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How to Integrate Epic EHR EMR with your Healthcare App/Software?

Quick SummaryWith being one of the topmost EHRs/EMRs in the US healthcare industry, Epic Systems Corporations is used by 45% of the population with their medical records on it. So I wonder what makes Epic systems so Epic. Well, that’s what I am here to tell you about them.
This blog will entail all the details regarding Epic’s EHR/EMR integration, why you should be integrating with Epic, their services, what challenges you might face with integrating, and how to overcome those challenges with our healthcare-specific expertise.

EHR or Electronic Health Records maintains all the clinical and administrative data of a patient. Whereas, EMR or Electronic Medical Record is a digitized version of the traditional paper-based medical record within a single facility such as a clinic.

It collects and provides electronic versions of records including demographics, problems, medications, and at the same time, EHR/EMR systems can be used by clinicians to execute smooth functionality of operations to run a hospital and services.

The data available on a particular EHR/EMR system is accessible through any mobile app or platform but you need integration to access it.

In case you are wondering, we are an Ontario-based healthcare-focused ingenious IT company that has been solving queries and providing answers to healthcare providers with game-changing technology for more than 7 years.

What is Epic? Your perfect healthcare companion

Just like every American dream, Epic Systems Corporation was founded in 1979 in a basement. With an idea in mind to provide help to people to stay well and develop software to help people get well.

Being the maker of healthcare technology and EHR/EMR software, Epic serves a variety of organizations with vast workflow experience.

Epic offers cloud-based EHR/EMR solutions to a variety of practices as I said. And on top of this, they offer a variety of telehealth services, AI analytics, and community connections.

Today, Epic is used by more than 250 healthcare organizations nationwide from community hospitals to multi-specialty hospitals to independent practitioners.

Epic being an all-rounder offers a core range of healthcare services. An exclusive portal for its patients to facilitate patient engagement with the help of Android and iOS-based apps.

Moreover, Epic’s clinical EHR/EMR systems for hospitals, clinicians, and physicians have been reported as aesthetically pleasing with good ease of use.

Their EHR/EMR is instinctive, helping the staff to figure out how to perform a task without much formal training.

Better shortcut features to speed up the clinical processes even more.

Epics software features include:

  • Appointment and billing management
  • Clinical workflows
  • Insurance and claims
  • Lab integrations
  • Patients portal
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Voice recognition
  • Referrals, scheduling, and e-prescriptions

Integrating with Epic – How one small practice can make you and your system efficient?

Let me tell you a recent occurrence at SyS Creations for you to understand the concept of integration more thoroughly.

A few months ago we were approached by a Utah-based community healthcare hospice for the elderly. They came to us with a variety of issues they were facing regarding managing clinical workflow due to lack of staff in Covid-19, using telehealth for close monitoring, analyzing, and tracking. To improve the efficiency of lab integrations and billing management.

We understood their major concern of connectivity in general. The team of our healthcare experts quickly manage to solve the problem by using integration with Epic for third-party integration.

But, how was it possible? The answer is simple – Epic’s open Application Programming Interface(API) or Epic USCDI API.

As they attested the integration was a success and smooth functionality was foreseen.

But, SyS Creations was the one that made scalability a possibility.

However, the game is not over yet. Integration seems easy but it does have a variety of challenges.

Hurdles in integration – What major challenges are faced when integrating Epic EHR/EMR?

We’re a healthcare-specific IT solutions company. And with our leading team of experts, we deliver the best integration solutions.

The following are the two major challenges – we can brilliantly overcome.

Fruitful integration is accomplished when compliance adheres.

As EHRs require a complete exchange of patient data and information, the risk of data leaks, malpractices are always lurking.

Thus, to be functional, all integrations must follow HIPAA compliance. HIPAA lets you operate and share data without plausible interruptions within the federal framework.

SyS Creations manages to make your compliance up to date. So you stay relaxed and stress-free.

The US Department of Health and Human Services emphasizes the HL7 and FHIR standards to achieve complete interoperability.

As the HL7 is a global health data interoperability issuing organization, its standards are most commonly used and accepted by the healthcare systems in the US nationwide.

Proving our absolute mastery at working with both HL7 and FHIR. We at SyS Creations have always made sure that your interoperability stays anchored.

Our methodology for successful Epic EHR EMR integration

The fact that we only cater to the healthcare industry makes us experts in handling Healthcare IT with our knowledge peculiar to healthcare.

Mastering in eradicating integration and compliance-related issues, the process that we hold fast to is as follows:

  • As soon as you get in touch with us. We revert to you in 24 hrs and get your proposal ready within 2 days.
  • Now based on our previous interactions, we prepare a sprint roadmap.
  • You approve the plan; we allot a dedicated tech team for your project. The team has specialized experience in development and integration in the healthcare IT product sector.
  • Following the compliance requirements and standards, the technical team integrates Epic with your healthcare solution. Whilst, the QA team readies it for real-time environment testing.
  • Once approved by our QA team, the technical team makes it live. And our ongoing support team makes sure to provide continuous development post-support.

How do we achieve the ultimate project outcome? We deploy our best resources

As we always say, we have a leading team of experts who specialize in healthcare IT. Now let me get you accustomed to them.

They are the ones who bridge the gap between IT and business. Our business analysts are healthcare-driven and use healthcare data analytics and deliver data-driven solutions to executives and clients/stakeholders.

Translating software requirements into workable programming code while maintaining and developing programs for use. Our app developers are highly experienced with developing healthcare IT modules and integrating several top EMRs and EHRs.

Also known as CSM is aligned and focused on building close long-term client relationships. They make sure a clear chain of communication is maintained between the client and us.

They ensure that the client’s operations are in adherence to the laws regulating the particular industry. In our case, the compliance specialists have well versed in healthcare compliance like HIPAA laws, HL7, and FHIR compliance.

Finally, I would like to say, you have come a long way on our journey of healthcare IT development. And, if you feel like we can be useful, make sure to contact us. We promise to be worth your time.