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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

“Our product built by SyS Creations team delivers fantastic value to our customers. The product is both technologically and financially rewarding for us. SyS Creations did not work to just deliver our product but to deliver growth too. And that’s something they do incredibly well as they understand healthcare tech and business!”

– CEO & Founder (Dr), Health Tech Company based out of Sudbury, Ontario


Our client had the vision to build a web app that simplifies the way a patient connects to a provider and seeks medical services. Client also had the vision to save patients’ money on uninsured services by offering them flexible pricing options in the form of monthly/annual membership/subscriptions and a pay-per-service plan.

Not only this, but the client had some serious ‘rescue’ plans for providers – aiming to empower providers with a web app where they list their services & fees, accept or reject prescription renewals and other service requests, process those requests, and receive payment – all while not wasting time on phone calls, emails, fax, and paperwork.

Overall, all the client wanted was to create a win-win situation for both patients and providers by bridging the gap between them by leveraging technology.






Project Size


Team Size

Challenges & Goals

Converting healthcare challenges into opportunities and later into business has always been a challenging task. Lack of on-ground understanding of healthcare workflows, compliance requirements, and tech complexities are major reasons. But what made everything smooth in our case was our healthcare IT expertise, experience, and experts.

Our healthcare IT expertise helped us understand client requirements effortlessly. And with our healthcare IT experts and experience, we shaped client requirements into a working web app that has still been exceeding client expectations!

  • The web app must digitize the entire prescription renewal workflow as well as workflow for seeking and delivering sick notes – while not adding extra complexity.
  • The web app must store, use and share patient’s data as per applicable data privacy laws – PHIPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA.
  • Both patients and providers must be able to use a web app with ease.
  • The web app must be equipped with a future-ready tech stack to be capable of handling the rise in the number of users/patient’s in the future.
  • Patients must be able to add prescription renewal requests completely online and 24*7. Also, patients must be able to download renewed prescriptions as PDF files.
  • Patients must have the flexibility to buy monthly/annual membership and spend the credit on services or pay separately for each service they seek.
  • Providers must be able to add their medical services and fees with a personalized onboarding module.
  • Providers must have visibility over all service requests made by patients with the real-time status of each request.

Our Engagement

We deployed our team of UI/UX Creative Engineers, Frontend and Backend Engineers, QA Engineers, Business Analysts, and Compliance Specialists on a mission of building a robust web app that makes the workflows of seeking and delivering uninsured medical services faster, affordable, digital and convenient – for both patients & providers.

“Passion is always beautiful. But when passion meets the right technologies, things go financially beautiful! We gave back 10X of what our client has invested in. And he now gives back 100X of what his users invest in! That’s the power of passion meeting technologies!”


Technologies We Utilized

Technologies create opportunities and kill problems. But utilizing the right technologies is crucial to converting opportunities into business! Thus, we had a long discussion with our CTO to decide on the tech stack.


Adobe XD

To design screens of the web app as per workflows while ensuring the smooth user experience



To make page reloading faster with server-side rendering and save development time with reusable components



To build a backend that is very fast and easily scalable with increased user traffic in future


MongoDB Atlas

To handle both structured and unstructured data of patients and providers securely



To set up jobs in queue for background processing



To enable 2FA via SMS and email for both patients and providers while signing up/in


Project Media

prescription renewal tool screen 1 prescription renewal tool screen 2



Results or excuses? We choose results, always! As of 24th March 2022, there are 120,022 live patients in the system with 136 providers.


Ultimate convenience to patients

Patients now don’t have to visit a clinic and wait in a queue. All they have to do is select the provider, add a request for prescription renewal, sick note, or any other service and make the online payment – from the comfort of their homes.


Cost saving for patients

Patients can save a lot of money for themselves by selecting a monthly/yearly membership plan and seeking medical services in the easiest way which does not require traveling and dedicated time.


Reduced paperwork for providers

Providers have access to a dashboard from where they can set up their services and fees, accept or reject service requests, process the service requests, see the status of each service request, and track earnings. The entire workflow does not involve any paperwork!


Fastest request processing

Easy accessibility to patient data through the single dashboard and almost zero paperwork create time for providers which they utilize to process the patient requests within minutes. Providers can also add their team members to process requests even faster.