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“SyS Creations team has nailed it. They kept their promise and delivered the project within the deadline of 3 months and approved the budget of the project. The best thing about the entire development journey was having healthcare IT experts by your side who understand healthcare, speak the same language of healthcare and hold the same passion for healthcare.”

– Founder & CEO of health tech startup


Our client (heath tech startup) wanted to streamline the ordering process of medical equipment and supplies TCU typically executes via phone calls, emails, PDF files or fax. They had the vision to build a platform that will bring in real-time communication between the Supplies vendor and TCU’s unit and make the entire process transparent resulting in the information available at the fingertip of any person including the management team for both entities.

Within the pilot, they ran KPI and achieved 3x faster ordering and tracking operations with 80% fewer efforts resulting in saving 4 hours a day. Indirect saving of 1 FTE.






Project Size


Team Size

Challenges & Goals

To deliver what our client was expecting, on-ground knowledge of how TCU operates was very crucial. So, our in-house healthcare professionals briefed technical teams (developer and business analysts) on TCU workflows.

Knowledge transfer sessions within SyS Creations gave full project clarity to the entire team involved in this project. (UI/UX Creative Engineers, Frontend and Backend Engineers, QA Team to write test cases for QA of software) which our team leveraged to expedite the development process and build a web application aligned with our client needs.

  • The entire ordering/tracking process must be digitized at both TCU/Medical Equipment Supplier fronts
  • The web app must work accordingly to the existing workflows of TCU/Medical Equipment Supplier
  • Data privacy must be sustained with an advanced permission management module
  • Create a UI that can be adapted without much training session as staff retention in the TCU industry is very tough
  • TCU must be able to create custom patient-wise orders completely online (24*7)
  • TCU must be able to order products on a rental basis and then return them seamlessly
  • TCU must be able to track the status of each order with updated ETA from Medical Supplier
  • POA of a patient should be able to view and track the entire journey of patient

Our Engagement

We built a robust web application, which allows TCU to add patients on the go, create custom orders and track the status of orders with ETA set by the supplier, request equipment on a rental program, set up pickup and return for that equipment within 30 seconds.

“Manual collaboration and communication in healthcare eat up crucial clinical hours, kill patient experience and always keep the error-window open. We are happy to be a part of ‘change’!”


Technologies We Utilized

We chose a tech stack with an aim to not only make that web app scalable and future-ready but to deliver a good user experience with high performance and functional stability.


Adobe XD

To create an easily accessible user interface that delivers a remarkable user experience



To handle the view layer of the web app and make page reloading faster



To build a scalable and fastest backend that easily handles heavy server-side processing


MongoDB Atlas

To manage, store and retrieve both structured and unstructured data



To set up jobs in queue for background processing


Twilio API

To enable SMS and email-based 2-factor authentication


Project Media

TCU web app screenshotGroup 20569@2x



It was rarest of the rare – benefiting client, TCU, supplier and patients in a single shot!


Reduced efforts

OT can now place orders for medical and wellness products by simply adding product details in a web app. No need to call and send faxes to anyone. Saves 2-3 hours of the day every day per OT.


Increased operational speed

The entire ordering/tracking process at TCU becomes well-streamlined and very rapid as there are no longer any paperwork and phone calls involved. Everything is traceable and searched on the go rather than spending time finding things on paper.


Enhanced patient experience

Patients now have access to required medical/wellness products on time as the scope for the unwanted delay and errors is eliminated.


Cost-saving for TCU

Streamlined operations, high efficiency and no scope of major errors result in unprecedented cost-saving for TCU.