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Allscripts EHR EMR Integration Solution – Hire Healthcare-Specific Experts

With the advent of modern technology, a series of complexities have arrived.

And when we talk about healthcare and IT solutions the attention automatically shifts towards providing the best care with the minimum of chaos.

In today’s blog, you will discover Allscripts EHR EMR integration and I will enlighten you regarding why you should integrate with Allscripts, what challenges can you face, how to overcome those challenges, and finally, the process we follow.

The basic purpose of both EHR and EMR software is to serve as a form of electronic documentation.

However, their operational guidelines and functionalities are quite different from one another.

So, both are an accessible form of data that needs integration and that is where SyS Creations comes into the picture.

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-focused innovative IT company that has been helping healthcare providers solve obstacles with game-changing technologies for 8+ years.

You know that we only serve the healthcare industry with our healthcare-specific knowledge that helps us deliver successful EMR/EHR integration solutions into the US market.

About Allscripts EHR EMR: A Deeper Insight Into What They Offer

Allscripts healthcare solutions Inc. is an American company that acts as a vendor of electronic health records systems for physician practices, healthcare systems, and hospitals.

Allscripts deal in both EHR and EMR solutions, offering multi-dimensional services on the healthcare front.

The Allscripts Professional EHR is designed to serve independent physician practices, optimizing the clinical processes, connection approach to patient record management system, prescribing, scheduling, and billing into a standardized system.

It is easily accessible to both patients and physicians to manage their appointments, care, and treatment packages. Some of its features are:

  • Clinical workflow
  • Patient history and demographics
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Lab integration
  • Voice Recognition
  • E- prescription

The Allscripts EMRs offer two wide ranges of services. Namely, Sunrise EMR and Allscripts Opal.

Sunrise EMR is a single platform offering a variety of services in Ambulatory care, pharmacy, radiology, oncology, clinical performance management, Sunrise acute care, and iPRO anesthesia.

On the other hand, Allscripts Opal offers (DHR) digital health record management for the smooth functioning of medical organizations. Assisting hospital staff to distribute and integrate data for faster and more accurate diagnostics.

  • Allscripts Opal scanning and document management
  • Allscripts Opal Enterprise content management and HIM
  • Allscripts Opal Digital health record

EHR vs. EMR: The Battle Of Ages

Electronic Medical Records(EMR) are simply digital versions of the medical and treatment history of a patient in a single clinician’s office.

  • It tracks data over time
  • Have advantages over paper records
  • Monitor and improve overall care quality in practice

However, transferring data from EMR is not an easy job; patients’ records have to be mailed or printed for consultations.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can do all of the above and a lot more.

They focus on the overall health of the patient going beyond the boundaries of the collection of standard clinical data.

The data in EHR can be curated, managed, and shared across multiple healthcare organizations.

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Why Integrate Allscripts with Your Mobile App or Platform?

As I said earlier, Allscripts offers a multidimensional spectrum of services in both EHR and EMR services.

With Allscripts EHR Integration Solution you get an extensive bundle of tools, features, and customizations.

A patient is documented by doctors with an Inpatient EHR. And, after the patient leaves, they have to document the bill again.

This scenario created a room full of errors with double data entry, a wastage of valuable time.

Using open APIs the experts build a custom application linking Inpatient documentation with outpatient billing.

Streamlining the billing process and linking notes to bills.

See, wonders can be done with Allscripts Professional EHR!

Another such example would be, caretakers such as doctors, nurses, and other staff can focus on patients.

Instead of getting worried about searching for patients’ medical history or putting data into three different systems.

And yet again, Allscripts Opal came to the rescue.

The open APIs of Allscripts will assist you with creating a successful healthcare ecosystem.

So, you need Ambulatory service very urgently and thanks to Allscripts Sunrise EMRTM your platform is integrated with them.

Saving lives in dire need.

Challenges: Obstacles in the Integration of EHR and EMR

The two major challenges faced by any entity while integrating are Interoperability and compliance.

To achieve Interoperability, one has to maintain HL7 and FHIR standards. HL7 decides the global health data interoperability, their standards are most commonly used all over the world.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources(FHIR) moves ahead on the previous standards of HL7’s various versions.

But unlike other standards FHIR applicants with open web technologies.

We at SyS Creations have proved absolute mastery when it comes to working with both HL7 and FHIR.

And make sure your interoperability stays hinged.

Any Integration that occurs requires the exchange of patient information and data.

Thus, increasing the risk of data leaks, security measures, and malpractices.

Being compliant with HIPAA gives you the freedom to operate and share data without hindrance but within the framework of the federal institutions.

SyS Creations with a team of dedicated and leading compliance experts make sure your compliance is up to date.

And you can sit back and relax.

Our Process: How We Execute Your Project for Successful Integration

As we said above, we are an Ontario-based Healthcare-focused technology company.

Yes, we only cater to the healthcare industry making us experts in handling Healthcare IT with our healthcare-specific knowledge.

We have successfully worked with many healthcare providers to eradicate technical and compliance-related issues.

  • You contact us and we get in touch with you right away to understand your exact requirements. Including the architecture and constituents.
  • We design a sprint roadmap based on our previous consultations with you.
  • Once the plan is approved by you, we allocate a dedicated technical team; led by our executives. Who only has been developing and integrating into the Healthcare IT product sector.
  • As the technical team integrates the EMRs/EHRs while following all the compliance requirements and standards.
  • The QA team readies it to test in real-time environments.
  • Approval from the QA team; and the technical team makes it live.
    Finally, our Ongoing support team makes sure to provide continuous development post-support.

Cost and Time: Your Investment Will Be Worth Every Penny

We are going to be honest with you, it is not feasible to predict the cost of EMR EHR integration.

As a variety of factors are involved such as the type of Healthcare software, and services you wish to integrate, time is taken to make the integration interoperable and compliant.

Because, these are time-consuming, analytically repetitive, must compliant processes.

Also, you might need to do multiple integrations which increases the overall cost as developers as each integration has to be done individually.

(We also have mastery in multiple integrations in a single shot using Redox Integration Engine.)

However, we at SyS Creations will find the most effective, efficient, and affordable way for you.

In conclusion, I would just like to say one thing- If after reading this blog you feel like we can be helpful. Just, don’t waste your precious time and contact us.

Because we will be worth your time!