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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

Our dedicated team at SyS Creations understands the limitations and wants of startups and can work together to actualize your products and take them to the market.

Innovation is the only way to win over the tight market competition.

For start-ups, it is essential to be quick and smart to hit the ever-changing market with innovative products to grab customer attention. We, at SyS Creations, have a specialized and dedicated team for healthcare product development to help you build it from scratch. Our wow factor includes understanding the healthcare dimension with attention to details.

Product Discovery & Workflow Management

SyS Creations’ dedicated product discovery & workflow management services aim at aspiring entrepreneurs to validate ideas, define their goals, and actualize it. Our startup consultants will assist in end-to-end workflow management from product discovery through design, development, testing, and deployment.
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  • Product Planning

    • Analyzing business plans & goals
    • Defining challenges and solutions
    • Analyzing user pain points
    • Customer value propositions
    • Competitor analysis
  • Design Thinking

    • Developing product strategy
    • Establishing the success criterion
    • Prioritization of features
    • Defining product roadmap
    • Rapid prototyping
  • Product Development

    • Team of PMs, UI/UX designers, and coders
    • Identifying business goals and key metrics
    • Generating hypotheses, research, user tests
    • Defining MVC and future iterations
    • Minimizing risks with strategic planning
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Prototype Development

At SyS Creations, we conceptualize and develop realistic prototypes for start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises. We have a flexible and innovative prototype development model to communicate the ideas, capture insights, and improve the product design. Whether it is for hospital, pharma set-up or product development in health-tech arena, our methodology is time-tested and proven with many eminent products & services. This helps us to realize our core expertise of advancing in health-tech set-up only.
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  • Concept Modelling

    • Conceptualize working models
    • Analyzing technical feasibility
    • Increasing product profitability
    • Eliminating scope creep
    • Expert conceptualizes to consult
  • Prototyping

    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Customizability & scalability
    • End-to-end development
    • Functional Prototyping
    • Bench model prototypes
  • Validating Prototypes

    • Rigorous testing for performance
    • Bug-free results guaranteed
    • Alpha & Beta testing
    • Competitive positioning of products
    • Automated UI Comparison & Testing
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Application Development

We help our startup clients to accelerate their digital transformation by building innovative applications to match to their business objectives. We will help you build B2C and B2B apps across web, mobile, smartwatch, AR, VR and more.
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  • Progressive Web App Development

    • Framework based approach
    • Frontend & backend development
    • Seamless integrations
    • Media streaming
    • Digital content management
  • Full Stack Mobile App Development

    • UI/UX design & development
    • Mobile healthcare apps
    • mCommerce apps
    • Cross-platform & hybrid apps
    • Human-centric development approach
  • Enterprise App Development

    • Leveraging AI, AR, ML, IoT, analytics, and cloud
    • Asset management & workflow apps
    • Data-centered analytical approach
    • Clickable prototypes with UI
    • Application maintenance & support
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Product Transformation & Support

In this rapidly changing market, all products need transformations from time to time to add value. We help you to enhance your product to sustain and perform as per the market demands by adopting new technologies. SyS Creations expert team can analyze your needs and attempt a full-scale transformation of your IT architecture to salvage your underperforming products.
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  • Application Modernization

    • Analyzing product market value
    • Migrating platforms
    • Product reinvention
    • Data consolidation & migration
    • Collaborative transformation approach
  • Digital Process Conversions

    • UI/UX conversions
    • Portability & responsiveness
    • Transforming operational logic
    • API and architecture transformations
    • Realignment with user goals
  • Technology Upgrades

    • Code review & upgrades
    • Cloud, ML, AI, BI, IoT, analytics adoption
    • NoSQL, NewSQL DBs
    • Cross-platform functioning
    • Continuous integration & deployment
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Downtime Support & User Support

Unplanned downtime in IT can be disastrous to mission-critical applications like healthcare. Along with assuring minimal downtime, SyS Creations equip you with an operational plan in place for downtime support and uninterrupted user support.
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  • Downtime Avoidance

    • Real-time IT health checks
    • Regular server tests
    • Timely facility tests
    • Scheduled updates & maintenance
    • Proactive monitoring
  • Management Portal

    • Real-time monitoring of app
    • System diagnostics
    • Hardware & network monitoring
    • Preplanned maintenances
    • Organize with a down-time action plan
  • User Support

    • 24×7 support
    • Ticket based quick resolutions
    • Mobility & BYOD support
    • Secured backups
    • Nil to minimal disruptions or downtime
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50+ Technologies


It’s not helping you to build your product right, but to build the right product for you.

  • Accelerating startup growth with product development consulting
  • Empathetically understanding initial challenges and devise a plan
  • Efficiency guaranteed as like in-house team even when you outsource
  • From UI/UX to full-service product, end-to-end development support
  • Industry best engineering practices, procedures, and advanced DevOps approach
  • On-demand scale up or down as per your requirement
  • CI/CD – Continuous development and continuous deployment with minimal time-to-market.


Healthcare Product Development Services for Startups


Understanding the concept

Our expert startup consulting team will work closely with you to evaluate your product idea and its feasibility to plan for a sustainable development process.


Exploring ways

Once your concept is ingested, product developers start to work with you to build a prototype first to test and verify if it meets your objectives


Building the product

By adopting the right technologies and by setting a timeline, developers start with your project by keeping you also in the loop.


Testing & Delivery

Following an agile development methodology, testing of product features, user experience, APIs, and microservices integrations are done on the go to ensure continuous delivery.



What are the risks in startup product development?

Uncertainties in startup product development can be due to many reasons like lack of information, lack of knowledge & experience, unknow or uncontrolled outcomes, presence of early assumptions etc. Our expert startup consulting team had gone through all these and can fully understand your ambiguity to offer unconditional support.

How do you validate product design?

Without proper validation, cost overruns during R&D, preparation, and development can be very painful for startups. So, we adopt proper validation strategies like realistic prototyping, low-volume tooling, end-to-end development planning, and full-scale production model to avoid overheads and delays.

Do you Prototype my product?

Yes, we do build clickable prototypes with which you can understand the functioning and features of the real product to be built. We follow rapid prototyping for quick reviews and enhancement for optimum product planning.

How much time it takes to build my product?

Developing a startup product from scratch may take from a few weeks to months based on the complexity, technology stacks, testing needs, and other variable factors. We will discuss it thoroughly before starting with development as to how much it entails in terms of cost and time of completion. In any case, we do strive to give you the first & fastest to market advantages.

What are the stages involved in my product development?

We follow an agile methodology in product development which include, prior discover of the product, conceptual design, rapid prototyping, finalizing developmental design, testing & integrations, and final product launch

Who will own my product?

As per the contract signed, all the source codes, designs, technologies, licenses, databases will belong to only you once the project is completed and product is launched.