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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

SyS Creations helps to build facility-oriented Voice over IP solutions to integrate with your existing enterprise applications. We can also help develop it as a part of your new healthcare application development process too.


VoIP & collaboration is the sustainable solution for next-gen communication

Telecommunication is an inevitable part of effectively running any healthcare service. So, looking into the future of remote communication and telemedicine, we have lined up an impressive range of voice telephony, text communication, workspace collaboration, and video conferencing tools

VoIP Phone System

A VoIP phone system is a very flexible and adaptable mode of telephony. You can make calls from any device as your smartphones or computers over the internet at a fraction of the cost than using telecom networks
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  • Centralized Device Management

    • Centralized administrative portal
    • Add, remove, and configure phones
    • No complex programming logic
    • Set up any number of extensions
    • Reduce operational expenses
  • Complete Business Telephony

    • Teleconferencing
    • Call recording
    • Complete call centre operations
    • Drag & crop features
    • Virtual dial board
  • No Hardware Needs

    • Hosted on cloud
    • No expensive on-premise hardware
    • No support contracts needed
    • Security & maintenance( 24*365)
    • Updates from time to time
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Collobration Tools

Any successful enterprise now finds collaboration tools as an essential aspect of their business strategy. The need for customized collaboration tools depends on many factors like the products & services, communication needs, overarching goals, etc.
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  • Better Project Management

    • Saving time & cost
    • Strengthening inter-team relationships
    • Effective project rendering
    • Facilitating multi-locational project management
    • Community-level project administration
  • Online Collaboration

    • Progressive collaboration
    • Enabling forward-thinking management
    • Stress-free work environment
    • Improved & healthy communication
    • Competent team development
  • Visibility & Accountability

    • Complete visibility of the team
    • Instant view and customization to the workflow
    • Real-time progress tracking
    • Decision-makers know who’s accountable
    • Full group participation
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Video Conferencing

Cloud-based video collaboration tools are now being used largely by enterprises of all sizes. Conduction of more effective and engaging meetings with the global workforce and clients is significant for any enterprise to survive, and SyS Creations facilitates it for you.
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  • Dynamic Presentation Features

    • Various file types supported
    • MP4 Videos and HD videos
    • MS Office, PPT, PDF presentations
    • Note sharing during webinars
    • Instant feedback system
  • Branding Features

    • Customizable virtual background
    • Webinars and ed-tech presentations
    • Enterprise client conferencing
    • Marketing and sales pitch conferencing
    • Brand-specific promotional elements
  • Auto Framing & Group Framing

    • Intelligent AI-based framing
    • No need for manual realigning
    • Perfect view guaranteed
    • Speaker tracking
    • Mult-tenant group framing
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Digital Fax System

SyS Creations offer digital faxing as a cloud-based solution, which helps curb the cost and tools involved in faxing. It also helps to expedite and streamline the faxing process for sharing time-sensitive documents.
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  • No Fax Machines

    • Personal fax can be set for any number of people
    • No hardware or physical lines needed
    • Distribution to email lists
    • Optimum privacy & credibility
    • Anytime support
  • Web-Based Portal

    • User-friendly portal for fax management
    • Send or receive faxes in a jiffy
    • Easy access across browsers & devices
    • Fax on-the-go
    • Self-service administration
  • Remote Capabilities

    • Enabling remote work document sharing
    • Laptop, desktop, or smartphone for faxing
    • Fax-to-email options
    • Web-based portal accessible anywhere, anytime
    • Fax alert & remote printing if needed
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Productivity Tools

If you are looking forward to taking your business to the next level, streamlining the processes and improving efficiency. In that case, SyS creations offer a bunch of customized productivity tools with advanced features.
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  • Healthcare Device Tools

    • Tools for medical devices management
    • SaMD, i.e., Software as a Medical Device
    • Tools to assist with high-risk procedures
    • Sharing real-time healthcare info
    • Data acquisition and retrieval tools
  • Healthcare Application Tools

    • Mobile application tools
    • Web & desktop integrated tools
    • Team collaboration tools
    • Patient centered task management tools
    • Facility management tools
  • Communication & Messaging Tools

    • Working-from-home tools
    • Secure & confidential communication tools
    • HIPPA compliant medical data management tools
    • Live messaging applications
    • Video conferencing tools
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50+ Technologies


Internet Telephony and Business Communication & Collaboration at best

  • BYOP (bring your own phone) to allow any device connectivity to the VoIP system
  • Old School PBX pivoted to innovative VoIP
  • Instant Messaging, e-mail, chat systems for effective communication
  • Conferencing/telepresence solutions
  • Real-time content and video delivery
  • Value-added services like increased mobility, hot desking, unified messaging
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities

VoIP and Collaboration


Define your goals

On aspiring to take your facility to the next level, you may communicate with our expert team, which is always at your disposal. Share your thoughts and current challenges to set your goals realistically.


Finding the right set of tools

Once your goals and objectives are clear, next, we can assign the right set of integrable applications and tools, which can offer you cutting-edge technology solutions for the tasks in hand.


Customizing the tools

On finalizing the right combination of VoIP and collaboration tools, these needed to be fine-tuned based on your specific use cases, which our experts will do.


Trial run & go live

By integrating the tools with your existing systems and applications, a trial run can be held to identify errors or bottlenecks, if any, and amend those to make live for action.



Why should I use VoIP?

In any typical healthcare setting, time is not only money but its life. A good Voice over IP system helps you with faster communication and better collaboration. Users can make individual or group audio or video calls anywhere globally from any device such as smartphones, computers, tablets, or other electronic gadgets at their disposal.

What do collaboration tools do?

Collaboration tools efficiently and digitally collaborate groups tasks by creating a commonplace for teams from across the globe to work together. It is not just only about communication, but all activities and processes can effectively collaborate.

What types of collaboration tools do you offer?

We can broadly classify the collaboration tools SyS Creations offer into three.

  1. Communication tools as email, voice mail, IM systems, VoIP etc.
  2. Coordination tools like Online shared calendars, time & event trackers, shared spreadsheets etc.
  3. Cooperation tools like IM teleconferencing, video conferencing, workspace collaboration etc.

How do collaboration tools help in healthcare settings?

While customized for your specific use case, collaboration tools will help ease workflow tracing, better collaborate distributed multi-locational teams, ensure timely communication, improve employee engagement, enhance efficiency, quick & easy access to information, and real-time updates, etc.

When & where should I ideally use collaboration tools?

As we have seen, collaboration tools are used anywhere from setting up collaborative workspaces to ensuring flawless communication. It is also recommended that you incorporate collaboration tools from the very first point on setting up a technological process, if not at any point when you feel it is necessary to take your operations to the next level.

How much will it cost?

SyS creations offer an impressive range of standalone collaboration tools, which are highly flexible and scalable. You can handpick the tools based on your specific requirement and need to pay only for what you avail. Our experts can analyze your specific use case and give a customized quote.