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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

The absolute answer to making hospitals get rid of real mess in digital transformation. We’re already imagining how your hospital would look like when staff have more time to serve patients and patients have trust with a smile on their face, while being served.
Non-healthcare IT professionals have already made hospital technology complex

So, it’s now less about which IT solution for hospitals you choose and more about how comfortably and profitability you’re able to use it!

Being a healthcare-focused IT company, we’re well aware of the intense clinical environment. Thus, we prioritize ease of use and compliance readiness for every hospital IT solution we build. And that’s why your peace of mind is our additional deliverable!

Offer remote, rapid, affordable care

Give your patients freedom to have the same level of quality care even from their homes. Let them book virtual appointments with your providers and enjoy the power of care delivered remotely.
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Telemedicine solution for hospitals:

  • Unlimited chat, voice call, video call
  • ePrescription & eReferral
  • Group & one-on-one calls
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Reduce patient stay and enhance patient outcome

Inspire patients to get involved in their care lifecycle by providing an easy means of collaboration & communication with their care teams and the education they would require.
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Patient engagement solution for hospitals:

  • Patient education & self-care guides
  • Medication management/prescription refills
  • Custom reminders & instant messaging
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Enhance patient experience

Address real pain points of patients. Empower them with a custom patient portal to let them have a birds-eye view of their medical records, lab results and pay fees with a single click.
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Patient portal for hospitals:

  • Clinical summary and lab results
  • Online appointment booking and bill payment
  • Instant messaging and virtual care
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Improve patient onboarding and wait time

Onboard patients 5X faster with a virtual or online patient check-in solution. Share pre-visit forms and let patients go directly from parking to the exam room - skipping the queue.
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Online patient check-in for hospitals:

  • Single-click check-in
  • Custom pre-visit forms
  • Consent signing and acceptance
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Increase hospital-wide revenue

Powerful revenue cycle management solution to assess, plan and improve your hospital’s financial health with a comprehensive dashboard and custom reporting.
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Revenue cycle management solution for hospitals:

  • Claim tracking and correction
  • Eligibility tracker and alerts for denials
  • KPIs and reports (Analytics)
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Improve productivity and well-being of staff

Automate tedious and time-consuming clinical and administrative workflows to let staff focus on tasks where their intelligence is required.
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Healthcare automation solutions:

  • Automatic patient data entry and reporting
  • Automated patient discharge & transfer workflow
  • Automated patient admission and billing workflow
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Make data work for you

Leverage the data you have in the best possible ways. Visualize the hidden meanings and undiscovered patterns out of data and make data-driven strategic decisions that you won’t regret.
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Business intelligence solution for hospitals:

  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Statistical modelling
  • Business intelligence and data visualization
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Implement a hospital-at-home model

Harness the power of IoT technology to set up and scale up a hospital-at-home model by remotely monitoring the vital body signs data of patients.
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Remote patient monitoring solution for hospitals:

  • IoT-enabled mobile app and dashboard
  • Remote monitoring over Bluetooth and internet
  • Custom alerts to providers and family members
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50+ Technologies

Design, Develop, Test

Custom-built IT Solutions for Hospitals


Requirement assessment

Our health tech and business teams will assess your requirements, guide you on new ideas and present a complete roadmap.


Workflows and UI/UX

Business analysts define workflows to plan out how your platform drives user journeys forward, and the UI/UX team brings workflows into the design.


Frontend and backend development

Following a strict timeline, the development team puts all healthcare app or software features together to bring the healthcare IT solution idea to life.


QA and delivery

The QA team tests the working and its functionality in different environments and on multiple devices to deliver the maximum stabilized product.

Choose the Platform Type

Because budget and business goals are important!

PWA (Progressive Web App)

The best alternative to mobile apps. It opens on any modern web browser of computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone and is equipped with mobile app-like features like background updates, notifications, offline access, high security etc. Costs 20 to 40% less than the hospital mobile app development.

Native mobile app (Android, iOS)

It falls into the premium category. It can deliver the highest-ever performance stability and remarkable user experience. When you have a long-term vision and investors on board, don’t choose anything less than the native mobile app. However, it requires a large development window.

Cross-platform mobile app

It is a more cost-effective platform type. A cross-platform app can be built using the same codebase for both iOS and Android app. That’s why it takes fewer development hours and so does the cost. If you have a tight budget but do not want to settle down with any less than a mobile app, go for it.

Deliverables, Timeline, and Involvement

Our Methodology

  • Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and covert those into technological terms.
  • Deriving the most appropriate and customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Molding a prototype to simulate how it works in real-time
Build & Test
  • Building and testing actual technology stack.
Pilot to Production
  • Implementing the technology suite, orienting the team, and offering 24 x7 support.
Continuous Support
  • Always available when you need us. We understand patient care and it's urgency.
Hospital App Development and Hospital Software Development Solutions


1. Which are the compliance laws one should keep in mind to build IT solutions for hospitals in North America?

There are different federal-level and provincial-level data privacy laws which apply to healthcare digital solutions handling patient data. For example, HIPAA does apply in the USA. Similarly, PIPEDA does apply in Canada. But PHIPA is province-specific law which applies in Ontario, Canada.

2. Which are the top benefits hospitals can derive by adopting IT solutions?

Hospitals can leverage IT solutions to improve patient experience, staff productivity & patient outcome and create an environment where neither patients nor providers feel stressed.

3. What is the best IT solution for hospitals?

If a hospital has to invest in one IT solution, they should go for a patient portal. Because it completely transfers how patients interact with providers and access their lab results & other medical data. A patient portal armed with virtual care features adds more value and acts as a 360-degree care platform for patients.

4. Why must hospitals build custom IT solutions?

Pre-built healthcare solutions do not address custom requirements as these solutions are built for everyone while keeping a one-fits-all approach in mind. In addition to this, they don’t share code ownership and charge a hefty amount for customization in the solution.

5. How much does hospital app development cost?

Well, it is impossible to predict the hospital app development and even hospital software development cost without knowing the exact requirements. Because the cost depends on the feature set, tech stack and the number of resources required to achieve your goal.

6. How can SyS Creations help me in building a hospital app or software?

We are a healthcare-focused IT company. With our healthcare-specific teams of developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, business analysts and compliance specialists, we plan, design, build, test and deliver robust hospital mobile/web apps and software – fully compliant with medical data privacy laws.