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LinkedIn for Doctors – Create Your Own App Like Doximity

“LinkedIn is not a place to only find your dream job but a place to be better at the job you already have!” – CEO of LinkedIn

And yes, it includes clinical jobs as well!

What Do We Believe in ‘LinkedIn for Doctors’?

Being an innovative healthcare IT partner, we have had discussions with several healthcare professionals in the last 8+ years.

One thing we have noticed is that they are speaking the language of LinkedIn with words like networking, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, connection, client acquisition, digital presence, etc.

One of the reasons why healthcare professionals have adopted LinkedIn on a large scale in the last few years is that young medical students prefer to use LinkedIn for networking & connections and they continue using it even after graduation.

Franz Wiesbauer, a medical doctor with a specialization in internal medicine and cardiology – published an article on LinkedIn – 7 Reasons Why Doctors Should Use LinkedIn.

What we found interesting about that article was comments made by readers who are proactive in their respective clinical fields.

They all admired LinkedIn for the ease it provides to share and find relevant information.

linkedin for doctor

However, LinkedIn isn’t a healthcare-specific platform.

It is a networking platform for all.

And we always say, “One-fits-all approach does not work in healthcare.”

Meaning, that there should be a dedicated LinkedIn-type social media platform for healthcare professionals only.

With a dedicated platform, we can empower healthcare professionals with useful features around their clinical practice or we can ensure that the platform has use cases to offer beyond networking, information sharing, and connections.

For instance, we can integrate telemedicine features with LinkedIn for doctors’ apps to let them use the same platform for networking as well as clinical purposes.

We strongly believe that a social media app for healthcare professionals is worthless unless it helps healthcare professionals with their clinical tasks as well.

The Doximity app is the best example here.

What is a Doximity App? Why is it So Popular in the USA?

Doximity is a professional medical networking app for physicians.

This USA-based app has more members than the American Medical Association and more doctors use Doximity than Epic, the top EMR in the United States.

It allows medical professionals to stay connected with colleagues, classmates, and co-residents.

It also lets them stay on top of the latest medical news with easy information sharing and reading.

Since it is a social media app for doctors, it is more focused on communication and collaboration.

Thus, it is also armed with a HIPAA-compliant messaging feature for secure communication with colleagues.

A reason why a Doximity app is popular among American doctors is because of its clinical use cases in addition to its networking use cases.

It has two very useful features – telemedicine & eFax – capable of streamlining clinical workflows.

Using its telemedicine feature, a healthcare provider can virtually talk to a patient by simply adding his mobile number to a mobile app.

Patients can join a video call from a web browser without installing any mobile app.

The second useful feature – eFax – enables healthcare providers to send faxes to other providers including pharmacists from a mobile phone itself.

Recently, Doximity – often known as LinkedIn for doctors – filed an IPO and introduced a “reserved share program” in the offering so that physicians who use the technology can get shares in the IPO.

It plans to raise nearly $536 million at a valuation of $4.5 billion.

More specifically, it plans to sell 23.3 million shares priced between $20 and $23 per share.

Doximity Recorded a 76% Increase in Revenue

As per its official report, Dominity made $79 million in Q2 of 2021 as revenue which is 76% higher than the same period a year ago. (Doximity made $45 million in Q2 2020.)

In Q2 2021, Doximity brought in $36.1 million in net income.

Talking about its telemedicine platform, it grew to over 330,000 active providers.

Doximity recorded unprecedented growth after the report of 7 out of 10 doctors in the USA using its app.

As a result, its stock skyrocketed by 44% and closed at $76.51.

How Do Social Media Apps Like Doximity with Clinical Values Impact the Canadian Healthcare System?

There are many major differences between the US healthcare system and the Canadian healthcare system.

But when it comes to healthcare providers, their requirements, their pain areas, and solutions, we find unusual but exciting similarities between US and Canadian healthcare systems.

These similarities give us confidence that a social media app for doctors like Doximity which is performing outstandingly in the USA will surely perform well in Canada too.

Following are the top ways an app like Doximity could impact the Canadian healthcare system.

1. Telemedicine will be free for healthcare providers!

As of now, healthcare providers in Canada either build their telemedicine platform or purchase a ready-to-use 3rd party telemedicine platform to offer virtual medical consultation to their patients.

In other words, they don’t have a choice except to make a huge investment in a telemedicine platform.

But by building an app like Doximity, you can facilitate healthcare providers to introduce virtual consultation services under their clinical service set without spending any amount.

Yes, Doximity’s telemedicine service is free for all physicians as long as it is a 1:1 visit for a maximum of 40 minutes.

If providers require unlimited group visits for unlimited minutes, they have to pay $19.99/user/month.

2. Healthcare facilities will have a mobile-based unified communication platform

In Canadian healthcare settings, communication and collaboration from mobile apps haven’t been adopted yet on a large scale as it includes several technical and compliance challenges.

But by developing a healthcare social media app like Doximity, you can allow all clinicians of large healthcare organizations to communicate and collaborate from anywhere using their mobile devices.

This results in more informed decision-making as the whole care coordination team is connected via the same platform which is easily accessible from mobiles.

3. There will be clinicians with more clinical knowledge

One of the large user groups of the LinkedIn for Doctors app is medical students who can connect easily to experienced clinicians, read their articles, and gain some out-of-syllabus knowledge in their free time from an app.

They can also create their professional network and get help or share ideas instantly with their connections.

In many direct and indirect ways, a LinkedIn for doctors platform adds value to a medical student’s journey from a medical college to medical practice!

Which Features are Countable from Doximity If You have to Make Your Own Healthcare Social Media App?

Doximity is one of the best healthcare apps we have come across in recent years.

Our business analysts have studied it thoroughly. What they found is interesting.

It is neither a networking app nor a clinical app. Instead, it is the fusion of both.

And that’s why its features are divided into two categories – clinical features & networking features.

Following are the top clinical and networking features we would suggest you add if you are also planning to create a social media app for doctors.

Clinical Features:

  • Doctor profile
  • Mass messaging
  • Easy access to patient’s data
  • Appointment management
  • Appointment reminder
  • Communication methods
  • Medical notes
  • Sick notes
  • ePrescribing
  • eFax
  • Analytics
  • Appointment history
  • Billing & earning

Networking Features:

  • User profile
  • Profile customization
  • Search function with filters
  • Send connection requests
  • Feed
  • Photo Gallery
  • Post creation
  • Post likes, comments, and shares
  • Notifications
  • Chat

We Have Many Other Ideas for Doctor-Centric Social Networking Apps. Sharing a few of them…

That’s what we do exceptionally well.

Generating healthcare app ideas, validating them, and executing selected ones!

Because a tiny mobile app has the answer to all the challenges our healthcare system is facing!

Remember the time when we could not figure out how we could provide safe care to patients amid the pandemic and then we found the answer in a telemedicine app?

Same way, we can find answers to our current healthcare challenges within the tiny mobile apps!

Anyway, let’s now discuss a few more social media for doctors’ app ideas.

1. Clubhouse for Doctors

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app that takes the podcasting experience to the next level.

Using the Clubhouse for doctors, users and doctors can host and join the audio conversation with other users and doctors and discuss current medical trends, a treatment plan, or anything related to the medical field.

2. Instagram for Doctors

This can work as an image-based knowledge-sharing and marketing platform for doctors where they can share images from their daily lives and users can follow their favorite healthcare providers and be part of their lives, virtually.

3. Tinder for Doctors

With a Tinder-inspired UI or user engagement strategy, users can explore doctor profiles by swiping left and to book an appointment with the preferred doctor, users can swipe right.

This is the next level of an appointment booking system for patients and healthcare providers.

Let’s Connect for a more In-depth Discussion and Quality Execution of Your Healthcare App Project

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company, aiming to solve all Canadian healthcare system challenges with epic mobile apps.

And we will achieve it one day as our entire team – healthcare developers, designers, business analysts, and compliance specialists – shares the same vision.

Be it long-term care homes or clinics or healthcare startups, we take their app ideas to execution with our healthcare IT, business, and compliance expertise.

Since we are local Canadians, we are well aware of our healthcare system, clinical protocols, clinical terms, compliance requirements, and billing structure.

This specific knowledge helps us to build a Canada-focused healthcare app that perfectly addresses the pain areas of Canadian consumers and fills the gaps between technology and our healthcare system.

What we are known for is delivering peace of mind as we don’t leave anything on our healthcare clients.

And that’s what we are proud of!

Because delivering tech solutions is easy. Delivering peace of mind to clients isn’t!