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Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies for Healthcare to Build Your Next AI-driven Custom Healthcare Platform

Quick summary: Are you looking for a top artificial intelligence solution company for healthcare?

Want to know the hourly rate and core expertise of world-class artificial intelligence healthcare solution companies?

To help you, we have created a list of top AI solution companies for healthcare that you can consider to build your custom AI-enabled medical mobile app, web app, or software.

We will also address your commonly asked questions about AI in healthcare and healthcare AI development.

So, let’s get started.

Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies for Healthcare

Dealing with the technical and compliance challenges associated with AI is very overwhelming.

It requires a dedicated skill set and years of hands-on experience to master the art of making AI work for us.

All companies are claiming to have expertise in AI.

But only a few of them have actual mastership working with AI technology.

What makes the situation more complicated is the fact that use cases of AI in the healthcare industry are very sensitive to accuracy, efficiency, and patient outcomes.

If not deployed very precisely, it can create a mess that can influence millions of lives negatively.

Thus, always consider the pros when it comes to AI.

1. SyS Creations

HQ: Ontario, Canada
Hourly rate: $20 to $45
Core expertise: Health tech

If you are looking for an artificial intelligence solution company that only entertains the healthcare industry with its core health tech knowledge and healthcare-specific IT professionals, SyS Creations is a perfect choice.

Led by the vision of a young entrepreneur who never wants to experience the same delayed and clogged-up healthcare system again, SyS Creations leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision, and RPA to level up the whole clinical assessment, care delivery, and patient engagement approach.

The health tech-specific team of SyS Creations includes AI engineers, data analysts, RPA developers, software developers, DevOps experts, AWS specialists, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance officers, and even healthcare professionals.

Being a healthcare-specific AI solution company, SyS Creations has an on-ground understanding of the healthcare market, healthcare laws, clinical workflows, clinical protocols, and the real challenges of both patients and providers.

Such comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare market enables the SyS Creations team to build value-oriented AI solutions that are easy to use but very lethal in ROI.

2: ScienceSoft

HQ: Texas, USA
Hourly rate: $50 to $99
Core expertise: Custom software development

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is one of the oldest IT companies which is still dominating the market.

With its over 250 IT experts, ScienceSoft entertains almost all commercially successful industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, fintech, etc.

It is the perfect choice when you are looking for a premium technology partner with 30+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Talking about AI, ScienceSoft majorly offers AI consulting services with the focus of helping companies optimize and automate their business processes and make accurate forecasts.

It delivers end-to-end AI solutions for both non-IT enterprises and software product companies.

ScienceSoft’s AI services include business analysis, AI solution conceptualization and development, data preparation management, ML modeling, AI solution quality assurance, and AI solution support.

ScienceSoft’s team has expertise in building game-changing AI solutions that the healthcare industry can also capitalize on such as demand forecasting, personalization engines, customer service, the internet of medical things, computer vision, and speech recognition.

3: Appinventiv

HQ: India
Hourly rate: $25 to $49
Core expertise: Mobile app development

Founded in 2014, Appinventiv has emerged as one of the fastest-growing IT companies.

With its team of 250+ IT professionals, Appinventiv has served top brands like IKEA, Pizza Hut, and Asian Bank.

Like ScienceSoft, Appinventiv is also focused on multiple industries such as on-demand, healthcare, travel, finance, etc.

Appinventiv majorly focuses on mobile app development and custom software development.

Its AI and ML development services include data capture & processing, analytics, multi-platform integration, and machine learning solutions.

The top technologies and tools they leverage to build custom AI solutions for the healthcare industry are AWS, Java, Kotlin, Azure, Swift, etc.

4: AppStudio

HQ: Toronto, India
Hourly rate: $50 to $99
Core expertise: App design and development

Founded in 2009, AppStudio is a leading mobile app design and development company in Canada.

Mobile and web development is their core focus and medical, finance, and government are their most targeted industries.

With a small yet energetic team of IT professionals, AppStudio also offers an array of AI and ML services.

Its top AI capabilities include machine learning, NLP, image processing, computer vision, and optimized algorithms.

And top AI-led use cases AppStudio caters to are sales analytics, biometric data analysis, recommendation engines, medical chatbots, and POS data analysis.

5: Objectivity

Hourly rate: $50 to $99
Core expertise: Cloud consulting

Founded in 1991, Objectivity is one of the leading IT companies based in the UK.

Specializing in bespoke cloud software solutions, objectivity serves all lucrative industries such as healthcare, retail, finance, and public service.

With their team of 800+ skilled IT professionals, they have delivered 750+ projects of all sizes across the globe.

Talking about their AI capabilities, the Objectivity AI team delivers tangible business value by leveraging AI and ML use cases.

Some of the promising clients of Objectivity include Morrisons, Primark, Edrington, Knight Frank, Ascentric, Suez UK, ImmoScout24, Auction Technology Group (ATG), Evergreen Health, NHS, Health Innovation Manchester, GMCA, and DEFRA.

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6: Intelligenes

HQ: Toronto, Canada
Hourly rate: $25 to $49
Core expertise: Custom software development

‘They are very friendly and knowledgeable.’ This is what one of their clients has posted on Clutch.

Founded in 2016, Intelligenes serves multiple industries with its team of 50+ IT professionals.

Unlike other companies, Intelligenes has mentioned the methodology they use to deliver solutions.

They use a SCRUM SCRUM-based agile approach to release deliverables consistently in an iterative manner.

Custom software development, web app development, and mobile app development are what they are most focused on.

Talking about their AI capabilities, they deliver AI-integrated apps, machine learning as a service, data science expertise, and business intelligence services.

7: Upcore

HQ: Sydney, Australia
Hourly rate: $25 to $49
Core expertise: Blockchain and AI

Upcore is one of the few Australian IT companies that has mastered cutting-edge technologies including AI.

Founded in 2016, the Upcore team has grown to 50+ IT experts who every day deal with startup and enterprise solutions, mobile app development, blockchain, digital marketing, website design, AI, and machine learning.

Talking specifically about their AI solutions, they build an intelligent system that coexists with the client’s current infrastructure.

Their AI capabilities include machine learning, deep learning, conversational tools, classification tools, sales intelligence, video, image & text analytics, predictive analysis, custom AI tools, and robotic process automation.

And to build an AI masterpiece, they employ world-class tools and technologies such as PHP, Python, IBM Watson, TensorFlow, Amazon Lex, etc.

8: Mind IT Systems

HQ: New Delhi, India
Hourly rate: $25 to $49
Core expertise: Custom software development

Empowering businesses via innovative software is what they do and while doing this, they keep the customer experience at the core.

Mind IT Systems caters to top industries such as healthcare, fintech, education, and supply chain.

Founded in 2014, Mind IT Systems is majorly focused on custom software development and IT staff augmentation.

Their artificial intelligence services include strategy & consultation, development, customization, integration, implementation, and support.

Mind IT Systems provides AI solutions for sales boost, business growth, patient retention, and personal assistance to customers (patients).

FAQs on Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Solution Companies

Pre-built AI solutions are built following the one-fits-all approach.

Thus, it is affordable in pricing but fails to meet your custom requirements and long-term vision.

It also does not offer you full source code ownership.

So, if you have custom requirements and enough capital funds available, we suggest you select the custom solution.

That facilitates you to deliver more value and peace of mind.

AI is a very promising technology.

But at the same time, it is very complex.

One must have ultimate expertise in implementing AI in such a way that it adds ease, and does not make existing things more complicated.

So, the answer to your question is, that the reliability of AI in healthcare is directly proportional to the knowledge of the IT team implementing AI in your healthcare setting.

Top use cases of AI in healthcare include automated diagnosis & prescription, patient data analytics, early diagnosis, medical imaging insights, drug discovery, prescription auditing, etc.

Well, it is never possible to predict the cost of building a custom AI solution.


To predict the cost, one must know the exact requirements such as the number of features, complexities of those features, technology stack, platform, required team members, the experience level of those team members, etc.

However, it generally costs at least $40000.

The majority of people not have an IT background have the wrong impression that building an app or software is all about just coding.

No, coding is just 20% of the process.

The rest of the process includes discovery, documentation, workflows, UI/UX, development, testing, compliance audit, piloting, launching, and support.