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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

Your clinical knowledge + Our technical knowledge = Your happiest patients ever!
Can’t keep up with ever-changing patient needs

Acquire app infrastructure that is aligned with current patient needs and ready to meet future patient needs

We make it future-ready, easily scalable with new users and almost maintenance-free as a healthcare solution meant to deliver you peace of mind, not to stress you out.

Online Pharmacy App

Online pharmacy app solution with a pharmacy management system integration to optimize the entire workflow of receiving, managing, filling and delivering prescriptions
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  • Medicine Delivery App

    • E-Prescribing for doctors & patients
    • Automatic refills & medicine reminder
    • Live tracking for medicine delivery
    • Separate app module for gig workers
  • App For Brick-Mortar Pharmacy

    • Back-office task management
    • Wellness and rewards program
    • Self-pickup or delivery options
    • Telemedicine for medical consultation
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Home Healthcare App

Streamline administrative and senior care operations performed by outsourced or in-house nurses by managing the entire care cycle online through a mobile or web app.
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  • SaaS Based Solution

    • User management and analytics
    • Call monitoring and instant alerts
    • Digital care logs and MAR charts
    • Automatic and precise reporting
  • Custom Solution For Agencies

    • Back-office suite
    • Virtual care suite
    • Care worker mobile app
    • Clinical document management
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Mental Health

Offer rapid, evidence-based and virtual mental health support to patients with mental health solutions, crafted while keeping self-care and faster healing in focus
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  • Meditation App For Self-Care

    • Native support for freemium model
    • Free and paid soothing music
    • Goal-centric user journey
    • Gamification and chatbot
  • Mental Health Solution For Therapists

    • Custom patient onboarding
    • Virtual mental health support
    • Easy progress tracking
    • Build-in referral system
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Let users get medical documents and buy medical cannabis online or easily connect cannabis producers and sellers with marketplace idea to attain growth in legalized markets
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  • Selling Cannabis Online

    • Automatic user age verification
    • Easy ordering by uploading medical document
    • Live tracking of order
    • In-house or gig drivers management
  • Medical Cannabis Marketplace

    • Quick onboarding for sellers
    • Easy product management
    • Communication and product promotion tools
    • Powerful product search and display
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50+ Technologies

Validate, Elevate, Activate

Turning your idea into reality


Idea validation

Our well-versed business analysts validate your idea of a healthcare solution.


Elevate efforts

Design and development team takes over. They design and code the solution.


Evaluate the product

QA team tests it comprehensively to ensure an error-free user experience.



It is time to finally launch it in the market and measure the initial engagement.

Use Cases

We understand and appreciate your why and wherefore!

Nationwide expansion of a local pharmacy

Unless you run a pharmacy retail chain, you are only limited to a neighbourhood or a small suburb. To expand nationwide, you need huge investment as real estate is ultra-expensive. The best alternative is acquiring online space in terms of a mobile or web app. Because online space is restricted only by your vision!

He wants to track mood and improve it

Mood tracking is the major part of the care plan for patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Recording it on paper or Excel isn’t output-driven due to a tedious process with high possibilities of errors or mismanagement. With a mental health app, therapists, caregivers and even patients themselves can easily record mood by time & events and track it to see trends.

Home care task assignment and reporting

You either email each individual nurse or text them to allocate them senior care jobs meant to be performed by visiting seniors at their homes. This consumes time and troubles teams to be up-to-date. But with a home health care solution, the system automatically allocates tasks to each nurse which she/he can access and report by logging into the solution.Finibus Bonorum et Malorum for use in a type specimen book. Lorem ipsum, or lipsum as it is sometimes known, is dummy text used in laying out print, graphic or web designs. Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text.

Deliverables, Timeline, and Involvement

Our Methodology

  • Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and covert those into technological terms.
  • Deriving the most appropriate and customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Molding a prototype to simulate how it works in real-time
Build & Test
  • Building and testing actual technology stack.
Pilot to Production
  • Implementing the technology suite, orienting the team, and offering 24 x7 support.
Continuous Support
  • Always available when you need us. We understand patient care and it's urgency.
Generalized Healthcare Solution


How can I generate more revenue streams with my online pharmacy app?

You can integrate the telemedicine module with your online pharmacy app. It not only enables patients to seek medical services and prescriptions from one place but also enables you to generate one more very profitable revenue stream.

Can I sell cannabis online using mobile or web platforms?

Yes, you can. However, selling and purchasing cannabis must be legal in your region. And if it is legal, you may require to acquire a license from the local authorities.

What is a SaaS-based home health care solution?

Under the SaaS model, you let home health care agencies utilize your solution for their operations and in return, they pay you a monthly fixed fee or fee based on the usage.

Is my app idea secure with you?

We firmly believe in client confidentiality and privacy. We sign an NDA and never share your idea and any personal & business information with any of our stakeholders and on our online mediums.

Do you provide post-app-launch support?

We become your strategic partner. From ideation to development, launch and beyond, we help you solve every challenge you face. After the app launch, our support team is just one phone call away.

How and when do I get a project quote?

Once you contact us, one of our senior team members will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. He will gain project clarity. And after defining the project scope, we’ll send you the personalized project quotation in an email within 36-48 hours.