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Technologies That Make Boxing Day Celebration Possible in Hospitals This Year

Quick Summary: “After the months of isolation, economic anxiety, and pandemic restrictions, it’s completely understandable that in the festival season, people are desperate to meet their loved ones and family and want to celebrate the festival together. Though our frontline doctors and medical staff are not able to do so with all those responsibilities now they can save the time to celebrate it in the hospitals. Thanks to the modern technologies in the healthcare industry!”

Last year, due to the rising cases of COVID-19 across the world, people were forced to stay at home due to safety concerns. On the other hand, healthcare workers tirelessly worked 24×7 to meet the demand for medical aids without any leave.

Even during the Christmas holidays, doctors and medical staff were not able to be with their families during the boxing day celebration due to their duties and responsibilities.

Now in 2021, with the new trace of the virus, the situation doesn’t seem to change. The holiday season is already gutted because of the pandemic restrictions.

Well, the good thing is that we started adapting to the new ways to care, connect and celebrate safely while being at home or workspace. Thanks to modern technologies!

Rapid digital transformation of healthcare industry after the COVID-19

The Healthcare industry has started utilizing digital technologies to strengthen its entire healthcare system in the last few decades.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated this transformation in the healthcare delivery innovations and the deployment of various digital solutions for the medical staff and patients.

The digitally enhanced health services have improved the access to contactless medical care and helps to adopt proactive approaches to preserve health for patients.

Further, it has empowered the medical professionals to manage their patients remotely, so they could be relieved from the time-consuming routines, interact better with patients.

You might be wondering how? Let’s take a brief look at these modern technologies.

Technologies that relieved medical staff and made boxing day possible this year

1. Advanced Telehealth

Telehealth took a great leap due to the pandemic. The development of thousands of virtual healthcare units has started across the globe and most of them are already functioning.

The healthcare organization has started taking great efforts to integrate telehealth services with the existing physical ones. Virtual care is used to increase primary care and urgent health assistance while improving the collaboration among the clinics, pharmacies, other care units, and patients.

2. AI and IoT

AI and IoT together have an important role in boosting the operational efficiency of the digital healthcare system. The machine learning algorithms and IoT devices(used for gathering real-time information) are used to reduce the administrative tasks of the clinical staff and doctors with automation and real-time monitoring.

Furthermore, with the enhanced clinical workflow Doctors are now able to efficiently monitor and care for the patients.

3. Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps with a wide range of tasks in healthcare such as managing patient scheduling, claim management, regulatory compliance, patient data entry, data migration, and data extraction. Overall, it reduces the multiple manual tasks of administrative staff.

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR help to improve the patient’s experience by better engaging the patients in the medical treatment. It helps to reduce the discomfort in the chronic patients of being left to their own devices between the procedures.

Moreover, it is used in psychological relief treatment to treat conditions (such as anxiety, phobias, and addictions), patient data visualization, body mapping, advanced risk assessment, and surgery assistance.

5. Wearable technology with healthcare apps

The major challenge for the healthcare system across the world is how to provide care to the aging population as they have more risk for chronic conditions, falls, heart attacks, diabetes, and other health conditions.

Wearable technology and personalized apps can help in the prevention of diseases and maintenance of health in such patients.

Wrapping up

We all know that how the pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human lives and had the worst impact on everyone and still the virus is ranging.

But now we are well prepared for the challenges with a better healthcare system. Thanksgiving and boxing day celebrations can still be merry in these Christmas holidays for all.

Experts, across the world, have insisted people that staying at home during the festival is the best way to avoid the spread. Though it stings it’s the only way to keep yourself and your community safe.

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Merry Christmas!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay connected!