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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

Off the shelf software can be a good short term solution. The problem? It doesn’t scale with your business and your healthcare needs. You need patient centered software that fits your processes and workflows to outcompete others.

Let’s put creativity and innovation into your healthcare software product development highway.

Software application development is now taking an unconventional and innovative route, where SyS Creations can be a trusted partner to take you closer to your goals, step by step.

Healthcare Web App Development

In our custom web app development approach, we combine an advanced range of technologies to build and run exquisite web applications at scale based on your needs. By rightly mixing the technology stacks, the web apps we offer are meant to deliver real value and optimum ROI to our clients.
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  • Customizable Web Apps

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript based
    • Quick installation
    • Easy maintenance
    • Anytime upgradability
    • Failproof security
  • Compliant With Guidelines

    • Meeting HIPPA compliance
    • Secured connections & integrations
    • Dedicated DBMS
    • Timely updates and patches
    • Multifactor authentication
  • Responsive Web Apps

    • Run on big or small screens alike
    • Adaptable to smartphone devices
    • Quick loading
    • Smart navigation
    • Anytime, any device accessibility
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Healthcare Saas Development

Our Software-as-a-Service development is an innovative approach to equip the clients to develop their customized software application without the need to build it from scratch. We offer readily customizable SaaS solutions, as well as help to maintain the tools with 24/7 support.
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  • Discovery & Validation of Idea

    • Defining & validating your goals
    • Identifying biggest competitors
    • Understanding target customers
    • SaaS development approach
    • Integrations with different apps
  • Third Party Integrations

    • Marketplace Integrations
    • Integration with legacy systems
    • Assisting with technology migrations
    • ERP, CRM Integrations
    • Microservices integrations
  • Deployment of SaaS

    • Well-designed & secured DBMS
    • No downtime on deployment
    • On-the-go customizability
    • Anytime scalability
    • All-inclusive support
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Backend Development

SyS Creations offer back-end development services by covering the full spectrum of web, mobile, cloud-based applications across healthcare and other domains. Our back-end development team is highly experienced in offering customized solutions in B2C, B2B, and B2E back-end apps by ensuring optimized interactions, storage, calculations, and performance.
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  • Agile Development Method

    • Choice of best backend frameworks
    • APIs for quick data exchange
    • Easy and quick data access
    • Reusability of objects
    • Industry-centric approach – healthcare
  • API & Database Integrations

    • Vetted backend developers
    • Agile approach
    • Scale up / down based on timely needs
    • Optimum storage and security
    • Maintains logical accuracy
  • SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL DBs

    • Structured and unstructured data
    • Ability to support AI, ML, and IoT Apps
    • Future ready database management
    • Data integrity and security
    • Remote DBMS support
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Frontend Development

SyS Creations’ frontend developers will work closely with you to custom weave the most iconic designs and features for your web and mobile apps. We can bring your ideas to reality, help enhance your visual identity, deliver the brand story, and get you a winning edge in the highly competitive market.
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  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    • Sustainable front-end architecture
    • Balanced agile workflow
    • Responsive design
    • Latest Vue JS, Ember JS platforms
    • User-friendly interfaces
  • SEO Ready Development

    • Optimum loading speed
    • Clean codes and methodology
    • Simplified & standardized navigation
    • Limited & optimal JavaScript usage
    • CSS Image Sprite
  • Accessibility And Usability Testing

    • ARIA Toolkit for compliance
    • Angular and React frameworks
    • Screen-reader friendly page
    • Proper labelling of elements
    • Accessible and discernible naming
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Healthcare Progressive Web App

With Progressive Web Apps (PWA) development services, we help your brand to garner more visibility. PWA offers standard healthcare apps the look and feel of native mobile apps on the browser, which users can’t really differentiate. We can build PWAs by analyzing and strategizing your unique business requirements and offer the most delightful PWA experiences.
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  • Mobile App Like Feel

    • Render a native-like experience in PWA applications
    • Engaging and intuitive UX
    • Responsiveness on any screen
    • App shell model with easy navigation
    • High speed loading and SEO read
  • Enabling Offline Workability

    • Run flawlessly in no-network conditions
    • Access to phone features
    • Very low data usage
    • Push notifications and data analysis
    • Powerful architecture & multi-layer security
  • Secured Data Migration

    • Faster, secured, and seamless data migration
    • Following an agile approach
    • Dynamic upgrades
    • Secured with HTTPS & data encryption
    • Timely updates and patches
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Healthcare E-Commerce Applications

Being the best-in-class eCommerce app developers in the healthcare sector, SyS Creations successfully accomplished a number of B2C and B2B projects. Our expert team can implement user-centric e-com aggregators to let our clients launch and run distinct brands successfully.
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  • Healthcare-Centric E-Commerce

    • Quick order interfaces
    • E-com integration with other ERP
    • Features for restricted license products
    • Block adversities like combination product sales
    • Meeting all healthcare regulatory compliances
  • Advanced & Scalable Tech Stack

    • Ensuring optimum user experience
    • CMS development with WordPress, Magento, Shopify
    • PHP, .Net, HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, React JS technologies.
    • Quick and secured transactions
    • Multi-factor authentication for security
  • Custom Branding And SEO

    • SEO-optimized layout and clean code architecture
    • Social media integration
    • Analytics and insights
    • E-branding design elements
    • Integrated blog and article section via enterprise level CMS
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50+ Technologies


Our team to handhold you through healthcare software development projects

  • End-to-end assistance for startups to big corporates in healthcare software app development.
  • Help plan, design, build, deploy, integrate, and support software applications.
  • Strict adherence to the agreed-upon quality KPIs.
  • Assured and matured quality management.
  • Guaranteed data security, maximum uptime, and backup.
  • Clients remain the sole proprietor of the source code of applications we build for you.
  • Compliance centricity with HIPAA, PCI DSS, GAMP, and other healthcare regulations.

Next Steps


Requirement gathering

Our consulting experts communicate empathically with your business and technology teams to understand the exact requirements and goals.


Design and revision

Developing the workflows and logic to build your healthcare software applications and revising the same with the decision makers to fine-tune it.


Finalizing the technology

Identifying the most advanced, functional, and cost-effective technology stack to build your custom software.


Onboarding the team

Allocating cross-functional development experts into your project to work with the internal tech and implementation teams, both on-site and off-site as needed.



Will SyS Creations extend any help to optimize software adoption?

Our healthcare software experts do focus on increasing the scope of a high software adoption rate by building intuitive UX and friendly UI with hassle-free integration capabilities. We also offering tools for seamless migration.

Do you offer HIPAA compliance and guaranteed security?

We assure you to deliver highly secured software architectures by meeting all defined criterion for HIPAA compliance. Our healthcare software experts do run a through security testing too.

Is a tech-savvy internal team necessary to work with you for building software applications?

There is absolutely no need for you to be a software expert or to have an internal IT team to build what you intend. We are prepared to guide you through the entire development process and explain everything to your understanding. You may focus on you core activities and leave the rest to us.

What is your guarantee on product and healthcare software development quality?

We thoroughly test and review our products in various settings before deploying it at your end. We conduct development and acceptance testing and also review the functions to incorporate your suggestions for improvement.

Will you develop prototypes or demo versions first to experience with?

Our healthcare software experts do build a prototype to give the clients a realistic feel of the product as to what they may expect in real. Based on the feedback, we revise the requirement sets before actual development starts to come up with a final product that satisfies your needs.

What if I come for a product improvement later?

You are always welcome with such requirements. Starting from UX audit through improving the architecture of your software product or adding new features, we will be more than happy to assist you with it.