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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

If you are a vendor or running healthcare facilities, it will be highly beneficial to try out marketplace apps, which you can even customize and deploy based on needs. Coming off-the-shelf for full-fledged usage from day #1, marketplace apps are compatible with various platforms, devices, and technologies.

Custom app development overhead is largely reduced with off-the-shelf marketplace apps.

Healthcare marketplace app development scenario is quickly changing where SyS Creations is now taking the most innovative route of building off-the-shelf marketplace apps for easy and instant usage.

EMR App Development

Electronic Medical Records applications offer instant access to patient care records, documentation, and clinical tools along with other resources. Comprehensive EMR apps are now so crucial in critical and convenient healthcare service delivery along with reducing costs.
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  • Enabling Digital Capabilities

    • Electronic prescription refills
    • Reminders for follow-up care
    • Secured email communications
    • Remote healthcare consulting
    • Booking appointments online
  • Convenient Healthcare Services

    • Enabling telemonitoring
    • Videoconferencing
    • Track health indicators in real-time
    • Optimize clinical productivity
    • Empowering doctors & health staff
  • E-clinic Management

    • Demographic information
    • Handy Insurance info
    • Medical history & lab reports
    • Diagnoses and care plans
    • Follow-up visits
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EMR App Implementation

SyS Creations build EMR apps for web & mobile platforms and implement them on various clinical and hospital MR management settings. There are applications for both Android & iOS platforms, which help healthcare professionals ensure unrelenting services on the go.
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  • Quick & Easy Access

    • Cross-platform implementation
    • Easy anytime accessibility
    • Write prescriptions anywhere
    • Connected devices
    • Confidential medical data sharing
  • Maximize Clinical Productivity

    • List of patients & clinical info
    • Customizable features
    • Appointment management
    • Integration with other medical software
    • User profile management
  • Always Stay Connected

    • Staff-patient communication
    • Book/cancel appointments online
    • Billing & payment module
    • Prescription refills online
    • Quick view of data & stats
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EHR App Implementation

SyS Creation EHR app Implementation services put together a fine combination of clinical, IT, and operational skills. We deploy the most efficient and knowledgeable consultants at various phases of the implementation projects.
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  • Module Wise Implementation

    • Coding modules ICD-9-CM, HCPCS, CPT
    • Clinical decision making
    • Transcription & documentation
    • E-prescription modules
    • HL7 integration
  • Health Records Integration

    • Integrating existing records management system
    • Reconciliation of medication orders
    • Mobile device application integration
    • Integrating patient portals
    • Integrating nursing & physician portals
  • Better Patient Care

    • Less consulting time
    • More efficient clinical diagnosing
    • Healthcare history in a glance
    • Avoid billing & coding delays
    • User-friendly healthcare solutions with better analytics
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Telehealth App

The global pandemic situation has popularized or even mandated the need for telehealth services. SyS Creations telehealth app development services aim at building sophisticated and comprehensive telehealth apps for healthcare facilities of all sizes and functions.
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  • Multiplatform Apps

    • Desktop, web, and mobile apps
    • SaaS platforms
    • EHR interoperability
    • Highly scalable
    • Easily configurable
  • Patient-Centric Architecture

    • Making healthcare simpler for users
    • End-to-end care coordination
    • Single window service access
    • Facilitating multiple use cases
    • Alerts, notifications, and updates
  • Collaborative Healthcare

    • Providers & patients can initiate consults
    • Analytical & data sharing services
    • User dashboards for a quick view
    • Admin access for better management
    • SMB to enterprise-wide solutions
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50+ Technologies


One-stop-shop to get your healthcare marketplace app ready to deploy 

  • Mobile and web app developed, ready to deploy
  • SWOT Analysis of your marketplace app to devise the most acceptable strategy
  • A dedicated project team with waterfall and agile development expertise
  • Identifying and understanding the target audience’s challenges & objectives
  • A proper estimate on the app development cost and strict adherence to the timeline
  • Development models that suit your needs off-site and onsite with fixed hourly or contractual billing
  • Safeguarding your innovative ideas for unique apps under patent laws

Healthcare Marketplace App Development


Understanding the needs

You may consult our expert team to communicate your needs and get suggestions of the best available applications off the shelf.



Analysing the marketplace app features against your specific needs and further plan for customization of the features you need the most.


App deployment

Deployment of the functional marketplace apps for your purpose and integration of the same with other existing applications and tools.


Ongoing support

App improvement and scaling as per the growth & demand for betterment and to accommodate more volume and functionalities.



Why should I opt for marketplace app development?

Marketplaces are now commonplaces for users to get technology solutions. Marketplace apps benefit all kinds of users. In all possibilities, marketplace apps are the future of frontline service apps.

Is it possible to evaluate my raw ideas about the app and convert them to technical capabilities?

Yes, you can feel free to give a call or mail to discuss your app ideas in layman terms, which our experts can convert into technical terms, as development-ready requirement set.

Is it possible to build a marketplace app out of my website?

It is very much possible. Our expert team can quickly and effectively build marketplace apps from websites. We also use cloud databases with which we can synchronize data between web and mobile apps.

Which are significant marketplaces?

Major marketplaces are community-driven. They are SaaS-based decentralized. and P2P system etc.

Is my app concept safe?

When it comes to healthcare marketplace app development, we sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the app ideas, design, data, and maintains the same throughout the app development, deployment, and support.

How frequently do I get an update?

Once the app idea is shared, and we devise a strategy and timeline, we will keep you posted on every step related to the development project and gather feedback for betterment. Our team can respond to it with the correct evaluation strategy and milestones within a week, giving us access to all possible first-hand inputs.