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Pharmacy Inventory Management Software: [Workflow, Features, Pricing & Architecture]

We have a powerful solution for pharmacy inventory management.

It is a ready-to-use solution that you can customize according to your needs.

And it will take you less than a minute to validate whether our pharmacy inventory management solution is made for you or not!

It is the best product if

  • You want to acquire the capability to manage your inventories stored in different warehouses.
  • You want to run your pharmacy business with both B2B and B2C models.
  • You also want to sell your products online via an eCommerce website.

If these three are your pharmacy business requirements, you should keep reading!

How is Pharmacy Inventory Management Software Modernizing the Pharmacy Business?

Gone are the days when a pharmacy having a website was proven to be profitable.

The current standards of pharmacy business are more focused on – having a complete technology infrastructure or ecosystem.

Thus, we have built a robust solution for pharmacy inventory management and bundled it with a user-friendly eCommerce website.

Such an ecosystem gives pharmacies the superpower to attract, engage, and retain more customers beyond borders!

It helps you keep technology infrastructure more simple (but powerful) and very well interlinked so that you can achieve the business momentum hassle-free.

Inventory management software + eCommerce website

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Insights into Our Solution for Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

It is a web-based pharmacy inventory management solution.

Meaning, you can access and use it from – any device, any browser.

Now, let’s explore its other key functionalities.

1. Our Solution has a Simple and Reliable Workflow

For better understanding, consider yourself as one of those users shown in the image below.

Workflow of our white-label inventory management software

1. You as admin:

You can create accounts for your internal team members and give them permissions based on their roles.

2. Your team member:

A team member working on the role of ‘Inventory’ or ‘Product Manager’ – lists products, sets B2B and B2C pricing, uploads images, descriptions, videos, etc.

The pharmacy eCommerce website automatically fetches this data and shows it to your customers.

(Inventory or Product Manager can select which products to be presented on the website.)

3. Your customers:

Your customers create either a ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ account and place the order through the website.

4. Your order fulfillment department:

They get the order details on their dashboard which they process and update the order status which is automatically sent to the customer.

Here, you are not only managing the pharmacy inventory but also presenting it on your website to let your customers explore it and place orders.

Not only this, but you are also processing orders and sending automated updates to your customers regarding orders.

2. The User-Friendly Interface of Pharmacy Inventory Management Software (with Real-Screen Images)

(Note: These are not the final images of our solution. We customize it according to your branding, workflow, features, and other unique needs before handing it over to you.)

Pharmacy inventory management software

3. Top Features of Our Solution for Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

Being a healthcare-focused IT company, we have an on-ground knowledge of pharmacies’ unique needs.

But still, we haven’t picked these features based on just our knowledge.

Rather we have chosen it with the help of our clients who are running pharmacy businesses in Canada and the USA.

Because we are not here to deliver just a solution. But to deliver an experience!

So, let’s explore a few features of our solution for pharmacy inventory management software.

But in case you want to explore all the features, just fill up the contact form.

We’ll give you a free live product demo session of inventory management software for pharmacy.

1. Team Management

Create accounts for your team members.

Give them certain View, Edit, Delete, and Add permissions for each feature.

They’ll receive invitations in their email regarding it.

With that, they can now perform their day-to-day tasks from their dashboard by logging into.

Manage your team in pharmacy inventory software

2. CRM

Create accounts for your vendors and business partners.

(Let’s call them corporate users.)

CRM feature in pharmacy inventory management software

They can also create accounts on their own through your shared link.

You can also assign your team members to work with each specific vendor.

Moreover, your corporate users can also explore your products and place orders.

They generally place bulk orders so that you can set up discounted prices for them.

3. Chat

Your team members can communicate with each other internally and can also communicate with your corporate users to solve any doubts immediately.

Chat feature in pharmacy inventory management system

4. Task Management

You and your team members can create, assign, and track tasks under each order, product, and each corporate user in pharmacy inventory management software.

Manage your inventory tasks

5. Product Listing

You can list both your prescription and non-prescription products by giving all needed information such as – product price, description, image, video, SEO details, etc.

Product management feature

To do so, you just need to follow the below steps.

  • Add product details
  • Set the quantity of it
  • Set pricing (you can set pricing individually for B2B and B2C)
  • Add product video (if there is any)
  • Select product category
  • Additional configuration

That’s it.

For better understanding, the below image is the complete guide to it.

Manage products in pharmacy inventory management software

6. Product Category Management

You can create product categories and align products under each category to keep your inventory well-organized.

For example, you can create categories like Skincare products, Oral care products, COVID-19 products, etc.

Category management in pharmacy inventory software

7. Warehouse Management

You can create a warehouse by giving details like Address, Contact Person, and Status.

And from the dashboard, you can view all the warehouses, the available products each warehouse has, and incoming products into those warehouses.

Warehouse management solution

8. Pharmacy eCommerce Website

It is a gateway for your customers to engage in your business.

They visit your website, explore the products, and create an account to place orders and make payments.

They can also upload the prescription and eSign HIPAA consent form if they are placing an order for those medications or products which require a prescription.

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4. The Multi-Layer Architecture of Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

The architecture of our solution adds an extra layer of convenience for each user.

It offers a separate web portal for each internal and external user.

It allows them to view, perform, and manage tasks (any time, anywhere) from their separate portals.

As a result, it enhances operational efficiency and streamlines overall pharmacy inventory management workflows.

For a better understanding, explore the image shown below.

Architecture of pharmacy inventory management software

5. You Can Customize Our Pharmacy Inventory Management Solution – As Per Your Unique Needs!

The powerful base is already ready.

You just need to tell us your unique requirements.

Whether it’s regarding – features, workflows, branding, functionalities, and compliance – you have all the freedom over customization.

For that, we have in-house development experts (who have built this product).

They will work as your extended team and code on top of the base as per your customization needs.

This way, we make sure you receive what you require to run your pharmacy business – within time and budget.

6. With Us, You Don’t Need to Worry About Time-to-Market

Since the base is ready, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Meaning, it’ll not take weeks to deliver the solution according to your customization requirements.

We take a maximum of 60 business days to deliver you the complete pharmacy inventory management software and eCommerce website ecosystem.

7. You Also Don’t Need To Worry About Compliance!

Because our solution is already compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA, and PIPEDA.

Not only this but we have also carried out penetration testing on it and removed all the vulnerabilities we found as the result of penetration testing.

And we’ll perform it again – after customizing the product according to your needs.

8. Its Pricing Structure Offers High ROI (and Peace of Mind Too!)

Here, you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees.

For the entire bundle of pharmacy inventory management software + pharmacy eCommerce website – we charge just a one-time fee.

And most importantly, it is for the lifetime and the unlimited number of internal and external users.

As if this is not enough – we host the software and website on your server.

With that, you will have a certain level of control.

Top Benefits of Having Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

Pharmacy inventory management software can offer several benefits to pharmacies.

Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Improved Inventory Control

Using the software, pharmacies can effectively manage their stock levels and reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking drugs.

Besides, the software also provides real-time updates on inventory levels, which can help pharmacists make informed decisions about stock orders and avoid stockouts.

2. Time Saving

Pharmacy inventory management software can automate several time-consuming tasks.

These repetitive tasks mainly include

  • Stock counting
  • Order processing
  • Reminders via phone calls

This helps pharmacies to pay more attention to patient care needs and overall experience.

3. Cost Saving

Effective inventory management can help pharmacies to reduce waste and optimize purchasing decisions.

The software can help pharmacies to identify slow-moving or expired drugs, enabling them to reduce waste and save money.

4. Regulatory Compliance

The software also can help pharmacies to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, such as DEA record-keeping requirements and FDA recall notifications.

5. Improved Patient Safety

Accurate inventory management can help to ensure that patients receive the correct medication at the correct dose.

The software can help to reduce the risk of medication errors, which can improve patient safety and reduce liability risks for the pharmacy.

6. Analytics and Reporting

The software can provide detailed reports and analytics on inventory levels, turnover rates, and other key metrics.

This can help pharmacies to make data-driven decisions about stock management and optimize their operations.

Overall, pharmacy inventory management software can help pharmacies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve patient safety.

What is a Better Choice for Pharmacy Inventory Management Solutions? Buy or Build?

There are many businesses in the market that provide healthcare solutions.

But there are some considerations when you think about upgrading or purchasing a PMS.

  • Vendor lock-in

It prevents pharmacies from outside the product’s reach due to integration challenges.

  • Outdated UX and design

It burdens the pharmacists as they need to learn and work with an old system.

  • Inevitable customization

It has become a necessity when dealing with enterprise tools.

Purchasing pharmacy inventory management software is quite tedious.

You’ll have to customize it along with making some other necessary changes according to your workflow.

It can’t be purchased out of the blue.

Instead of spending a ton on purchase and customization, building a custom solution solely for your organization seems to be a wise idea.

Some circumstances are listed below when to consider a custom pharmacy inventory management solution.

It will be Your First Time Using a Pharmacy Inventory Management Solution

In such scenarios, it will take longer to migrate and organize your data to the system.

Your data might be in spreadsheets or notebooks.

It will be a difficult task to perform if you’ve limited IT capabilities.

An independent software solution developer can help you transit all your data safely.

You have Unique and Specific Requirements

Be it the integration of your software with your current one or developing a custom UX to get work done more efficiently, a custom solution can help.

In the time spent on finding an existing solution that caters to all your needs (which is next to impossible), you can develop a custom one that can help you get your desired requirements in your solution.

You want to innovate with your forward-thinking

To achieve innovative ideas, you can only rely on custom development solutions.

Getting AI-based analytics or robotic process automation isn’t easy when you’re connected with a particular vendor.

3 Reasons Why Our Pharmacy Inventory Management Solution is the Best in North America and Beyond

Unlike other solutions – it is not just software.

It is an entire ecosystem.

That not only simplifies inventory management workflows but also allows you to take your pharmacy business beyond borders!

And imagine having an ecosystem for your pharmacy where,

  • You have powerful drug inventory management software that you use to upload, track, and manage your pharmacy products & medications as inventory.
  • Whatever you upload on that inventory management software, you can select to show it on your website which is publicly available on the Internet. (Website fetches data automatically from inventory.)
  • Your customers visit your website, create either a Business or Personal account, and place orders that your team processes from the Order Management dashboard.

The best part about our solution is – it supports both B2B and B2C models.

In which, you can set different or individual prices for every product/medication.

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So, How to Get Started with Our Pharmacy Inventory Management Solution?

We keep the onboarding process very simple.

Connect: Let us know your interest in our pharmacy tech ecosystem.

Receive: We will give you a live product demo and share its detailed pricing.

Decide: If that suits you, we will sign an NDA with you.

Share: Let us now know your custom branding and operational requirements.

Relax: You now sit and relax while our development, design, business, QA, and compliance teams work on your custom requirements.

Enjoy: After clearance from the QA manager, network engineers host the software and website on your server and share its credentials with you.

Trust Us. What You Will Receive is Not Part of Our Training but Our Mastership!

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

We have been dealing with healthcare IT for more than 8 years.

What we are known for is the American level of innovation and the Canadian level of quality.

Let us share our most recent case study with you.

A well-known Medical Strategy Group in the USA approached us to build feature-heavy Pharmacy Benefit Management Software.

We offered them two options.

Number one was custom development from scratch which would cost them $250,000+ while the second was development on top of our power base which would cost them just under $60,000.

With this powerful smart approach, we delivered them a fully customized Pharmacy Benefit Management Software while saving their 2000+ hours and $200,000+!

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