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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

We would love to keep it specific. Because, for ultimate outcome, specific knowledge is what requires in the healthcare industry.
WE Are Clear as your dreams and Ideas

Understanding healthcare psychology and rewriting the health tech needs.

We vouch for our team of multidisciplinary health care experts like doctors, nurses, lab technicians who inject their years of hands-on experience to deliver not just projects but an experience that one would love to engage. It helps us to make complex task simple & minimalistic.

Dedicated Tech Team

From building your applications from scratch to running and supporting the same overtime, our expert team members with years of experience and latest technology skills are always at your reach.

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Enterprise Healthcare IT Consulting

Post-pandemic, the entire gamut of healthcare consulting is taking a new direction and it is essential for all medical specialties to tune into it for being future ready. Count on us to help you with it.

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Healthcare IT Support

Healthcare is an industry which never sleeps. Here too, we are always vigilant to come up with services and solutions which are always on and in action.

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Healthcare Mobile App Development

Even when you have a solid web presence, time demands a handy mobile app which your users may prefer to access on the go. You can count on us to build your Android, IOS, and hybrid custom mobile apps.

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Healthcare Software Development

Let’s forget about the need for you to be compliant with the rigid rules of healthcare applications. We understand your unique needs and can bring in tailor-made software by covering all platforms, devices, and technologies your users, customers, and stakeholders are on.

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Marketplace App Development

If you need standardized HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps for one-click download and off-the-shelf usage, check out what we have at our comprehensive marketplace listing.

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Startup Product Development

For startups, we can extend end-to-end product development support to you. At your end, there is no need to maintain any internal technology team, resources, or infrastructure.

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VoIP & Collaboration

Telecommunication is an inevitable part of running any healthcare facility. So, looking into the future of remote communication and telemedicine, we have lined up an impressive range of voice telephony and video conferencing tools.

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SyS Creations Guarantee

Our way of building
great relationships

We are willing to over-invest by always going that extra mile wherever needed in the application development lifecycle to ensure guaranteed results.  We are delivery people and always focus on piloting applications in the real world with successful project launch planning. Our business philosophy is purely based on long term relationships and how we can bring value to your business or applications and eventually make everyone’s life better for good. 

As we are confident in our team and as a result, you can take up to 1 week of risk free trial period to test our developers and see how we fit into your technology vision ecosystem and see along the way how we mold your solution to match your vision. If you are not satisfied, you may simply quit and move on. No questions asked. We are quite sure you won’t.

You’re in good hands

How we help clients?

Metrics-driven healthcare IT services to build a resilient digital health ecosystem.

  • Build secured & scalable healthcare applications complying with industry regulations
  • Transform your legacy systems, modernize UI/UX, and rearchitect
  • Manage a HIPAA-compliant & secured cloud infrastructure with more flexibility and scalability
  • Join the revolution of value-based healthcare by leveraging AI & machine learning capabilities
  • Optimize service delivery with predictive intelligence, compliance, security, and continuous delivery.
  • VoIP & collaboration solutions for instant communication, telemedicine, and remote services
  • Data automation, big data, and analytics for informed and accurate decision making
Our recent case studies

You can listen to us, but they’ll explain it better.

How We Reduced the Hassle of Long Queues and Waiting Times by 50% with an Online Pharmacy App?

How Did We Design, Build, Test & Deliver a Pharmacy Benefit Management Software While Saving Nearly 2000 Hours and $200,000?

We helped PBM group to be equipped with custom PBM software while saving 2000 hours and $200,000 with our smart approach of building feature-heavy healthcare ecosystem.

IoT-enabled senior care app

We designed and built a healthcare IoT app for senior care settings in the USA. The app connects to different medical devices via Bluetooth and records vital body signs automatically.

Kicking Phone Calls and Paperwork Out From Workflows of Uninsured Services (Prescription Renewals and Sick Notes) with a Web App

We helped design entire workflows of prescription renewals and sick notes free of phone calls and paperwork with a web app. End results were reduced paperwork & fastest way to renew prescriptions!

Equipping TCU with Tech to Order & Track Medical Supplies & Equipment, Resulted in 3X Faster Ordering & With Zero Calls

We built a robust web application, which allows TCU to add patients on the go, create custom orders and track the status of orders with ETA set by the supplier, request equipment on a rental program, set up pickup and return for that equipment within 30 seconds.

Enhancing patient care at home

It's not just a case study; it's an experience on how we leveraged mobile app and IoT to reduce the hospital visits of geriatric patients by 43%. We believe in the end it should all make sense, else why to hire an expert!

Data collection and AI analytics for efficient hospital management

By setting up a hospital management system with a robust data collection and analysis pipeline, we managed to get our client savings of around 1 million USD every year.

Reinventing telehealth apps

Patients are hesitant to adopt telehealth. With extensive research and experienced medical consultants on our team, we changed that. Here’s the story of how we transformed telehealth for one of our clients.