits their needs.


We are by far the most trusted Healthcare IT service company in the market

SyS Creations is trusted to protect almost 200+ applications including industry-leading organizations, ranging from Startups that went public, to Fortune 500 companies, and WHO featured NGOs. No competitor currently comes close to that.


We provide any and every kind of support to our customers, where other provide excuses for failure

With SyS Creations, you are always protected and supported. In easy times and in harder times. When most competitors provide excuses, we provide dedicated support for fixing any issues which impact your business or patient care overall.

SyS Creations Competition
Healthcare Agnostic & Understanding
We work only with Healthcare companies
Works for all kind of industry
Healthcare Professionals on Team
Have Developers, Physicians, Pharmacists on team
Only Developers
Security & Compliance at Core
Included in all App Development
Hire external consultant like us
Digital Experience Matters

Clients are friends. Each of their
problems are ours.

At SyS Creations, we believe in providing the absolute class of reliable and superior digital experience catering to the needs of our customers and its end-user, physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals while working with them very closely.

Clean Code Matters

We tend to keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler


They write code without the concern for security or styling and the code tends to have many editors and conflicting styles, making it impossible to work with, understand, or modify it.


At SyS Creations with our dedicated and expert team of specialists, we only practice clean code architecture. Making sure your project is efficient, cutting down on your cost for rework and conformance.

Easy Update

No need for any tweaks, all our apps are compliant with your specifications.


Just launched a new update which doesn’t work. Creating havoc for the client. Further, delaying the implementation.


SyS Creations is the only Healthcare IT company that makes sure your app or software with every new update is compliant with standardization.


We understand how valuable your time is.


Using unstructured workflow leading to lots of unnecessary delays Thus, slowing your support and developmental pace.


SyS Creations believes in time management. With our well-curated roadmap of efficiency, we make sure your support and development are swift.

Completely Compliant to Healthcare Security

Make sure to choose sensibly when it comes to Healthcare security.


Other IT solution companies just deliver the application, without monitoring healthcare security standards. Hence, the result rejection.


Only at SyS Creations, we extensively follow all the HIPAA and PHIPA protocols. And, as a result, your application passing all healthcare security standards. Read our privacy policies.