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We have deployed mobile and web products that grow at scale, from mobile applications to enterprise-grade platforms across a wide variety of industries.

We don’t aim to replace the workforce with automation. We instead aim to help them by creating a window of opportunities to let them capitalize on their real intelligence.
You either adopt automation or get automated!

Changing your mindset of running a healthcare entity by changing the way you complete the tasks with healthcare automation solutions

We’ve already saved 100,000+ clinical and administrative hours by empowering hospitals, pharmacies, clinical research sites, startups, insurers, labs, nursing homes, LTC homes, TCUs, and drug manufacturers with custom-made healthcare automation solutions.

Make data entry the most fun part!

Sorry, dear data entry operators. You seriously need to upskill. Because our healthcare data entry automation solution makes data entry 10X faster and with the highest-ever accuracy.
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Automatic medical data entry and extraction solution:

  • Automatic data entry in 3rd party software, excels, database
  • Data extraction from software, excels, PDFs and images
  • Custom requirements (filters, groups, sorts)
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Never again ask for time when asked for report!

Instantly generate reports in your set format by collecting data from multiple sources. You can put the entire reporting workflow on autopilot by even sending/uploading reports automatically.
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Healthcare reporting automation solution:

  • Single or multiple reports generation
  • Automatic daily, weekly, monthly report generation
  • Send reports to specific recipients
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Make patients proud of how you onboard them!

Don’t make patients wait. Gain the perfect balance between an automation solution and team efforts to complete all admission prerequisites before patients can even feel that it is taking too long.
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Patient admission automation solution:

  • Share pre-visit forms automatically
  • Validate documents and insurance coverage
  • Collect & share info automatically with concerned departments
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Discharge patients just like the breeze!

Ensure there is a gap of only minutes between you declaring the discharge and patients actually getting discharged. Automate the end-to-end patient discharge workflow.
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Patient discharge automation solution:

  • Automatic discharge summary
  • Automatic post-discharge guidelines
  • Automatic data entry into the system
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Billing! Don’t make it adventurous

Execute your medical billing workflow by automatically connecting the dots between internal teams, patients and their insurers. An accurate and efficient billing workflow is key to high revenue.
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Medical billing automation solution:

  • Automatic billing documentation
  • Automatic claim creation, validation and submission
  • Automatic claim follow-up and statement to patients
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Do one brave thing - automate EMR/EHR!

What’s the purpose of investing in software technology when you need to invest your time to operate that software? If this hits you hard, automate your operations performed on EMR/EHR.
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EMR/EHR automation solution:

  • Automatic data entry in EMR/EHR
  • Automatic data extraction from EMR/EHR
  • Automatic reporting and billing from EMR/EHR
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Not just claim processing, but FASTER claim processing

Manual claim processing generates jobs. But a frank question, are they happy doing the same task which does not require any level of intelligence - for over and over again?
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Healthcare insurance automation solution:

  • Automatic registration forms handling
  • Automatic underwriting
  • Automatic claims management
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50+ Technologies

Automate, Test, Deploy, Repeat

Healthcare Automation Solutions



Our business analysts and RPA engineers assess your requirements, carry out technical and compliance feasibility studies and prepare a complete roadmap in addition to setting up the KPIs and project timeline.


RPA development

Our team of RPA developers and R&D engineers build the software bot to automate single or multiple processes. We employ world-class RPA development tools such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere.



We run several pilots and measure the performance of the software bot which automates the process. Our main priority is to validate whether the software bot works with the highest level of accuracy while meeting compliance requirements.



Once our QA team approves it after aggressive testing, we deploy the software bot into the real environment. To help you claim high ROI, we provide you with comprehensive training and required documents.

Cutting-edge automation technologies we leverage

which Google, Amazon, IBM recommend…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA remains in the center from start to finish. Using RPA technology and RPA tools, we build and train software robots to perform a process or task automatically. The software robot built using RPA gets installed on your system the way you install any program in .exe format.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The major limitation of RPA is that it can only automate a process with fixed input and output. So, to automate the dynamic processes, we utilize AI along with RPA which is called cognitive RPA. Here, AI is used to let a software bot learn and make decisions on its own.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When there is any requirement of scanning the images & PDFs and converting them into machine-readable text format, OCR is used. Its modern-age use case includes the extraction of specific data from images and PDFs as it is able to read & then categorize the data.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Our Methodology

  • Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and covert those into technological terms.
  • Deriving the most appropriate and customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Molding a prototype to simulate how it works in real-time
Build & Test
  • Building and testing actual technology stack.
Pilot to Production
  • Implementing the technology suite, orienting the team, and offering 24 x7 support.
Continuous Support
  • Always available when you need us. We understand patient care and it's urgency.
RPA, OCR, AI-led Healthcare Automation Solutions


1. What should healthcare entities choose between custom automation solutions and pre-built healthcare automation solutions?

A pre-built automation solution can automate the most common and basic healthcare processes. It also charges you monthly and does not give you source code ownership. Whereas a custom-built automation solution is exclusive to your organization and thus it can lead you to claim high ROI while not shouldering any burden in the form of a subscription fee.

2. Do we need to manually trigger or start the software bot?

It depends on the type of software bot. There are generally major two types of software bots – one is an attended bot and another is an unattended bot. The attended bot needs to be triggered manually. Whereas, the unattended bot gets activated automatically at a fixed time or after a certain event.

3. What are the major benefits of adopting healthcare automation solutions?

The major benefits of adopting RPA automation in healthcare are high productivity of clinical and administrative staff, almost zero errors, less burdened staff, cost-saving, and enhanced patient experience.

4. Which are the different healthcare entities that we can help to automate their workflows?

We work with hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, nursing homes, LTC homes, rehab centers, drug manufacturers, clinical research sites and even healthcare startups.

5. How do you provide support after the deployment of healthcare automation solutions?

We provide you with detailed support documents so that you can get answers to your questions and solve common issues by yourself. And if complex issues arise, we provide you with dedicated and remote support.

6. Have you in past executed the healthcare automation successfully?

We are a healthcare-specific IT company and have been dealing with automation technologies for 7+ years. We have an extensive track record of understanding clients’ requirements and delivering them custom solutions which are easy in usage but lethal in ROI. So far, we have automated more than 100 very complex healthcare workflows successfully.