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Stay Ahead in the Healthcare Market by Embracing Technology in Chain Pharmacies

In the evolving healthcare market, chain pharmacies must find ways to make their mark and provide outstanding services to potential and existing customers.

The use of technology can be a game changer for you.

You can achieve your goals by optimizing

  • Financial outcomes
  • Operational outcomes
  • Clinical outcomes

Additionally, you also get a significant edge over your competitors.

6 Key Ways To Thrive by Transforming Your Chain Pharmacies

1. Maximize the Potential of Your Pharmacy Management Software System

A robust pharmacy management software system (PMS) is the backbone of daily operations.

However, many pharmacies need to find ways to leverage their full potential.

By utilizing specific features within the Pharmacy Management Software, pharmacies can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve patient adherence
  • Offer additional clinical services

These features include:

  • Auto-filling prescriptions
    Delegate prescription-filling tasks to the system, allowing pharmacists to focus on patient care.
  • Identifying nonadherent patients
    The Pharmacy Management Software can pinpoint patients who are not adhering to their medication regimen, enabling pharmacists to address the issue and improve patient outcomes.
  • Recommending clinical services
    By identifying patients who could benefit from additional services like vaccinations or blood pressure checks, pharmacies can provide personalized care and increase customer satisfaction.

By harnessing these capabilities, pharmacies can enhance the overall patient experience, boost adherence rates, and demonstrate the unique value they offer.

2. Lower Costs and Enhance Efficiency through Automation

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, automation is crucial for chain pharmacies to stay ahead.

By automating manual tasks, pharmacies can reduce costs per prescription and deliver a higher level of care to patients.

Automation can be applied to functions such as:

  • Prescription measurement
  • Counting
  • Filling
  • Prescription verification
  • Claims processing
  • Inventory management

By automating these processes, pharmacies can reduce errors, minimize costs, and meet the expectations of patients who seek personalized attention and competitive pricing.

Additionally, automation allows pharmacies to scale their operations without increasing staffing levels significantly.

3. Streamline Time-Consuming Tasks with Technology

Technology not only reduces costs but also helps streamline complex and time-consuming tasks.

By implementing appropriate technology solutions, pharmacies can streamline activities such as

  • Prior authorization
  • Benefits verification
  • Compliance with dispensing rules

The benefits include:

  • Automated prior authorization, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time
  • Efficient benefits verification and financial aid qualification processes
  • Compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations

By incorporating technology into these areas, pharmacies can optimize their workflow, save time, and allocate more resources to provide personalized patient care.

4. Enhance Inventory Management through Cycle Counts

Inventory management is a critical aspect of pharmacy operations, and technology can revolutionize this process.

Rather than relying on infrequent annual counts, pharmacies can use technology to perform more frequent cycle counts.

The advantages include:

  • Reduced time and labor compared to annual inventory counts
  • Cost savings by utilizing in-house staff for cycle counts
  • Improved inventory accuracy and avoidance of overstocking

By integrating cycle count technology into their Pharmacy Management Software, pharmacies can optimize inventory levels, minimize waste, and ensure they have the right medications on hand for their patients’ needs.

5. Embrace Mobile Applications and Online Services

Consumer expectations have shifted towards digital solutions.

Chain pharmacies can meet these expectations by embracing mobile applications and online services.

Developing a user-friendly mobile app allows customers to conveniently

  • Refill prescriptions
  • Track order status
  • Access medication information
  • Receive personalized notifications

Online services such as home delivery or curbside pickup can provide added convenience for patients, particularly those with limited mobility or busy schedules.

By offering these digital services, chain pharmacies can improve customer engagement, foster loyalty, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

6. Enhance Medication Adherence through Reminder Systems

Medication non-adherence is a significant challenge in healthcare.

It leads to adverse outcomes and increased costs.

Technology can play a vital role in improving medication adherence through reminder systems.

Chain pharmacies can implement SMS reminders, mobile app notifications, or automated phone calls to remind patients to take their medications on time.

These reminders can also include important instructions or dosage adjustments.

By leveraging reminder systems, pharmacies can actively support patients in adhering to their medication regimens, leading to better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Finding all these features in a single software can be tough.

Moreover, you will have to ensure that the pharmacy management software is in compliance with the FDA’s DSCSA compliance.

We’ve developed a solution that meets all your chain pharmacy needs and is compliant with healthcare regulations.

Let us enlist the features of our chain pharmacy software solution.

Features of Our Chain Pharmacy Software

  • Automated refill order reminders
  • Automated prescription renewal reminders
  • Integration with the PBMS and partner software
  • Automated order placement in the international partner software
  • Automated updates of the tracking details
  • Limited medication visibility
  • Automated emails and notification alerts from your pharmacy
  • Order sets for specific requirements
  • Reports of the saved costs
  • No limitation on the number of partner pharmacies
  • Customizable discount rates for each partner pharmacy

The best part of our software solution is that you can get it customized.

We’ve been delivering healthcare solutions for the past 8+ years.

With our experience, we have successfully delivered 60+ projects and we can proudly say that we only cater to the healthcare industry.