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Presenting New-Age Healthcare Marketing Company with IaaM (Innovation-as-a-Marketing) Model

You might find us everywhere as a Healthcare IT Company.

You are not wrong.

Still, you must hire us as your healthcare marketing company.

First, We understand healthcare. 😎

Having knowledge of an industry and having an understanding of the industry are two different things.

An understanding of something gives you rare wisdom while knowledge of something gives you the capability to know what already exists!

And you agree with the statement that marketing is less of applying what has already been applied by many others and more of applying your rare thoughts, mindset and beliefs.

In case you’re wondering, our rare thoughts, mindset and beliefs revolve around healthcare innovation – this brings us to our second point.

We innovate 🎓 your healthcare service/product.

Great product/service sells by itself!

That means, you only need to make your healthcare product or service great and then leave it on its own. It will do marketing for it by itself! (Best thing is, it will be your only marketing man that will work 24/7!)

Here is how we help you here.

If a healthcare product – we make it most advanced, game-changing, and patient-focused like never before.

And if a healthcare service – we make it very streamlined, outcome-specific and digital.

How? Well, don’t forget, we understand healthcare!

Third, We create time for you, so you can focus 🎯 on your users.

Let us make a guess. You are looking for a healthcare marketing company because you’re so busy in your operations that you can’t manage or learn marketing by yourself.

So, let’s have a deal.

We create time for you and you challenge yourself to do marketing of your healthcare product/service by yourself. (Because no other company can understand your business better than you!)

How will we create time?

Well, we will automate your back-office tasks where you are spending most of your time.

We promise you to save 80% of your time which you are totally wasting on operations.

And invest this saved time in marketing efforts.
You will be amazed to see the connections you can be able to build with your users!

Fourth, We make you sell wow 💖 experiences. (not healthcare service or product)

Be really honest with yourself.

Why would a patient come back to your clinic? Due to the service you provide?

1000 other clinics provide the same service.
But he finds your experience unique and that’s why he comes back.

So, we make you sell experience and not service or product.


Well, we understand the healthcare user persona too. They need everything rapid, affordable, and personalized.

We empower you with technology to deliver the same things to your users.

For example, we will create a virtual waiting room for your patients. So, they can check in virtually and skip the physical queue.

We will create a chatbot for your patients. So, they can have answers to every question instantly from their mobile.

Ultimately, we will create a wow experience for your users that your competitors aren’t focusing on!

Fifth, We help you win 👑 customer trust.

In 2022, the most prominent way to win customer trust is to ensure patients’ data privacy and security.

You win the half battle of earning customer trust when you say that your healthcare product or service is compliant with all healthcare data privacy laws such as HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA, PIPEDA etc.

And you win the rest of the battle when you mean what you say!

So, we make you win the entire battle of customer trust by making your entire healthcare organization cyberattack-proof and compliant with all applicable data privacy laws.

Sixth, We make you future-ready. 🎉

The healthcare market is very competitive and unpredictable.

The strategies working best, for now, might not work after a month!

Thus, you should play a long-term game.

In other words, you must invest now in marketing with the goals to be scalable and sustainable in near future. Otherwise, you would be wasting your money.

So, what we do here is, we make you future-ready, with the perfect fusion of human intelligence and technology innovation.

We infuse cutting-edge technologies into your core practice and daily operations so you become self-sufficient, scalable and sustainable and can thrive for decades with only word-of-mouth marketing!

Presenting a healthcare IT company as healthcare marketing company with its IaaM (innovation-as-a-marketing) model

A strong foundation is what we build, but with new-age marketing practices which don’t require marketing itself!

It requires IaaM (innovation-as-a-marketing). That’s it! See you soon. 🍻

innovation as marketing