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This assignment might be new for you, but not for us. It is our everyday business. We aim to improve care coordination and multiple areas of care delivery with EMR/EHR integration skills we’ve earned over 6+ years.

Healthcare System Integrations

Leveraging the power of HL7 FHIR standards, We enable you to harness the Cerner data with any of your digital solutions in the healthcare domain.
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  • Clinical EMR System

    • Cerner
    • EPIC
    • Telus Health PS Suite
  • Pharmacy Management System

    • AllScripts
    • Telus Health Kroll
    • McKesson
  • Long Term Care

    • PointClickCare
    • MED e-care
    • Writi
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50+ Technologies

Understand, Integrate, Pilot

Integrating EMR/EHR


Product understanding

We understand the technical architecture or components of your healthcare product.


Team allocation

We allocate a dedicated team for your EHR/EMR integration project.



The technical team executes integration while following all interoperability standards.



We test how your product establishes a link with EMR/EHR and share data in real-time.

Use Cases

How could integrating an EHR/EMR improve facility operations?

Telemedicine platform

Easy access to clinical data is crucial for providers to ensure quality care. EMR/EHR integration with telemedicine platforms facilitates real-time data sharing that delivers easy discovery of clinical data from the telemedicine platform itself.

Clinical decision support system

Clinical decision support systems require clinical data of EMR/EHR to figure out the best care plans for different medical conditions and later help clinicians make accurate clinical decisions.

Clinical collaboration platform

Clinicians prefer to collaborate with other clinicians remotely to discuss care plans and validate diagnoses. During the clinical collaboration, they need to share clinical data of patients stored on EMR/EHR through a clinical collaboration platform.

Deliverables, Timeline, and Involvement

Our Methodology

  • Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and covert those into technological terms.
  • Deriving the most appropriate and customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Molding a prototype to simulate how it works in real-time
Build & Test
  • Building and testing actual technology stack.
Pilot to Production
  • Implementing the technology suite, orienting the team, and offering 24 x7 support.
Continuous Support
  • Always available when you need us. We understand patient care and it's urgency.
EMR/EHR Integration Solution


1) What is the difference between EMR and EHR?

An EHR can share clinical data across multiple healthcare settings. At the same time, an EMR cannot natively share clinical data outside of a healthcare setting. Thus, it is majorly used by clinics and hospitals to record and track their patients’ data only.

2) Can I develop my custom EMR or EHR?

Yes, you can. After all, EMR/EHR is nothing but the patient data recording, storing and sharing platform. We can help you with custom EMR/EHR development as well.

3) What is the most basic requirement to integrate EMR/EHR with my platform?

Well, you must have API access to EMR/EHR you wish to integrate with your platform.

4) Can I integrate multiple EHRs with my healthcare platform?

Yes, you can. There are two ways to integrate multiple EHRs. However, each EHR needs to be combined individually. But there is one way to integrate all popular EHRs in a single shot using the Redox Integration Engine.

5) How long does it take to integrate EHR/EMR with my platform?

We can’t estimate the time without knowing your platform’s tech architecture, workflow, and EHR/EMR you wish to integrate. However, we employ our best resources and ensure to get it done before the deadline.

6) How much does it cost to integrate EMR/EHR?

To be honest, it is also not feasible to predict the cost of EHR integration as it depends on several factors such as type of your healthcare software, type of integration, EHR you wish to integrate etc.