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How to Start Medical Supply Delivery Business with App?

There is no doubt on that healthcare is going to be remote.

Telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, online pharmacy, etc. are the perfect examples of it.

Thus, there is a huge demand rising for medical supply delivery apps.

This guide is all about it!

How Does the Medical Supply Delivery App Work?

It works the same as online pharmacies like PocketPills, Capsule Pharmacy, and Medscape work.

The only difference here is,

A customer purchases medical supplies and equipment rather than medicines.

In other words – it is like Uber for medical supplies!

medical supply delivery app

Types of On-Demand Medical Supply Delivery Apps You Can Build

There are multiple ways to start medical supply delivery business with an app such as

1. Medical Supply and Equipment Marketplace

Take Amazon as an example.

Where individuals can register their medical supply business and start their medical equipment delivery services.

The most interesting part about the marketplace is,

Performing operations is much easier.

Because you don’t need to manage inventory and other workflows.

You just need to provide delivery services to the listed medical supply businesses.

2. Medical Equipment Delivery App Owned by Medical Supply Businesses

Medical supply businesses that are running their business operations locally build this type of web or mobile app to expand their business nationwide & globally.

This allows them to start their own online store along with managing their back-office operations like inventory management, asset management, etc.

How Can You Make Profit from a Medical Supply Delivery App?

It depends on the type of app you want to build.

If you are looking to start an online marketplace for medical supply delivery, here are the top 3 monetization strategies for it.

medical supply delivery app

1. Commission Model

This is the most common business model for the online marketplace.

Amazon, Airbnb, and eBay are a few examples of it.

Here, you earn a fixed amount of commission on each successful purchase.

2. Subscription Model

Under this business model, either or both sellers and buyers get charged for using the app.

But there is a big challenge that comes with this revenue model!

You have to build trust among both buyers and sellers that your platform is the best way to gain benefits.

3. Listing Model

Under this model, sellers are charged for every product or item they list on the platform.

The biggest benefit of this revenue model is that it drives a vast amount of traffic to your medical supply delivery app.

However, setting up the listing price is quite difficult.

If it is too high, the chances are higher that sellers will stay away from your marketplace.

But if you are looking to build a medical supply delivery app for your business, there are also multiple ways to make a profit from it.

You can attract new customers outside of your locality.

And this allows you to build a large customer base that gives you continuous profits.

Moreover, it helps your customers 24/7 access to your services which increases customer satisfaction and overall conversion rate.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build a Medical Supply Delivery App?

The truth is, there is no fixed time.

Because developing a healthcare app, especially one that focuses on the medical supply, comes up with so many challenges.

For example, compliance, UI/UX, interoperability, and complex workflow.

Thus, no one can predict the exact time it takes to build a medical equipment delivery app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Medical Supply Delivery App?

We know that you are eager to know the development cost.

But trust us, we can’t say the number without knowing the exact requirements of your app development needs.

And most importantly, we don’t want to give you the wrong numbers and fake promises.

Moreover, the development costs also depend on several factors such as

  • Complexity of the design and workflow
  • Development requirements
  • The complexity of features
  • Security protocols like HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and HITECH

How Can We Help You?

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-specific IT company.

If you want to build a medical supply delivery app, we will help you with – discovery, design, workflow, development, compliance, and QA.

Because we have a 3E – experience, expertise, and experts.


And for the past 8+ years, we have been serving healthcare startups, enterprises, organizations, and individuals.


We have successfully delivered more than 250+ health tech solutions in Canada, the USA, the UK, Africa, and beyond.

Means, we have comprehensive expertise in the global market.


When we say “healthcare-specific”, it also includes our 50+ IT professionals team.

It includes – UI/UX designers, web and app developers, compliance specialists, business analysts, integration specialists, and QA engineers.

So, if you want to conquer the market, let us know your requirements and our team is ready to break all your technical, business, and compliance roadblock.