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Best HIPAA-compliant Task Management Software | One-time Fee + Unlimited Users + Lifetime Access

HIPAA-compliant task management essence

Using a task management tool, healthcare professionals and administrative staff can seamlessly create, assign, track and completely manage both internal and external tasks from a smartphone, tablet, and laptop – from anywhere in the world.

It helps healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than remembering and constantly pushing other team members to complete important tasks. This eventually leads to a less stressful clinical environment, higher productivity, enhanced patient outcomes and compliance with laws.

HIPAA-compliant task management market overview

“Task Management Software Market size was valued at USD 2.78 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 8.24 Billion by 2028.”

But that’s something you must not be bothered about.

Instead, the pricing of these task management software is what you must be more interested in! So, let us be more focused on it.

There are several healthcare-specific task management tools available out there. But there are several problems with them.

  • These all tools are SaaS products. Meaning, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee per user. (If they are charging $20/month/user, and if you have 20 users, you end up paying $400 per month for using their healthcare task management software.)
  • The moment you stop paying the subscription fee, you lose the software access. It is like Netflix.
  • They don’t offer you the software with your branding.
  • They don’t customize their task management tools as per your unique needs. Meaning, you would be using software which is made for everyone out there – but not you!
  • You need to buy their costly add-ons for the most complete software experience.

Best HIPAA-compliant task management software: Introduction

Being a healthcare IT company, we have been well aware of how some SaaS products are stealing money from healthcare professionals.

The pay-per-user model costs healthcare settings a fortune and never delivers them the freedom they want.

Thus, we invested our 2 years and our best team of healthcare IT engineers to build something epic.

We built no-code task management software for specifically the healthcare industry.

What we are most proud of is its pricing. 


  • One-time licensing fee. And in return, you will receive the task management ecosystem for your unlimited number of internal (staff members) and external (patients) users – that too for a lifetime with your own branding because it is not SaaS, it is white-label.
  • If you want to customize the tool as per your custom needs, you’ll need to pay a nominal development fee for the number of hours our in-house development team would require to code as per your unique needs.
  • And with this, you will receive a completely customized tool which works as per your needs for an unlimited number of users and for a lifetime.
  • Most importantly, we host the software on your server – so that you enjoy a certain level of IP rights and control over the tool which you use.

These all true values, SaaS task management products can never provide you in a bundle!


We call it an ecosystem for a reason.

  • There is one master admin who can control every other internal and external user.
  • Internal users (doctors and other clinical and non-clinical staff) have their separate dashboards or portals.
  • External users (patients and their caregivers) have their separate dashboards or portals.
  • All of these are interconnected – making it not software, but an ecosystem.

architecture of task management tool

Use cases

The best thing about our HIPAA-compliant task management checklist is its no-code capabilities. With it, it is possible to configure the tool for absolutely any use case.

The following are its major use cases.

Daily checks

Healthcare entities can create a daily checks task list and share it with other team members to perform tasks which are supposed to be performed daily without a miss.

Medication tracker

Healthcare entities can create a custom Medication Tracker application in just minutes and share it with patients to make entries in it as per the medications they take. Healthcare entities can further track these entries made by patients through their patient portal.

Patient data recording

Healthcare entities can create a task list and share it with both patients and the internal team so that they can track and assess the vital body signs data (blood pressure, oxygen level) entered by the patients from their dashboard.

Patient follow-ups and other activities

Healthcare entities can create a task list and share it with other team members to perform certain actions as per care plans in association with the patients. Patients can also perform their tasks from their dashboard.

Inventory and asset management

A healthcare entity can manage its inventory and other assets in a very collaborative manner with other team members by updating the status, health report, remaining stocks, etc.

Patient onboarding

A comprehensive task list created specifically for onboarding the patients after ticking off all the tasks by both administrative and clinical staff makes the patient onboarding process smooth and faster.

Patient discharge

Similar to patient onboarding, a shared task list for patient discharge makes the overall experience stress-free for patients and makes the overall patient discharge workflow very optimized.

Document management

You can create a task list and share it with your internal staff and patients to make sure they upload their part of the documents as per the requirements without a miss. This helps you collect all important documents before the deadlines or before documents expire.

10 essential features (with real screen images)

Our no-code HIPAA-compliant task management is equipped with some of the most useful and first-of-its-kind features.

The following is the list of its major features.

1. Create a new task list or checklist

You can create a task list or checklist for absolutely anything you want.

task management

From the dashboard, you can even see all the created task lists and their status.

task management

2. Configure a new task list or checklist

You can configure a new task list in as low as just 6 steps.

Give the task list a name >> Create custom fields and give them names >> Select status options >> Configure the status >> Set the permissions and share the task list with users >> Review and confirm the task list!

task management

3. Custom fields

You can create multiple custom fields according to the type of task list.

For example, if you are creating a Medication Tracker task list for patients, you can add custom fields like – ‘Medication Name’, ‘Dosage’, ‘Time’, ‘Date’, ‘Remarks’ etc.

task management

4. Multiple status options

You can in fact select whether you allow your team and patients to either select only one status at a time for a task or multiple statuses for a single task at a time.

task management

5. Custom status configuration

You can configure the status the way you want – by adding it on your own – as per the needs of the task list. There is nothing fixed that you cannot change!

For example, you can configure statuses – ‘Taken’, ‘Missed’, ‘Refill Requires’ – for the Medication Tracker task list.

task management

6. Advanced permission management

You can set micro permissions for the task list to share its limited or full access with your internal and external users.

These permissions include – Full, Edit, Contributor, Comment, and View Only.

task management

7. A comprehensive view of the task list

Check out how it would look once you successfully create a task list or checklist.

task management

8. Comments on each task

Associated users can freely comment on each task so that they can explain their situation for not completing that task on time or ask any questions to other associated users.

task management

9. Add one-time or recurring tasks

You can add both one-time and recurring tasks. For recurring tasks, you can select when you want to recur it and whether you want to include weekends or not.

task management

10. Task time tracking

You can track how long a task remains in a certain status. More specifically, you can check how long a task remains in ‘In process’ status.

task management

The software acquisition process

We keep it very simple.

Step 1: Let us know your interest.

Step 2: We will contact you back within 2-4 hours and schedule a time/date for a live product demo.

Step 3: We will give you a live product demo along with detailed pricing info.

Step 4: If that suits you, we will hear your custom requirements.

Step 5: Our design, development, QA, and business teams will work on your custom requirements.

Step 6: We will host the software on your server and share its unlimited usage rights with you for a lifetime.

This entire process – with software customization as per your needs – will not take more than 60 business days.