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Healthcare Consent Management Platform: Optimize Consent Form Sharing, Filling, Storing and Accessing Operations

After defense and aviation, healthcare is probably the most regulated industry on the entire planet.

Multiple laws and regulations at both federal and state-level govern all operations performed by healthcare providers, healthcare vendors, patients, and their family members.

Among all, consent is one of the crucial pillars of healthcare data privacy laws.

Healthcare providers are liable for asking for and managing the consent of the patients before delivering healthcare services.

Since it happens on a large level with every patient, healthcare providers generally struggle to first ask for consent and then manage it as per the applicable data privacy laws.

What makes consent management more challenging is the ever-changing regulations of these federal and state-level healthcare laws.

Here is where a consent management platform comes into the picture.

It completely digitizes the entire medical consent management workflow while ensuring zero errors and high data privacy & security standards.

What is a Healthcare Consent Management Platform?

The healthcare consent management platform deals with all types of patient consent in a digital format.

It works as per the applicable data privacy laws and aids healthcare providers to take and manage patient consent in an online manner.

The best part of the patient consent management platform is that it keeps all given consents in a centralized location which makes it very easy for providers to anytime access it from anywhere.

The healthcare consent management platform exists in either a mobile app or web app or in both.

It is equipped with all types of consent forms which providers can share online with patients and later save the digitally filled consent forms in the cloud.

How Does a Patient Consent Management Platform Work in both In-person and Virtual care?

To understand its working methodology in the in-person care delivery model, let us give you an example of a patient named Jacob.

  • Jacob visits a hospital for treatment of his chronic condition.
  • The hospital staff from the consent management platform sends a related consent form to Jacob’s mobile. (Jacob can also access the same from the hospital’s tablet.)
  • Jacob opens that form from his mobile and fills it out.
  • When he submits, the consent form is automatically stored on the secure data storage of the consent management platform.
  • Hospitals can now access this filled consent form from any device, anytime and anywhere – by logging into the platform with the right credentials.

This is just one example of Jacob.

When a hospital receives thousands of patients like Jacob, things become very complex for them to take consent and then manage it – if they are managing it on paper.

They can give wrong consent forms to patients, they can misplace those filled forms, and they can’t assure the privacy of those filled consent forms.

There are endless possibilities for mistakes.

But when they are executing consent management workflow online, things happen pretty fast, with almost zero errors and while being compliant with applicable laws – all the time!

Let’s now understand its working in the virtual care delivery model with the example of Elina.

  • Elina has booked a virtual care appointment using a telemedicine platform with a provider.
  • This telemedicine platform is integrated with a consent management tool or has features related to it.
  • The physician easily shares a related consent form with Elina before the virtual appointment.
  • She accesses it from her dashboard and fills it out digitally.
  • When she submits, the filled form gets stored in secure storage automatically.
  • Now, the physician with the right credentials can easily access this filled consent form from his dashboard of the telemedicine app as it has already been integrated with the consent management tool.

This way, a consent management tool integrated with a virtual care/telemedicine platform streamlines the entire consent form sharing, filling, storing, and accessing workflow.

(Here, consent management tools and telemedicine platforms can also work separately, without integration. But in such a case, physicians have to operate two platforms simultaneously.)

Which are the Top Benefits of a Medical Consent Management Platform?

A medical consent management platform delivers value propositions to all stakeholders including providers, third-party vendors, patients, and their family members.

We’ve enlisted its top benefits here.


In each healthcare data privacy law, several regulatory requirements deal with only consent.

To address these regulations, healthcare entities that are following paper-based practice for consent management struggle a lot and often end up being non-compliant with applicable laws.

But with a medical consent management platform, healthcare entities can easily tick off all the boxes which make them compliant with applicable laws.


All paper-based clinical workflows are prone to errors which sometimes prove to be lethal.

The reason is an extra dependency on human intelligence for the same repetitive and tedious task.

But with a medical consent management platform, healthcare entities can achieve the highest-ever accuracy and avoid costly errors as the platform is smart and validates stuff with its algorithm.

Security and Privacy

Needless to say that a paper; in the form of a consent form, can easily be misplaced, torn down, or accessed by an unauthorized person.

Meaning, there are almost zero guarantees of security and privacy of filled consent forms.

But a healthcare consent management platform facilitates hospitals to store filled consent forms under the profile of each patient which can never be misplaced and stolen due to advanced security measures.

This way, it ensures the security and privacy of one of the most crucial healthcare documents.

Easy Access and Time Saving

As said earlier, a hospital needs to handle hundreds of patients and their hundreds of consent forms every day.

While securely storing these filled consent forms is already a challenge, accessing a particular consent form of a patient from the pile of consent forms is a major challenge.

Staff have to go through all consent forms to find that one form.

The online tool eliminates this time-consuming task.

Here, staff can search for any filled consent by applying filters like patient name, date of treatment, health card number, etc.

Patient Experience

In case you don’t know, patients also don’t like the pen-and-paper experience when they seek healthcare services.

It is very difficult for them to fill out the consent form while they are going through some sort of medical condition.

But as always, you can give them a smooth and nice onboarding experience by sharing the consent form in a digital way directly on their smartphones.

Patients will really appreciate this move!

Why is a Ready-made Third party Consent Management Platform Not the Right Option for You?

There are huge chances that you are planning to go for third-party readymade tools to streamline your consent management workflow.

If so, please hold on.

Because there is something wrong with those third-party tools which restrict you from claiming high ROI and meeting your overall purpose.

The more rational idea here is to build your own tool dedicatedly for your needs and purposes.

Want to know why?

Here are the top reasons to avoid third-party healthcare consent management platforms.

Region-specific Healthcare Privacy Laws

Healthcare laws are everywhere but in different forms.

For instance, HIPAA does not apply to you in Canada.

Similarly, PHIPA does not apply to you in British Columbia.

Meaning, there are region-specific healthcare privacy laws, applicable differently in different regions.

So, unless a third-party tool is designed and developed for your region only, you can’t derive maximum benefits from it and utilize it to manage consent while meeting regulations.

Ever-changing Data Privacy Laws

Governments are pushing healthcare data privacy laws to the next level.

They are bringing in several new changes in a very consistent manner. Meaning, when there is a new change in law, you also need to update your consent management platform as per it.

But in the case of a third-party tool, you don’t have direct control over how they react to new changes in privacy laws.

They may react quickly or take weeks.

And between this time, you take and manage consent concerning old regulations.

Meaning, you become non-compliant with the laws!

So, if you are serious about consent, compliance, and software ownership, go for custom development.

Here is how We Build and Deliver Custom Healthcare Solutions

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