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Deloitte Healthcare Consulting vs Our Healthcare Consulting

No. We are neither trying to prove we are the best nor defaming anyone.

We are just putting efforts to help you guys in gaining clarity over how big healthcare consulting firms work vs how a healthcare-specific small healthcare consulting firm works.

Yes, we are healthcare-specific. And that’s the first difference between us and Deloitte.

We aren't competitors. So, this is not comparison!

Difference #1: Deloitte serves multiple industries. We serve only healthcare!

There is nothing wrong with serving multiple industries.

Because only by serving multiple industries, companies are able to generate sales. Thus, being industry-specific is rare.

But unlike companies entertaining all industries, an industry-specific firm is more likely to not only change but revolutionize the industry.

After all, that one industry-specific company chooses that one industry, not by choice, but with passion!

We are that one healthcare-specific company. Healthcare means a lot to us.

Because our entire team has only been dealing with healthcare IT projects since the first day of our professional careers.

Healthcare is in our DNA. We would rather happily choose a thousand-dollar healthcare project over a million-dollar project which does not have to do anything with healthcare.

Yeah… we might sound weird to you.

But this is who we are. We are healthcare-specific and we are mad over healthcare!

Difference #2: Deloitte prefers scale and vision both, we prefer only vision!

Undoubtedly, Deloitte is a big firm.

Such large companies decide to work on a project based on the project scale and vision of clients.

Their preference would always be big projects and remarkable client vision.

But we are not as large as Deloitte.

We proudly work on any scale of projects.

For us, the project scale does not matter the most. But yes, we surely take client vision into consideration.

To simplify this, we can work with an individual clinician for a project size below $5K. But that clinician must have a purposeful and game-changing vision.

Difference #3: Deloitte is a pure consulting firm. We are an IT firm!

Neither we lack something nor Deloitte.

It is ultimately your needs that define who can benefit you more.

Deloitte serves healthcare clients with its consulting services. Whereas, we serve our clients with consulting services, development, UI/UX, networking, compliance, QA and business services.

So, if you are not just looking for consulting and wondering about how you can technically implement it, our healthcare-specific IT experts including developers, designers, consultants, QA engineers, compliance specialists and business analysts can help in implementing tech solutions as well.

Difference #4: Deloitte offers team-driven consulting, we offer CEO-driven consulting!

The core difference between us and Deloitte is the engagement of executives.

In the case of Deloitte, you might not even have a single contact with their executives as the entire consulting part is managed by its team.

(This is how big firms operate, they have an SOP to follow all the time with role-specific service offerings.)

Whereas, in the case of SyS Creations, our healthcare consulting service is CEO-driven.

Meaning, you will have direct contact access with our CEO while our team helps you with the consulting part.

He will play an engaging and important role in solving your IT challenges and delivering you solutions.

Because that is what he finds more fascinating than anything else!

Difference #5: Deloitte is focused on healthcare enterprises, we’re focused on providers, clinics/hospitals and startups!

As we said earlier, Deloitte is a big firm, thus it prefers to work on large projects of top enterprises. And it serves them in the best possible way.

But for individual providers, small-medium scale healthcare entities and healthcare startups, Deloitte is a premium consulting ‘brand’, many times out of their investment cap.

Talking about us, we never prioritize project scale. We happily work with any size of a healthcare entity, any stage of healthcare startup and even individual providers.

For us, solving their problems matters the most.

Additionally, we also work with healthcare enterprises. Because, we are small in team size, not in healthcare knowledge!

Making things easy for you...

When to choose big healthcare consulting firms:

  • When you are looking for consulting ‘brand’ like Deloitte
  • When you are looking for only consulting for your big project

When to choose a healthcare-specific consulting firm like us:

  • When you can’t afford ‘brand’ but don’t want to do compromise with service quality
  • When you not only need consulting but also health tech implementation help

Remember, not every healthcare consulting firm is meant for everyone.

For a big healthcare organization, Deloitte might work better than us and for a small clinic & healthcare startup, we might work better than Deloitte.

But that ‘might’ isn’t constant!