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FHIR Consulting Services: Know How Our World-Class FHIR Consultants Benefit You

Quick Summary: ‘This blog is going to be Lit’.

We understand the amalgamation of healthcare and technology can be quite difficult to decipher so we made a pun for your easy remembering.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources a.k.a FHIR was the brainchild of Graham Grieve after he declared the failure of HL7 v3 in achieving the desired result for interoperability in healthcare.

Putting in Layman’s terms, FHIR consolidates and simplifies healthcare data exchange, allowing healthcare administrators, service providers, and others to communicate patient information in a straightforward and trouble-free fashion, even if they use different software systems.

When you hire FHIR experts, here’s what you can expect in return

Housing most of the data in private databases and leaving the answer for full interoperability a big ‘NO-NO’, when you hire an FHIR consulting service like ours, it can help you towards implementing a guide for FHIR, providing servers that can process, store, and validate the data in healthcare in an industry-standard format.

All the while maintaining the FHIR protocol and standards of operation. In short, we go by the rules.

As FHIR experts, we are not the only ones pushing FHIR, but a lot of organizations are onboarding the ship that includes the government of the US and HHS, EHR/EMR vendors like EPIC & Cerner, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many more.


Don’t worry! We got your back.

While FHIR consulting we help developers in creating applications & software that transcend this document-based habitat.

Our FHIR experts will help you with

  • FHIR profiling and Implementation Guide Development
  • Technical and Strategic Consulting
  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Support Services

Our FHIR expert has specially created a listing of benefits and targets that can improve data interoperability in the healthcare sector.

FHIR is targeted to:

  • Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long-term care, home care, mental health)
  • Local and state Department of healths
  • Medical imaging service providers
  • Regulatory agencies
  • EHR/PHR vendors
  • Pharmaceutical vendors
  • HIS(Health Information Systems) vendors
  • Lab vendors
  • Equipment vendors
  • Clinical and Public Health Laboratories
  • Immunizations registry
  • Quality reporting agencies
  • Standards Development Organizations

What benefits does FHIR serve?

The benefits are truly valuable.

Better clinical treatment:

With REST web services implementation of FHIR makes it superior to the rest of the data-sharing standards. As patient data is quite valuable in the healthcare industry for research and analysis.

If clinical researchers and experts have access to EHRs/EMRs and patient-related data, they can provide better treatment and thereby improve the patient experience. This is accomplished using REST API’s open source- technology.

Data structure automation:

Healthcare providers and professionals receive clinical support via automated data structuring using FHIR.

This automation of data sharing between providers and patients will result in a value-based paradigm with an emphasis on better care management, patient engagement, and coordination, as well as operational efficiencies.

Enhanced data management:

Nobody likes the hassle of paperwork or being dumped under loads of paperwork.

Data is collected in a variety of forms and from a variety of sources, with varying dimensions and quantities, whether it be claims data, vital records, surveys, or wearables.

With the help of our FHIR consulting, we can make sure that the FHIR enhances data management by allowing for the retrieval of real-time information and ensuring data accuracy.

Improved patient experience:

We understand that empowering patients with access enables them to take greater control of their healthcare and make better treatment decisions.

FHIR seeks to empower patients by making it easy to adopt and integrate across all devices and apps. When data is shared with patients, they have more control over their records, which enhances their trust in healthcare services and practitioners.

How does FHIR consulting make interoperability better?

The future of data access standardization is FHIR.

FHIR consulting pinpoints the problem which is not data sharing, but data filtering. For example, A physician wants clinical and medical data that is actionable and useful for them.

Thus integration of the information into an existing workflow manner is the real goal.

It can be quite difficult for sharing data and integrating health systems. The reason being, every EHR or platform of sorts to read and write data back and forth must be developed in a standard way.

Because customizing applications for each and every build would require plenty of human resources, and a large amount of time to understand unique integration requirements.

So, when you hire FHIR consultants you must always make sure they use resources by the 80/20 rule where data elements cover 80% and the remaining 20% is covered by the extension.

Our FHIR consultants ‘fire’ guide on how our FHIR consulting can be helpful for you

With the RESTful APIs make clinical data formats with a common format for healthcare. As FHIR consulting experts we address the round-house kick-off questions.


How will it be helpful for me?

  • As a patient, you can access and share your medical data in more ways than ever before, including all apps you use. FHIR also signifies that you’ll have many software alternatives in the near future.
  • Producing richer products with the data connected from external systems using the new API standard.
  • Simplifying the process, FHIR makes it possible to connect to third-party apps straight from your EHR. In other words, you are not bound to your particular system and the integrations it provides.
  • You may also engage a developer to create your own applications, which will be less expensive and time-consuming due to FHIR standards.

(Just a heads up! We also develop healthcare apps with our in-house FHIR consultant. So, that you don’t have to hire them from somewhere else at high costs.)

  • You get an idea for developing a healthcare app. As health entrepreneurs, FHIR can be the missing link between Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) and healthcare developers using IoMT, and data collection.
  • With reading and writing a list of indicators on the web, applications, and software-based APIs, Healthcare app developers can have atomic data access to essential sections, as well as, inside resources such as patient demographics or observations for test results, among many other resources.

FHIR: Your requirements, our consultation is a match made in heaven

We know it sounds cliche! But at least we got your attention.

Catering to the healthcare industry for more than 8+ years. And a decade-long experience with healthcare IT-specific solutions and integration services.

We understand healthcare data interoperability is quite a pressing concern for healthcare providers, developers, and patients. That is why we suggest you hire FHIR experts for carrying out a smooth data workflow between your and all healthcare systems.

Want to know how we best use standards of interoperability? Go ahead and check out our detailed archive on – A Detailed HL7 Integration Guide From HL7 Interface Development Experts