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Hire Full-Stack Developers for Your Healthcare or Any Other Development Needs

This blog will only help you if you have made up your mind to not hire freelance developers and hire full-stack developers only from a full-stack development company.

In this blog, we will introduce ourselves as a full-stack development company, share our full-stack developers’ expertise, how they can help you, their technical and non-technical skills, and much other useful information.

What is Full-Stack Development? Who are Full-Stack Developers?

You might already know that a mobile app, web app, or even software is made out of the front end and back end.

The front end of the app deals with UI/UX whereas the back end of the app deals with servers, API etc.

It depicts that working on the front end and back end requires different skills.

As a result, there is a brief line between the capabilities of front-end developers and back-end developers.

However, in the era of startups and affordable development solutions, the concept of full-stack developers has become very popular.

Full stack development is nothing but the development of the both front end and back end of any digital solution through one expert.

So, the developers who have expertise in both front-end and back-end development technologies are known as full-stack developers.

types of developers
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How Can Our Full-Stack Developers Help You with Your Development Needs?

We have the most detailed SOP in place.

At the bottom of every page, it is written in bold that ‘goes beyond SOP if it adds value to clients!’

The following are the top-defined roles and responsibilities of our full-stack developers.

But as we discussed, we don’t think twice about going beyond and above.

  • Perform every task related to both design & development of the product
  • In addition to design and development, work on debugging and testing tasks
  • Write code while following clean code architecture for both front-end and back-end
  • Design user interactions as part of front front-end job
  • Design responsive design and test it
  • Create servers and databases as part of back end job
  • Make sure of cross-platform compatibility
  • Develop APIs and RESTful services
  • Coordinate with graphic designers for implementation of graphical elements in the front end
  • Execute jobs while keeping security and scalability in mind

Top Technical Skills of Our Full-Stack Developers You Can Capitalize On

You must always consider technical skills when you are planning to hire full-stack developers.

Because that’s what creates profit for you.

So, here sharing the top skills of our full-stack developers which will prove profitable for you.

  • Front-end development or programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Back-end development or programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, and C#
  • Back-end frameworks such as Laravel, Express, and Django
  • Front-end frameworks such as Vue.js and React.js
  • Database solutions such as JSON, SQL, and NoSQL
  • Graphic design and development skills
  • APIs like REST and SOAP
  • Protocols like HTTP
  • Apache and Nginx servers

Top Non-Technical Skills of Our Full-Stack Developers You Can Trust On

A most experienced or well-versed developer with no work ethic is useless.

So, at SyS Creations, we not only build a team of experienced developers but also cultivate non-technical skills within them.

The following are some of those skills:

  • Time Management: Our full-stack developers know how to deliver the best results while claiming the least possible time.
  • Accountable: Our full-stack developers are accountable for whatever mistakes they make. Because of a sense of accountability, they are always inspired to acknowledge their mistake, work on it, and never repeat it.
  • Creativity: When creativity meets technology, magic happens. We’ve built a unique perspective among our developers toward each of their professional and personal events and challenges. As a result, they see everything from a new angle and bring further innovation to it.
  • Attention to Detail: We rather deliver less than mess. We never compromise with the quality. Whatever we do, we do as if it is our in-house project.
  • Curious and Happy Souls: We celebrate each small thing. At the same time, we keep ourselves engaged in new learnings as we get easily curious about our surroundings. We have the highest level of gratitude for what we have in terms of knowledge and we use it to create events worth celebrating.

Educational Background of Our Full-Stack Developers

Though no degree is needed to be a full-stack developer, we always prefer to hire developers with both relevant degrees in computer science and experience in big IT firms.

Since we are too specific about our team, our all full-stack developers have graduated from well-known universities with computer science or relevant degrees.

Moreover, none of them are freshers in the industry.

They have on-ground knowledge of each technical element as they all are experienced in what they are doing.

Thus, you will be dealing with developers who are serious about your project and have an understanding of what it requires to push your vision to execution.

In Which Best Cases, Do Our Full-Stack Developers Help You the Most?

If you’re planning to hire full-stack developers, let us be truly honest with you and share the best cases under which our full-stack developers can help you most.

  • If your project scale is low-to-medium. Because, for large-scale projects, you will also need our business analysts, QA engineers, and compliance specialists.
  • When your investment cap is minimum.
  • When you don’t want to hire separate front end developers and back end developers.
  • When you belong to healthcare, eCommerce, education, fintech industries.
  • When you don’t have your own developers or want to extend your team.

A Few Firm Promises Made by Our Full-Stack Developers – Not to Someone But to Themselves!

You always need the most aware and most aggressive developers for your project who are passionate about what they are doing and always consider their job as a way to change the world.

  • We’ll make it happen, any damn how.
  • We’ll make all your competitors fearful of your digital product.
  • We’ll save your development cost with our exclusive skills of automation.
  • We’ll always remain on the edge to run extra miles for client benefits.
  • We’ll leave an impact with the standards of work.
  • We’ll deliver everything within the promised time.
  • And we’ll deliver the class.