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Specialized AthenaHealth Integrations Service (AthenaHealth EHR + Marketplace Integration)

We are an Ontario, Canada-based healthcare-focused IT company.

The USA and Canadian healthcare industry is our only serving area.

We are armed with 3E – Experts, Expertise, and Experience – to help healthcare entities solve technical challenges.

Be it developing healthcare mobile and web-based solutions, EHR/EMR integration, EHR marketplace integration, or TRA/PIA, we have dedicated resources in terms of developers and compliance experts.

In this blog, we will share how we can help you with AthenaHealth integrations including AthenaHealth EHR integration and AthenaHealth marketplace integration.

So, let’s first start with AthenaHealth EHR integration.


1. Integration of AthenaHealth EHR with Your Healthcare Solution

What is it?

The clinical data of patients is very crucial to ensure quality care and the best patient outcome.

These clinical data include a patient’s previous encounters, allergies, previous prescriptions, past medical notes, etc.

AthenaHealth EHR and all other EHRs store all such clinical data of patients under each patient’s profile.

In addition to clinical data, EHRs also store demographic information of the patients.

So, to let users of your healthcare solution access all these clinical and demographic data of patients from your healthcare solution itself, you have to integrate EHR with your healthcare solution.

With this single integration, your healthcare solution can fetch all data from EHR in real time and show it to the users of your solution.

Why Is It Important? - An Example

The following is the patient profile of a patient named Jake – on AthenaHealth EHR.

Jake’s profile covers all his allergies, problems, medications, and last visit.

So, if you integrate AthenaHealth EHR with your healthcare solution, users of your healthcare solution can access all these Jack’s data from your solution itself.

AthenaHealth integration

How To Integrate It?

An EHR integration with your healthcare mobile app, website, software, or web app is a very complex technical process.

It requires dedicated experts with prior experience and healthcare-specific IT knowledge.

Interoperability is the major challenge here.

If you are wondering, interoperability is nothing but the ability of your healthcare solution and AthenaHealth EHR to work together.

Since your solution and EHR aren’t developed for each other, they by default have several interoperability issues which need to be addressed.

The most prominent way to solve interoperability issues is the healthcare integration standards such as HL7, and CDA.

Meaning, that only those IT experts who have mastered these standards can integrate your healthcare solution with AthenaHealth EHR.

Our team has been working with these standards for more than 7 years and has earned the ultimate expertise to integrate all popular EHRs including AthenaHealth.

The following is our methodology for EHR integration.

Step 1: We understand your exact requirements through a series of virtual calls.

Step 2: We understand the technical architecture or components of your healthcare product with which you want to integrate AthenaHealth EHR.

Step 3: To solve all of your doubts, we provide you with an EHR technical consultation.

Step 4: We allocate a dedicated technical team for your project execution.

Step 5: The technical team integrates EHR while addressing all compliance requirements.

Step 6: The compliance and security team makes sure there are no privacy issues.

Step 7: The QA team makes sure there are no interoperability issues.

Step 8: When everything is checked and validated, we give you the working demo of how your healthcare solution is now able to fetch all data from AthenaHealth EHR in real time.

Step 9: We form a support team that provides you post-implementation support.

2. AthenaHealth Marketplace Integration

What is it?

AthenaHealth marketplace is a kind of app store that has several useful healthcare mobile and web-based solutions for the users of AthenaHealth.

These users can purchase 3rd party integrated healthcare solutions and link them with the AthenaHealth product they are using to extend the use cases and values.

Why Should You Integrate Your Healthcare Solution with AthenaHealth Marketplace?

The large potential user group:
You can put your healthcare product in front of a very large potential user group of AthenaHealth.

Endless help from AthenaHealth:
AthenaHealth helps you with co-branded collateral, marketing templates, and targeted distribution to get more users on your integrated healthcare solution.

Brand value:
Because your healthcare solution is integrated with the AthenaHealth marketplace, your solution’s brand value increases exponentially.

The healthcare assistant tool, Holly, is integrated with the AthenaHealth marketplace.

See in the following image – how it is using this integration to strengthen its brand value.

AthenaHealth integration

How To Integrate with AthenaHealth Marketplace?

It also requires technical expertise and prior experience with handling several APIs.

But with these APIs, it becomes very easy for skilled developers to execute AthenaHealth marketplace integration.

With over 750 API endpoints, AthenaHealth eases the extension of its platform’s capabilities with differentiated apps and easy to integrate them into patient, provider, and biller workflows.

MyCarePlan is the most-rated 3rd party integrated app with the AthenaHealth marketplace.

It is a contactless care management & engagement solution.

You can integrate any of your healthcare solutions that offer clinical value. But before integration, the AthenaHealth team will peer-review your solution.

How Much Does AthenaHealth Integration Cost?

Be it AthenaHealth EHR integration or marketplace integration, we can execute your project with 100% quality, no privacy issues, and seamless interconnectivity.

Talking about cost, we cannot estimate it without knowing your exact requirements and understanding the tech architecture of your solution.

And by giving you a rough number, we don’t want to mislead you.

So the only way we can help you is by giving the promise that cost would not be a barrier for you as we are known for prioritizing our clients’ gain over our gain!

Let’s have a brief talk about new amazing possibilities with your healthcare solution!

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