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How To Have a Unicorn Status Home Care Startup Like Honor?

Quick Summary- Bringing the fruits of consistency, trust, and excellence to an industry that needs it desperately. Joining you after a little break we bring you another ravishing voyage of a senior care startup that reached unicorn status in receiving funding. As we guide you through their journey helping you to understand what you need, can do, and will do to build a home care startup-like Honor Technology Inc.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. We know it sounds a bit off the rocks and you would have heard this saying a million times.

But recently, in the case of a San Francisco- based home care startup Honor, this proved to be 100% right. When the Ex-Googler Seth Sternberg founded Honor a senior care startup after he faced some care challenges with his mother.

And as of yesterday Honor Home Care offering non-medical support, with the help of series E funding and debt financing raised $370 million bringing their total valuation to $1.25 billion became the biggest eldercare start-up.

Today’s healthcare sector is undergoing alterations, improvements, and upgrades on an hourly basis. The entire concept of developing for healthcare appeared to be a difficult touchdown to score. Today, though, it is as simple as Lebron shooting back-to-back slam dunks.

Reasons to go for non-medical senior care startups- Home care made personal and stress-free

Alright! We can go on and on about the statistics and numbers but honestly, it can be a boring way to inspire someone like you looking to build an Honor like home care startup.

So, many of the seniors live alone, with their family members, or some live with their spouses. And navigating alternatives for people in need of in-home care may be difficult.

It could be a daunting prospect as some older individuals find themselves in situations where they require care but do not require the type of round-the-clock care offered by nursing facilities.

Many elderly individuals wish to maintain their independence and dignity as they age and lose the capacity to perform some of the more fundamental activities they were used to performing on their own.

Don’t worry we do have some more solid reasons for you as well,

  • Estimated at $80 billion annually the global home care market is quite huge and fragmented- with almost $50 billion in the US alone.
  • With using healthcare tech on different domains inefficiencies associated with keeping paper records of visits or dealing with manual scheduling, which increases processing, payment, and scheduling lag times are also solved with digitization.
  • Strengthening the relationship between caregivers and clients using the tech-enabled approach in your senior care startup will help you in streamlining business operations. Centralizing care will help you meet the rapidly growing demand in the global home care market.
  • The investment you do in building home care for older adults is quite low when compared to the multi-million dollar benefitting enterprising opportunity that you get in return.

What services can your non-medical senior care startup provide?

“Senior care must be a personal, high-touch experience” and technology can make that experience more personal and more high-touch.

Making sure your senior care platform is a perfect match just like tinder, “the right caregiver, with the right client”.

Personal Care Services

The process starts with developing personalized care plans with care consultants accessing the needs of every client. Leveraging nonmedical personal support to elderly, handicapped, and convalescing patients with domestic duties, everyday tasks, and personal hygiene.

  • Help with light housekeeping, such as tidying, vacuuming, and laundry.
  • Medication reminders to assist customers in taking the appropriate medication at the appropriate time.
  • Companionship and pleasant visits are beneficial to one’s social well-being.
  • Errands, appointments, and special occasions may all be transported locally.
  • Shopping for groceries, meal planning, and assistance with cooking or eating
  • Personal care, including washing, grooming, and wardrobe assistance
  • Care for incontinence and assistance with personal hygiene
  • Physical fitness, such as workout reminders or physical treatment
  • Lifting and transporting as needed for day-to-day chores

With the availability of caregivers 24×7. And developing a healthcare app for elder home care the caregivers can also get access to RPM. As shown in the picture above. Also, the technology’s assistance in planning and management righteously reduces the burden on caregivers.

Selective & Premium Care Plans

Having a non-medical senior care platform is quite a niche in the vast healthcare market. So, the possibility of offering selective and premium care plans to your clients can always be feasible for you.

  • Clients may choose their preferred caregiver by introducing a rating-based system for extra consistency and have access to a professional account manager who can answer all of their needs.
  • Enabling alternatives for clients and family members to like and block providers who aren’t a suitable match.
  • Clients can request their favorite caregiver for extra consistency and have access to a professional account manager who can answer all of their needs.
  • Using full-time hired caregivers with reliable credentials instead of contracting can provide your start-up edge over the other home care providers because according to a survey less than 10% of contracted applicants meet the required standards reducing the sense of accountability.

An Amalgamation of Technology and Features

Your senior care start-up can also be assisted by technology. For example, a healthcare IT solutions provider company like us who help you with our Fund my start-up initiative while hand in hand develop technology and develop a care management app for you.

Features we can offer for your senior care management platform-

  • Android and iOS-based applications allowing clients and family members to review and manage care plans with just a few clicks.
  • Schedule visits and make modifications if needed with caregiver details and rating.
  • Pre-visit reminders and feedback systems to serve your clients better.
    Automated wellness tracking and budgeting.
  • Once enrolled into your care management system clients with long-term care insurance receive personalized reports to help with the claims process.
  • AI-based chatbots and customer support 24×7 for addressing questions and concerns.

Who should consider your senior care startup platform?

Consumers who are looking for tech-oriented, innovative long-term care partners are your potential target group.

Offering non-medical care services is the best option for clients who not only receive home-based healthcare but also community-based providers.

Your older adult home care service is perfect for loved ones looking for tech-based tools to help them save time and be involved in their loved one’s care regardless of where they reside using 3 -party access through authorization.

People recovering from surgery, illness, or interim respite care are your potential clients as well.

For those who require specialized care plans(we will talk about it in the later section) your senior care start-up can be a smart choice for this group.

Have specialized care plans in your home care for older adults

As a part of the healthcare fraternity for almost a decade, we have learned and gained quite a wisdom when it comes to providing healthcare solutions.

So, you can take our advice and implement specialized care plans in your senior care setup module.


Because specialized care plans are ideal for those who are dealing with complex medical conditions, chronic or progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, or COPD.

Management for chronic diseases

  • Mental and physical support to help the seniors manage their symptoms and assist them with their daily tasks under your Cancer Care Plans.
  • For your loved ones looking for tech-based tools to help them save time and be involved in their loved one’s care regardless of where they reside.
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care include patients and their families in the management of increasing memory loss and related issues with your non-medical home care facility.
  • The well-trained and credentialed caregivers will have all the experience and expertise required for managing the care receivers with the assistance of the best developed care management technologies.

Long & short term care

  • For hospice patients and providing End-of-Life care endowing compassionate support to benefit the seniors and their families.
  • The hospital-to-home and vice e versa plans can lessen the burden while reducing the risk of complications, and hospital readmissions.
  • Filling in for a family member or neighbor who usually provides care with the respite care plans for short-term assistance.
  • In conformance with the doctor’s recommendation, you can provide personalized service to the patients.

With the access to their medical and health records (Oh wait! Did we tell you that we have a highly expert team of individuals who can perform integration services for your care management app) from your senior care management platform.

Customers have generally had little idea what to expect from a visit to visit, carers have no idea how many hours of work they will receive, and employers have no idea how many caregivers they will have available in any particular location.

But all these problems and hurdles can be overcome with a Senior care platform like Honor did.

So, if you have any ideas we would be happy to discuss them with you and help you in growing grey with experience, and expertise.