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‘It’s not Disneyland. It is a hospital!’ Manage Staff Professionally with Nurse Scheduling Software

Quick Summary: The world would be a better place if hospitals would have been taking ‘experience’ as seriously as Disneyland does. Ironically, theme parks don’t even require work on experience as they are made that way. But when it comes to healthcare settings, ‘experience’ must be added separately.

While several healthcare settings have lately scaled up their workforce to meet the demand, the lack of technology to manage the hundreds of medical staff and their scheduling restrict them from deriving high human ROI.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the most workable and reliable solution for healthcare workforce management – nurse scheduling software. The topics we would cover include use cases, benefits, compliance, development, etc.

So, let’s get started.

First thing first, do you really require a nurse scheduling software or web app?

Acquiring software for nurse scheduling is a big deal. It might also get financially overwhelming for you. Thus, you must assess your requirements and then only come to a conclusion.

Let us help you in making your most important decision.

You must opt-in for a nurse scheduling app in the following scenarios:

  • When you have to manage more than 20 nurses in your healthcare setting
  • When you are serious about providing a good patient experience with the constant availability of nurses
  • When you care about the well-being of your nursing staff
  • When you are planning to expand your operations and scale
  • When you want to gain a competitive advantage
  • When you are not fascinated by the concept of manual workforce management

What are the benefits of nurse scheduling software?

Being a healthcare IT company, we have witnessed several healthcare entities including senior care homes and home care agencies deriving multiple benefits from nurse scheduling software. The following are the major ones.

1: A very remarkable patient experience

Using a nurse scheduling app, you can have a bird-eye view of the status of each nurse which leads you to ensure constant availability of nurses as per the patient inflows. Having an adequate number of nurses available to attend to patients directly influences the patient experience in a very good way.

2: Possibilities for the last-minute mess are very low

A nurse not coming to work and management coming to know it at the last minute creates chaos. Poor collaboration and management create such a last-minute mess. However, having an online dashboard completely solves this problem as everything is recorded online, and thus, nothing gets unnoticed.

3: The well-being of the staff

Nurses have already been overburdened. What makes their situation worse is poor shift management which leads them to work continuously for several hours. But a nurse scheduling platform facilitates healthcare settings to manage the workforce in a very efficient manner with mandatory rest breaks.

Which are the use cases of a nurse scheduling app?

Use cases are what make you derive high ROI. If a use case of any software is irrelevant to your needs, you can never be able to leverage that software for your gain. And thus, you end up with zero or very little ROI.

The following are the top use cases of an app for nurse scheduling:

  • Weekly roaster making
  • Sharing weekly shifts with each nurse automatically
  • Attendance and time tracking of each nurse
  • Online or virtual check-in for nurses
  • Internal communication and collaboration
  • Automatic reminder to nurses for their upcoming shifts
  • Automatic reminder to nurses for change in shift

What are the benefits of automation in nurse scheduling software?

1. Increased efficiency

Automation in nurse scheduling software will eliminate the manual scheduling process, reducing administrative tasks.

2. Improved accuracy

Automation reduces the errors and mistakes in scheduling, such as double bookings or missed shifts, ensuring that the right number of nurses with the necessary skills and qualifications are scheduled at the right time, minimizing disruptions and improving patient care.

3. Enhanced staff satisfaction

With automation, nurse scheduling software can boost the nurse satisfaction level by

  • Providing transparency in scheduling
  • View and manage the schedules
  • Swap shifts
  • Request time off

This gives nurses more control over their work-life balance and can lead to increased job satisfaction.

4. Real-time updates

Nurse scheduling software with automation features can provide real-time updates and notifications to nurses and staff regarding changes in schedules, shift swaps, or cancellations.

It eliminates the chance of miscommunication and minimizes confusion.

5. Data-driven decision making

Automation in nurse scheduling software can generate data and analytics on scheduling patterns, staffing levels, and other key metrics.

This data can be used for data-driven decision-making, such as identifying areas for improvement, optimizing staffing levels, and forecasting future staffing needs.

Which are the different healthcare entities that can capitalize on the nurse (medical staff) scheduling software?

Healthcare workforce management has been a major challenge for all healthcare entities. With minor customization in the software, any healthcare entity can capitalize on medical workforce management software.

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Transitional care units
  • Nursing homes
  • Long-term care homes
  • Home healthcare agency
  • Clinical trial sites

Which are the compliance requirements you must keep in mind when building healthcare workforce management?

Well, this is the most crucial point. So, we are expecting your highest level of attendance.

Healthcare is a very regulated industry. Several federal and provincial-level regulations apply to healthcare digital solutions.

For example,

  • HIPAA does apply in the USA.
  • PHIPA does apply in Ontario, Canada.
  • PIPEDA does apply to you in Canada.
  • GDPR does apply in Europe.

The purpose of these laws is to govern the way healthcare digital solutions collect, use, and share the personal and clinical information of users (patients).

Talking about the nurse scheduling platform, it does not require to be compliant with healthcare privacy laws as it does not handle patient data.

However, we suggest you at least follow HIPAA guidelines while building it as being HIPAA compliant is all about having almost zero privacy and security vulnerabilities in the product.

What is the process of building a nurse scheduling app?

Well, if this is your first time, you must have the wrong impression that app or software development is all about coding. The reality is, coding is only 30% of the successful product. The Remaining 70% includes several other phases.

1: Discovery

Successful product development starts from the discovery phase. Here, your software/app idea gets validated and further polished along with carrying out technical and business feasibility studies and preparing a basic plan to get an idea of cost and development time.

2: Documentation

From feature sets to compliance requirements, tech stack, and testing requirements – everything gets documented. This documentation is an encyclopedia for your software and it is very crucial to have.

3: Workflows

This is the most important phase. Here, it gets decided how users will engage with the software and how their user journey will move forward. While defining workflows of the healthcare digital product, clinical workflows need to be kept in mind to deliver clinical value through an online medium.

4: UI/UX design

UI/UX designers and engineers will provide you with mockups that perfectly suit your ideas. Once you approve it, the team will prepare the wireframes and clickable screens while keeping the user experience, accessibility, and defined workflows in mind.

5: Development

The coding phase is the longest part of nurse scheduling software development. A dedicated team of frontend and backend developers writes clean code and keeps the documentation up-to-date.

6: Testing

Now it’s time to ensure the performance efficiency of the software. A highly-skilled team of QA engineers executes manual and automated testing to validate usability, features, UI components, API, and security performance.

7: Compliance audit

We completely understand the significance of data privacy. Thus, we have a dedicated and qualified team of compliance experts who keep their bulls-eye open for any vulnerability and data privacy issues.

8: Ongoing support

We provide comprehensive support by analyzing and fixing bugs and errors to help you get the best outcomes from the software.

If you’re still not getting it, here we are sharing the most detailed healthcare software development process.

app development process

Frequently asked questions for nurse scheduling solution development

In simple terms, it totally depends on your needs. For instance, the technology stack, features, development time, and team size. These are all the major aspects that influence the development cost. Thus, it is not possible to predict the precise cost without knowing your requirements.

Similar to how we test drive the car to evaluate its performance, QA testing is essential to analyze the performance of the software. Comprehensive testing gives close insights into the areas that require improvements. This eventually leads to a better user experience.

There is a big difference between the software you use and the software you own.

Third-party solutions come up with less functionality and scalability and it’s costlier on a long-term basis. They charge very strategically planned subscriptions which give you limited access to their product.

While custom nurse scheduling software is built as per your unique needs that completely ensures high performance, security, scalability, high ROI, and flexibility along with cost-effectiveness on a long-term basis.

The development time also depends on your features, functionality, and usability requirements along with the complexity of the project. Each stage of development takes a different amount of time. But in general, it requires a minimum of three months to build custom software for nurse scheduling. After all, greatness takes time.

Providing the greatest strengths (in the form of tech) to the healthcare community. That’s what we love to do!

We are an Ontario-based full-fledged healthcare IT company.

We have been working 8 hours a day and 5 days a week for the last 8+ years with a visionary mindset to elevate the care efforts of healthcare professionals.

We always strive to break the hardships of healthcare startups, organizations, and enterprises.

For that, we have 50+ healthcare IT masterminds that are devoted to furnishing exceptional healthcare IT solutions. And it includes – UI/UX designers, mobile and web app developers, QA engineers, compliance specialists, business analysts, RPA specialists, and AI & ML experts.

So, if you have the same vision to create a positive impact on healthcare, let’s discuss the most promising path together!