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American Telehealth Provider Antidote Raises $22M for Online Primary Care, Mental Health & Hypertension

From LinkedIn: Who founded Antidote and why?

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Antidote – a telehealth platform – is founded by a team of healthcare professionals and Israeli cyber experts.

They carry a firm belief that healthcare is the fundamental right of every individual and thus, it must be accessible very easily.

What inspired them to start a telehealth platform was their observation. Being healthcare professionals, they had very closely observed that so many Americans still lack satisfactory healthcare.

So, to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, they ended up starting a telehealth startup named Antidote in 2020.

Talking specifically about affordability, they leverage AI and machine learning technologies to help providers in clinical decision making and patient scheduling which results in meaningful and affordable patient-provider engagement.

From Crunchbase: The funding information of Antidote Health


So far, Antidote Health has closed 3 major funding rounds and a total funding worth of $35 million.

In its pre-seed round, the startup raised $1 million from Flint Capital. On August 25, 2021, Antidote further raised $12 million in its seed round. Flint Capital, iAngels, and Welltech Ventures led that round.

And recently, Antidote has bagged a whopping $22 million in its series A funding round, led by Flint Capital, Group 11, and iAngels.

From Antidote Website: What are the services Antidote does provide?


Antidote offers its telehealth services into major 3 categories.

  • Primary care: Under primary care service, patients can have direct chat, voice call, or video calls with primary care providers for their healthcare issues around cold and flu, acid reflux, constipation, sinus infection, blood pressure, UTI, etc.
  • Mental health: Under mental health service, patients can receive quality treatment from therapists for several mental health challenges around anxiety, bipolar disorder, emotional disorder, eating disorder, PTSD, OCD, etc.
  • Hypertension: In its dedicated service of hypertension, Antidote provides patients with personalized care plans to tackle hypertension in a completely virtual manner.

From Antidote Website: How much does each telehealth service cost?

Antidote offers payment flexibility with multiple subscription options in addition to a pay-per-visit telehealth service which costs $49.

Here, it is also worth noting that the cost of its subscription options for primary care + hypertension care and mental health care is different.


For instance, its subscription plan for primary care + hypertension care starts from just $35 per month. Whereas, subscription plans for its mental health start from $79 per month.

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From App Store: What are the features the Antidote app is equipped with?

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In case you are planning to build an app like Antidote, you must have a basic understanding of the features the Antidote app is armed with.

  • Social sign up/log in
  • Patient profile
  • 24/7 care
  • Schedule an appointment
  • On-demand care without an appointment
  • Chat, voice call, video call options
  • Medical history
  • ePrescription
  • eReferral
  • Prescription renewal
  • Payment

From Youtube: How do people find the Antidote app?

From Google: How does Antidote meet the high demand for telehealth services?

Delivering care on time – even in the case of telehealth – is very crucial to ensure a remarkable patient experience. In fact, rapid care is the whole idea of telehealth!

However, several telehealth providers in the USA struggle to meet high patient demand.

Talking about Antidote, they meet high patient demands with the fusion of their internal and external healthcare providers.

The startup has currently around 70 providers who serve patients virtually. Out of their 70 providers, some of the providers are their full-time employees while some are on part-time contracts with Antidote.

With this new funding round, Antidote is planning to expand its internal team of providers to offer the constant quality and experience of care to their patients.

From News Sites: What is the future plan of Antidote?

Since its inception, Antidote has had the vision to provide affordable care to every American. So, to finally accomplish their vision in a true sense, they will soon adopt a very popular fintech idea and offer patients a ‘care now, pay later’ option.

After the pandemic, such a ‘care now, pay later’ model is getting popular across the world as healthcare is getting expensive with current manpower in the healthcare industry unable to tackle the increasing demand for healthcare and wellness services.

Under this ‘care now, pay later’ model, patients have the ability to receive care instantly and make payment for the care they have received in several small installments.

Such a model creates win-win situations for both patients and healthcare providers as it increases the revenue of providers with fewer patients avoiding care due to high expense.

From the desk of SyS Creations: We provide a white-label telehealth app and can build clone and custom telehealth apps too

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These are the real screen images of the white-label telehealth solution we provide.

Our white-label telehealth platform is HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA/GDPR compliant and can be customized as per your needs.

In addition to this, we also build clone and custom telehealth apps with our team of healthcare app developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, business analysts, and compliance specialists.

Being a healthcare IT company, we have earned a mastership in healthcare interoperability and EHR/EMR integration which enables physicians to get access to medical data of patients directly from the telehealth platform itself.

So, ultimately, we have the answer to your every telehealth tech and compliance need!