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eClinicalWorks Integration Solution For Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

The focus of healthcare systems is to provide efficient and effective care to patients.

Imagine a system with absolute interoperability for every step of the patient care delivery process.

In today’s blog, we will take you through different integration practices to achieve a smooth functioning delivery system for patient care.

What is eClinicalWorks integration?

More importantly, what is integration?

What sectors of healthcare integration are required and possible?

And finally how we at SyS Creations can help you achieve it?

To understand the eClinicalWorks integration, we first need to shine some light on clinical integration.

Well, every organization, and association has different definitions, and some are driven by legal guidelines.

But let us keep it very simple for you.

It is a means to enhance care coordination across conditions, providers, locations, and time to provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-focused care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2011, includes the provisions to improve clinical integration.

The coordination of care across hospitals and healthcare providers to expand coverage, promote innovation, and control costs.

Understand the Clinical Integration and Its Ecosystem

Networking and connections are the keys to development.

This phrase is well applicable to every sector, especially healthcare.

Since many organizations and healthcare providers work in a limited work setting, lacking connections and exchange of information within the healthcare entities.

Importance of Clinical Integration

  • Patients, primarily those with chronic conditions, are tended within hospitals, ambulatory settings, clinics, and at home. These institutions may lack systems for tracking patient treatment across several healthcare settings.
  • Many office-based physicians operate alone, in small groups, or as parts of a prevalent group. They may lack access to peer evaluation and best practices, as well as tools that might improve communication across settings and facilitate clinical integration (such as electronic health records [EHRs]).
  • Many hospitals are unable to achieve full clinical integration due to a lack of resources for positively influencing the behavior and decisions of employees and partners involved in patient care.

So what would be the result of clinical integrations such as eClinicalWorks integration not present?

The answer is simple yet terrifying, conflicting care plans, the interaction of prescription drugs, and diagnostics test duplication to name a few.

eClinicalWorks Integration Organizing and Influencing Patient Care Positively in the Healthcare System

Before beginning the what and what not of eClinicalWorks integration, let me tell you the 3 fold aim of clinical integration towards healthcare.

  • Improve care accessibility and patient experience overall
  • Reduction and controlling the cost of care
  • Improvement in quality of care

The existence of a direct correlation between interoperability and integration eClinicalWorks offices exchange more than 50 million health records with other practices and hospitals.

Data matching is sent immediately to the provider’s screen, assisting in the guidance of better clinical judgments.

With the motto of “Improving Healthcare Together”, eClinicalWorks EHR integrations provide a wide range of interoperability by practicing integrations.

1. Clinical Integration

  • Diagnostics Imaging/PACS – Supporting uni and bi-directional communication with any radiology or RIS system merchandiser supporting HL7 electronic communication. eClinicalWorks may support the binding of PACS URLs in HL7 result messages to launch a viewer containing pictures.
  • Laboratory – Any system capable of supporting HL7 messaging can send and receive data from laboratory vendors. The incoming results interface supports both requested and unacceptable results and is automatically attached to the patient’s record.
  • E-prescription – The built-in functionality of e-prescribing, supporting Rx eligibility, and Electronic prescription of controlled substances(EPCS) allows a provider to electronically send error-free, and accurate prescriptions from point of care to pharmacies via Surescripts.
  • Other Clinical Support – For those who use external transcription services. eClinicalWorks using HL7 MDM and HL7 ORU attach the inbound data into the patient record. It also supports refill and new response messages with any pharmacy system using its specifications. Additionally, using HL7 messaging to electronically and automatically import patient reports into the patient documents section. eClinicalWorks can also support PDF reports embedded in HL7 messages.

2. Device Integration

The medical devices integrated into the eClinicalWorks application belong to a variety of medical disciplines including, heart/lung disease, dentistry, medical imaging, hematology, laboratory analyses, health/life studies, and ophthalmology.

Devices such as ECGs, spirometers, halters, vitals, and blood pressure monitors.

At the same time non-medical devices such as label printers, thermal printers, iris recognition systems, document scanners, card scanners, barcode scanners, device signatures, and webcams.

Also, eClinicalWorks hooks up with ASC devices like watching devices and medical specialty scope systems.

Current integrations include- Abbott Diagnostics, Health o Meter, Hologic, Midmark, Mortara, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Canon, Creative, Dymo, Epson, Eye Controls, Fujitsu, Honeywell, JTech, Kodak, Olympus, Pentax, and Mindray.

3. Patient Engagement Integration

eClinicalWorks provides patient care services of engagement through its integration.

The ultimate goal of healthcare is to take care of the patients.

For the same, they avail services where they have partnered with business leaders within the wearables and residential health monitor area in an endeavor to assist medical professionals to keep engaged with their patients outside of the medical workplace.

eClinicalWorks has several patient education vendors to produce a seamless integration directly through the EHR.

Suppliers have direct access to patient education material which will be provided to the patient for care.

Enterprise Patient Portal resolution for communities with multiple vendor platforms provides a seamless and single portal resolution for patients.

Current integrations include- ActX, A.D.A.M., Elsevier, Healthwise, Krames StayWell, Santovia, Dexcom, Fitbit, Glooko, Google Fit, iHealth, Omron, and Qardio.

Other than these major Integrations. Integrate with eClinicalWorks for other integration services such as Public Health Reporting Integration, Practice Management Integration, Financial Integration, and Continuum of Care Integration.

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The tripleEX of Integration, Compliance, and Healthcare IT Development = SyS Creations

As we said integration can help the network of caregivers to access and exchange a wide variety of clinical and financial information for delivering quality care.

The whole process can be quite tricky and exhausting.

But it can be completed with ease when you step in and choose SyS Creations as your partner for healthcare IT solutions.

With us, you will get expertise, experience, and experts.

With 8+ years of experience in catering to only the healthcare industry, our healthcare-specific IT knowledge is impeccable.

We have developers who possess experience exclusively in developing and integrating healthcare IT services with EHRs and EMRs such as eClinicalWorks EHR integration.

Our team of compliance and interoperability experts has achieved a 100% success rate.

Our expertise in healthcare interoperability with HL7 and FHIR standards is commendable.

The reason is our focus as a healthcare IT solutions company.

Our plethora of experience of working with the Redox Integration Engine for integrating your healthcare software with all popular EHRs around the US in one shot makes us the most successful healthcare IT company in such a short time.

Our full-fledged workforce of competent individuals at SyS Creations can also help you with your custom requirements for integrations.