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How to Build an App for Pregnancy in Africa? – Benefits, MVP Approach, Process & Super App Idea

Quick summary: In this blog, you will get to know the challenges pregnant women face in African countries. And like always, we will not just mention challenges, but also share the most workable solution in the form of a mobile app for pregnancy. We will discuss everything you need to know to build a women wellness app in Africa including the entire app development process and a fresh super app idea.

According to the World Health Organization, Africa experiences the world’s highest number of maternal deaths.

One of the major reasons for this grim milestone is intra regional disparities in terms of coverage of basic maternal health.

For instance, the South African region has high coverage of maternal care. But when it comes to western Africa, one-third of pregnant women do not receive proper maternal care.

Other top reasons behind the high percentage of maternal deaths include lack of personal hygiene and nutrition awareness among pregnant women and not easy access to healthcare providers in rural areas.

However, with the increasing adoption of smartphones across the African region, we can easily empower pregnant women with purposeful mobile apps which they can use to achieve their desired maternal goals.

Top challenges an app for pregnancy solves in the African subcontinent and how

There are already several apps helping African pregnant women to ease their pregnancy journey. However, there is still room available for new apps as existing apps have limited reach and functionality.

The following are the top challenges you can solve in a single shot with an app for pregnancy in Africa.

Access to maternal health care

As we have already shared, the leading cause of high maternal death in Africa is inadequate access to quality health care during pregnancy, delivery, or after birth.

Women living in rural and poorer communities struggle the most here. Because, if somehow they manage to find easy access to maternal care, they cannot afford it.

With an app for pregnancy equipped with virtual care or telemedicine features, pregnant women can talk to healthcare providers without being under the same roof.

In addition to this, specialized healthcare providers can even guide the community healthcare workers remotely in case of any maternal emergency.

This does not only reduce maternal death but also decreases the maternal health cost as there is no requirement for travelling.

Lack of awareness among pregnant women

A pregnant woman has a responsibility to perform. What she does with herself influences the overall health of her not-yet-born child.

However, women living in rural and poorer communities lack awareness of their pregnancy stages and personal hygiene.

But using a mobile app, they can easily track their pregnancy stages, learn what they need to look after in each stage and steps to ensure the highest level of personal hygiene.


Food security is an ever-evolving challenge in African countries. And pregnant women also have to suffer because of it.

According to Makerere Medical School in Uganda, malnutrition is contributing most to increased mortality in mothers and infants.

Malnutrition can even affect the physical and cognitive development of a child.

You can solve this challenge by building an app that educates pregnant women around proper nutrition, its sources and alternative options too.

Using your app, pregnant women can even track the food they take and talk to experts if required.

Dominate the entire African market with a healthcare super app for pregnancy

In recent years, the trend to build and launch healthcare super apps is getting popular. In fact, existing apps are also getting upgraded with the motive to make it a healthcare super app.

In case you are wondering, a healthcare super app offers more than one healthcare service from a single app.

For instance, a medicine delivery app offers an online doctor consultation service – in addition to its native medicine delivery service.

But why? Well, with a healthcare super app, you are able to generate more revenue streams and can easily build a large customer base.

So, talking about apps for pregnancy, you must consider the idea of the super app.

With a super app for pregnant women, you can offer the following services:


The following is the easy comparison between a single-purpose app vs a super app.


How can you make money with an app for pregnancy tracking?

Well, getting a high ROI is crucial after high investment in building an app for pregnancy tracking. What helps you here most to achieve your financial goals is app monetization.

So, let’s discuss its top app monetization strategies.

Freemium model

Under the freemium model, you let your users access a fixed number of app features for free and charge an annual or monthly fee to access other premium app features.

The world’s most popular women wellness app named Flo follows the same model.

Subscription plans

If you are offering advanced maternal health services such as eCommerce and telemedicine, you can launch subscription plans.

By purchasing their preferred subscription plan, your users can avail multiple benefits such as free televisits, access to all resources, free delivery of essentials, free chat with nutritionists etc.

3rd party ads

You can show 3rd party relevant ads on your mobile app and make money based on clicks and engagement. However, showing ads on mobile apps without any strategy dramatically affects the user experience.

Merchandise and eCommerce

Utilizing your online platform, you can sell your merchandise and health & wellness items required by pregnant women and make huge money on every order.

If you execute this strategy precisely, this can be your major source of income.

If you are short on budget but can’t wait to see your app in action, go for the MVP model

App development is costly as it requires a dedicated skillset and developers charge on an hourly basis.

However, there is a tested and trusted approach called MVP that facilitates you to build and launch an app for pregnancy with a low investment cap and by keeping overall risk to a minimum.

Under the MVP model, you build an app with only basic and useful features. As a result, you are able to launch the ready app in the market in a very short time and at a low cost.

And once you launch its basic version in the market, you collect the initial user feedback and based on that feedback, you either add new features or upgrade existing features by investing more.

Overall the MVP approach is all about investing more only after validating how the basic version of your app idea performs in the real market.

The following is an example of MVP development roadmap.


Experience the complete app development process we follow to build an app for pregnancy in Africa

A great app idea is not enough. How you execute it also matters. If you end up executing it poorly or by skipping any crucial app development stage, your all efforts will go into vain.

Thus, here we are sharing the entire 17-step app development process we follow for building an app that can attract users and investors both!


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