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“We are thankful to have met the team of SyS Creations when we did! If not for them, we would never know how a healthcare-specific team makes the process of developing an app easier. The team not only helped us with the development process but also guided us with business, tech, and compliance needs. Thanks to the entire team, we’ve built our desired online pharmacy app and have found amazing healthcare experts to turn up to.”

– Chief Operating Officer @ Canada’s leading pharmacy group


Online prescriptions have revolutionised the way care is being delivered in the healthcare industry. Our clients only had a simple requirement. They stated and we quote, “We want to change the conventions, behaviors, and perception around delivering personal health in Canada. We want to build an online pharmacy app where the patients can get all the medical care they need and their prescribed medications with minimal effort.”

Though it sounds like an amazing idea, getting it done was quite a challenge. Especially, when you’ve got a tight deadline. The app required an extensive feature set which would be hard to develop by the client’s deadline.

An online pharmacy app with telehealth services was an excellent way to achieve what the young entrepreneurs envisioned. But the challenge was to build the feature set within the limited time.

Patient adoption of the platform was a crucial aspect here. What if they couldn’t navigate with the multiple features the platform offered? What if healthcare professionals couldn’t become comfortable using it?

Hence, we suggested a safer approach to them that would be beneficial for the patients, as well as, the pharmacists.






Project Size


Team Size

Challenges & Goals

As per the client’s requirements, the online pharmacy app should possess the features of a pharmacy, as well as, a telehealth platform. We proposed an alternative to our client and it was fruitful from every angle. Hence, we didn’t have to build the entire pharmacy app from scratch. We had developed a white-label telemedicine app before.

As the base was ready, we customized it according to our client’s requirements and added the features required in a pharmacy by coding on top of the powerful base that we had developed over the years.

  • Seamless interconnection with the medical practitioners for patients to get the medicines hassle-free post the consultation
  • The mobile app must support Android and iOS latest updates
  • Meeting PHIPA, HIPAA, and DSCSA compliance for facilitating safe and secure medication delivery
  • Access control for the patients and their guardians
  • The app should facilitate a document manager where all the previous medication history of the patient should be stored for making better care decisions
  • Verification of the patients using the platform and ensuring that they provide a clear view of the situation
  • Storage and security of the patient’s health data that is shared with the healthcare providers.

For Pharmacists:

  • See all the data related to prescriptions, pending deliveries, and payments on their dashboards

For Patients:

  • Ease of getting their prescriptions and refills
  • Timely and accurate medication deliveries in discrete packages
  • Reduced costs with the seamless integration of their insurance

For Healthcare Providers:

  • All the requests can be accessed on a single dashboard. The first to open a request possess 100% ownership of it
  • Medical records and history of the patients can be accessed easily
  • Approve or decline the request based on the data provided and issue prescriptions accordingly

Our Engagement

Our team of designers, developers, compliance specialists, business analysts, and QA engineers actively listened to the requirements of the clients and converted our powerful base into an online pharmacy. The app not only fulfills all the needs of the clients but also works according to the workflows of the pharmacy.

With the increasing number of primary care providers in Canada, it’s essential to seek solutions that can optimize their processes along with providing quality care to the patients and enhancing their experiences.

The solutions had to pass through multiple tests to get clearance from the QA team and the compliance specialists to ensure that the solution complies with the healthcare regulations.

“Ideas are the key to innovation but the will to implement them is what leaves an impact in the healthcare industry. To bring a change in the healthcare industry is to deeply understand the stringent rules and the ways you can ensure adherence to them.”


Technologies We Utilized

Technology paves the way for innovation. The more complex the used technology, the higher the development time. Hence, we utilize the required technology and deliver exceptional results.



To build a scalable and fastest backend that easily handles heavy server-side processing



To handle the view layer of the web app and make page reloading faster



To manage, store and retrieve both structured and unstructured data



To receive and send payments for better online business management



To provide users with a more reliable and integrated experience



For building the mobiles apps and making sure that we’re on every platform


Project Media




Every organization strives to increase its revenue and build customer loyalty.


Improved Customer Experience

Patients can experience the ease of getting their prescriptions delivered to their doorsteps without the need to worry about going to a physical pharmacy and ensuring that their data is updated in their provider’s and pharmacy’s database.


Eliminated Geographical Barrier

With a few clicks, patients can get everything they need on a single pharmacy app from consultations, diagnosis, treatment options, and medications in the comfort of their homes. Leading to improved care access in underserved areas.


Increased Revenue Flow

By using telehealth and online pharmacy app, the pharmacy experienced an increase in their revenue flows as patients prefer getting everything in a single place post the COVID-19 pandemic.


Improved Medication Access

As the app provides medications to their patients, it ensures that the medications get delivered to the patients before they need to refill their medicines.