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Revealing Our White-label Patient Portal: Acquire it with Your Own Branding + Customization in 60 Working Days

A Brief Intro to Us and Our White-Label Patient Portal

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

Since our client base extends purely to healthcare startups and healthcare providers, we have an on-ground understanding of real-world healthcare challenges.

So, we always attempt to solve these challenges faced by both patients and providers.

And our newest attempt is very game-changing.

After investing 2 years and our best resources, we are finally launching our HIPAA-compliant white-label patient portal.

A Few Special Things About Our White-Label Patient Portal Software:

  • It is the first-of-its-kind healthcare no-code platform. Meaning, there are no fixed software boundaries. You can customize the patient portal in your way – by setting up the custom conditions, hotkeys, accessibility, and many more. And all this – without the knowledge of code.
  • The software is so versatile that with just a pinch of customization, it can be used for another medical use case. (Thus, limitless opportunities for you.)
  • It is equipped with multiple layers – one for admin, another for patients, and one more for the vendors of the healthcare settings. There is one layer for the caregivers of the patients too. So, a complete ecosystem is there for you.
  • We are constantly adding new features to it. (And we don’t charge extra for these new features.)
  • And most importantly, there are no monthly subscription fees and plans. One-time licensing fee and ultimate transparency!

So, without further ado, let’s share the real screenshots and feature list of our white-label best patient portal software.

(Please note, that this only includes features of the admin side. For patient features, we will soon publish a separate resource.

Also, we can share only major features here. For exploring the product in detail, you can contact us. We will give you a live demo of the product along with its costing details within just 12-24 hours of your first contact.)

Revealing Our White-Label Patient Portal Software: Top 15 Admin Side Features with Real Images

1. Add New Patients

You can add new patients by simply clicking on the “+” icon on the home screen. (Please consider clients as patients here.)

To add your new patients to the database, you need to give all the necessary information.

This information will help you a lot in your future communication and maintaining a good relationship with your patients.

Patient portal feature 1

Patient portal feature 2

2. Power of Attorney (P.O.A)

Many times, patients cannot be able to make decisions regarding their health by themselves.

This generally happens in the case of seniors and kids.

So, in such cases, you can add the P.O.A. details who are authorized to make decisions on behalf of your patients.

The best thing is, that you can add the relation of P.O.A. with patients and their all contact details.

Patient portal feature 3

3. See Patient Lists and Profiles

The home screen is designed in such an intuitive way that you can easily find the list of all recently added patients.

By simply clicking on each patient’s name, you can view his/her patient profile.

Patient portal feature 4

Patient portal feature 8

4. Search Patients Manually

You can search patient profiles manually by just typing the first one or two characters of their name or their UID or health card number.

Patient portal feature 5

5. Parallel Browsing of Multiple Patient Profiles

Another very good feature of our best patient portal software is parallel browsing.

That simply means that you can be able to browse multiple patient profiles parallelly or at the same time, as shown in the image.

For your reference, you can browse at least 4 patient profiles at a time if you are using the patient portal from your typical 14-inch laptop.

But if you have a big screen monitor, you can browse more than 10 patient profiles parallelly too.

It all depends on your screen size but the maximum profiles you can browse at the same time is 15.

Patient portal feature 8

6. Hotkeys

Healthcare is a very intense environment.

Every second counts.

So, to help you save crucial time, we have given the hotkeys feature to our white-label clinic portal.

These hotkeys are shortcuts to execute a defined operation in the portal.

Patient portal feature 9

7. Edit Patient Details

By clicking on the three dots near the profile of patients, you can easily update the details you once added.

Patient portal feature 10

8. User Management

Multiple people (users) from your organization have to have access to the patient portal to execute their part of the job.

So, we have added an advanced user management feature.

With this, you can not only give a particular user (your team member) access to the portal, but you can also set the permissions he/she would have.

Most importantly, you can also view when was the last time he was active on the portal.

Patient portal feature 11

9. Permission Management

Every time, when you give access to a user, it is very tedious to set conditional permissions manually.

So, we have come up with a solution.

What you need to do is, select and deselect the features you want someone to access and give it a ‘permission name’.

So, next time you want to give someone certain permissions, you don’t have to select and deselect features manually.

You just need to select the permission you have already set under its ‘permission name’.

This saves a lot of time and errors.

Patient portal feature 12

Patient portal feature 15

10. Automate Approval Workflow

A good thing about the healthcare industry is that every process or task follows a pre-defined SOP especially, when any approval is required.

So in this case, it is very easy for healthcare entities to automate a workflow.

Our patient portal is armed with a very useful feature called automation.

Using it, you can set up an approval workflow and automate it.

Patient portal feature 14

11. Patient Document Management

This is a very useful feature.

It enables you and your team to upload any important document of the patients under their profiles.

You can set document type and give tags for easy discovery of any document in the future.

Patient portal feature 16

12. Patient Document Restriction

There might be some important documents of the patients that require some more privacy.

In such a case, you can set up the restriction.

Patient portal feature 18

13. Document Expiry Setup

Clinical documents are time-sensitive.

It expires after a few days or months.

So to make sure you store all the up-to-date documents under each patient profile, you can set up Expiry Notification.

Under this, you can set when and to whom you would like to send notifications after or before the expiry of a document.

Patient portal feature 20

14. Communication & Collaboration

The portal is armed with a very simple yet purposeful feature.

You and your team members can internally collaborate and communicate by giving comments on major actions.

You and your team can comment to just keep track of the status of each action.

This feature limits the possibility of errors or extra work caused by communication gaps.

Patient portal feature 21

15. Two-Factor Authentication

Being a healthcare IT company, we understand the importance of privacy and security.

Thus, we’ve added both common and advanced features revolving around privacy and security.

Two-factor authentication is one of those common features.

Whereas, permission or access control (discussed earlier) is one of the advanced features.

Patient portal feature 23

Top 5 FAQs on Our White-Label Patient Portal Software to Solve All Your Doubts

1. Is your white label patient portal a mobile app or a web app?

It is a web app.

You can access it on the web browsers of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

We chose the web app because of a reason.

In healthcare, accessibility or ease of use matters the most.

So, compared to a mobile app, a web app gives a broader view with easy operations on the big screens.

2. What is the tech stack you have used to build your white-label patient portal?

The tech stack includes

  • React.js for frontend development
  • Node.js for backend development
  • MongoDB Atlas for database management
  • Twilio for communication purposes

3. Can both small clinics and large hospitals use your white-label patient portal software?


The software is very flexible.

Regardless of operation scale, any healthcare setting including clinics, hospitals, and senior care homes can use our patient portal to get rid of paperwork and save crucial administrative time and effort.

4. How will you deliver your patient portal?

The process is simple.

We give you a live demo and share its costing details on a virtual call.

If that suits you, we hear your requirements and customize the portal as per your needs.

It would not take more than 60 working days for us to customize.

And when everything is tested, we share its access (for a lifetime) along with its usability guide with you.

Then, you can use it the way you want.

There will not be any monthly or yearly subscription plans.

5. Are there any healthcare settings using your white-label patient portal?


Even though we made it live (unofficially) recently, there are more than 20 healthcare centers in Canada currently using it.

So, it is a trusted and tested product.