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How to Start a B2B Healthcare Company in 120 Days? [A Timeline]

This is not clickbait. I will explain how to make it happen in 120 days.

But first, let me assume that you have an idea ready for your healthcare B2B marketplace.

You also have enough capital funds ready to acquire technology, build a team, and market the product.

And most importantly, you must have an intense passion for the healthcare industry.

If you are meeting these prerequisites, welcome to the world of healthcare B2B marketplace!

How to Start a B2B Healthcare Company in 120 days? (Today is Day 0)

Day 0: Get ready, for creating a class out of the mess!

Today isn’t the time for any execution. Just be ready.

  • Be ready to dig deep
  • Be ready to think outside of the box
  • Be ready to understand the pain of healthcare
  • Be ready to work for the community
  • Be ready to brainstorm
  • Be ready to achieve impossible things
  • Be ready to change healthcare

The other perspective of being ready is getting ultimate clarity of what you have to achieve and how far would you go to make it happen.

So, today it is all about putting yourself into such a position where the only thing you can see is how your every single effort infuses value into the healthcare ecosystem.

Day 1-10: Polish your idea

We have already assumed that you already have a healthcare B2B marketplace idea! So, polish it further.

Don’t conclude too early. Ask your family members, ask your friends, run surveys, read a lot, interview healthcare experts, and do a lot of brainstorming.

You can freeze an idea if you receive satisfactory answers to the following questions.

  • Is your healthcare B2B marketplace idea unique?
  • Does your healthcare B2B marketplace idea add value to the healthcare ecosystem?
  • Is your healthcare B2B marketplace idea able to generate revenue for you?
  • Does your idea solve an age-old problem in the healthcare industry?
  • Can your idea survive the market for at least the next 1 decade?

Day 11-15: Study the market, especially your competitors

Don’t assume that you are the only player in the market.

  • Look around
  • Prepare a list of your potential competitors
  • Be their customers
  • Use their healthcare B2B marketplace
  • Find their business strategy
  • Know their weaknesses
  • Read their reviews
  • Sense they’re at least the next 5 moves

This will empower you with the ultimate knowledge to outrace your competitors.

Not only this but apply the lessons you learn from your competitors in your journey and see the magic of ‘learning from others’ mistakes’!

Day 16-18: Define business model (aligned with value proposition)

You already have an idea of how you will make money by running a healthcare company.

But put it on paper and make it as solid as concrete.

In other words, don’t guesswork or don’t define random numbers. Be specific.

  • Be specific to total revenue streams
  • Be specific to value propositions
  • Be specific to ROI
  • Be specific to reaching break-even-point
  • Be specific to resources
  • Be specific about generating new revenue streams

Pro tip: You don’t have to sell services or solutions. You have to sell experience. Because, people forget what you sell, but they don’t forget how and what you make them feel!

Day 19-21: Plan technology infrastructure

Things are going to be a bit complex for you if you lack basic technical knowledge.

  • First, be clear with the technology platform you would require for your B2B healthcare company. Decide between a simple website, mobile app, or web app and MVP or a full-fledged version.
  • If mobile app, whether you will require an iOS app, Android app, or both.
  • Furthermore, you must decide whether you will require a cross-platform mobile app or a native app. Here, you must consider your budget. Because your choices define your capital cost.
  • Lastly, define the technology you would like to leverage to innovate your tech infrastructure such as AI, machine learning, big data, etc.

Day 22-24: List out marketplace features

The pro way to list out marketplace features is to categorize them into 3 major categories.

  • Basic features
  • Advanced features
  • Good-to-have features

Basic features are constant.

You don’t have to remove those features for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Advanced features are also almost constant.

But here, you can remove a few features if it costs you more.

And lastly, good-to-have features.

Well, you can remove them all as they are in any way not adding game-changing values.

Day 24-30: Find a technology partner and close a deal

It is now the time to find a healthcare IT company that shares the same healthcare vision and holds the same intensity of healthcare passion.

Because, building healthcare digital solutions (in our case web/mobile app of healthcare B2B marketplace) requires the balance of 3 things – healthcare knowledge, passion, and vision.

Once you find them, share your requirements and wait for their quotation.

If that’s something you guys can agree on, sign an NDA and now let your technology partner do the rest of the magical things.

Day 31-119: Sit relaxed. Just keep receiving weekly updates from your technology partner

You see a team of healthcare IT experts working relentlessly to make your vision a reality.

Starting from business analysts to UI/UX designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, QA engineers, and compliance experts – all are working in perfect rhyme.

Top healthcare IT companies including SyS Creations execute projects in sprints.

A sprint is nothing but the chunks of development, testing, and releasing tasks supposed to be completed and delivered in a week – before starting a new sprint next week.

So such IT companies provide you with development updates every week.

In case you are wondering, building a mobile or web app for your healthcare B2B marketplace would take at least 3 months as it is not about just development.

It is a result of multiple steps – executed in perfect formation.

Healthcare project delivery approach

Day 120: The world is yours!

See how far you have come in 120 days!

  • You had the idea. Now, you have the product.
  • You had the business model. Now, you have the monetized product.
  • You had the features. Now, you have a feature-rich product.
  • You had a dream. Now, you have an asset – the most powerful one!

Still not getting the point? The only way to get it done in 120 days and that too successfully is by hiring a healthcare IT company that understands healthcare. Otherwise, it would take 500 days and that too with no guarantee of a good product. Thus, invest in an IT company that is as mad as you over healthcare!