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Access multiple health tech solutions and other patient care tools to beat your competition and provide the best patient care experience.


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Custom healthcare solutions, crafted with passion for excellence & disruption

Because we don’t want to grow old experiencing same ‘ancient’ healthcare system we grew up experiencing as kids!

Success does not lie in clinical services; it lies in clinical value. Our healthcare-specific experience gives us the superpower to see each clinical service in a broader, more patient-centric way and discover the scope to add value, both at the clinicians & patients’ front.

EMR & EHR Integrations

Integrate all top EMRs and EHRs with your healthcare mobile/web app and software to let users get access to clinical data stored on EMRs/EHRs from your healthcare solution itself. With Redox Integration Engine, we integrate all top EHRs in a single shot.

Learn more about EMR & EHR Integrations

Generalized Healthcare

Acquire robust mobile and web app infrastructure for any of your clinical and wellness offerings. Assured end results would be more engaged patients, clinical hours saving, evidence-based decisions, easy clinical collaboration, real-time data access & sharing and high revenue.

Learn more about Generalized Healthcare

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Explore the list of our healthcare automation solutions and its use cases to save time, reduce errors, and free up the healthcare staff from repetitive and tedious work.

Learn more about Healthcare Automation Solutions

IT Solutions for Hospitals

Explore IT solutions for hospitals to not make your hospitals smart but to make it patient-focused where both patients and providers can do collaboration and communication with ease.

Learn more about IT Solutions for Hospitals

Telehealth & Telemedicine

Telehealth tech has evolved greatly since the initial months of the pandemic. Offer telemedicine 2.0 experience to patients that is more focused on streamlining the entire patient journey rather than just medical consultation. Both white-label & custom options are available.

Learn more about Telehealth & Telemedicine

Because We Are

Equally accountable for your growth.

Because We Aren't

200+ people IT company (jack of all trades, master of none!)

One of its kind healthcare-specific tech company

Having clarity on our every action and its reaction

Unbeatable in healthcare project delivery

A new inexperienced kid in town

Fascinated by staying in comfort zone

Trader, vendor and volunteer

ePHI privacy and security are where we are most confident at

See how SyS Creations transfers its guts into your desirable results 

We accommodate design, development, business & compliance experts. Here is what they do for you.

  • Intense idea validation to further enhance it and avoid financial loss
  • Proper documentation to make it easy for you to navigate new technologies
  • User journey-focused UI/UX to drive engagement and satisfy each user intent
  • Only professional developers at code, holding degrees from the top universities
  • Dedicated compliance specialists to save you from data breach and legal trouble
Our recent case studies

You can listen to us, but they’ll explain it better.

How We Reduced the Hassle of Long Queues and Waiting Times by 50% with an Online Pharmacy App?

How Did We Design, Build, Test & Deliver a Pharmacy Benefit Management Software While Saving Nearly 2000 Hours and $200,000?

We helped PBM group to be equipped with custom PBM software while saving 2000 hours and $200,000 with our smart approach of building feature-heavy healthcare ecosystem.

IoT-enabled senior care app

We designed and built a healthcare IoT app for senior care settings in the USA. The app connects to different medical devices via Bluetooth and records vital body signs automatically.

Kicking Phone Calls and Paperwork Out From Workflows of Uninsured Services (Prescription Renewals and Sick Notes) with a Web App

We helped design entire workflows of prescription renewals and sick notes free of phone calls and paperwork with a web app. End results were reduced paperwork & fastest way to renew prescriptions!

Equipping TCU with Tech to Order & Track Medical Supplies & Equipment, Resulted in 3X Faster Ordering & With Zero Calls

We built a robust web application, which allows TCU to add patients on the go, create custom orders and track the status of orders with ETA set by the supplier, request equipment on a rental program, set up pickup and return for that equipment within 30 seconds.

Enhancing patient care at home

It's not just a case study; it's an experience on how we leveraged mobile app and IoT to reduce the hospital visits of geriatric patients by 43%. We believe in the end it should all make sense, else why to hire an expert!

Data collection and AI analytics for efficient hospital management

By setting up a hospital management system with a robust data collection and analysis pipeline, we managed to get our client savings of around 1 million USD every year.

Reinventing telehealth apps

Patients are hesitant to adopt telehealth. With extensive research and experienced medical consultants on our team, we changed that. Here’s the story of how we transformed telehealth for one of our clients.