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How to Build an Innovative and Quality Healthcare App in Brazil and the Rest of Latin America?

The entire world is shifting from in-person and manual healthcare to virtual and modern healthcare at a very rapid pace.

Basic and advanced healthcare mobile apps targeting real pain areas of patients and providers are the major driving force.

What makes it even more feasible to revolutionize healthcare is technological advancements.

However, technological advancements did not reach the entire globe in uniform patterns and that’s what inspired us to offer our healthcare app development service in Brazil and the rest of Latin America where even basic healthcare challenges are still very common among communities.

How Big is the Healthcare App Development Industry of Latin America?

The Latin American healthcare app market is the most underrated healthcare market in the world.

With so many healthcare challenges and only a few purposeful apps, there is huge room available for new healthcare startups.

The following are some real numbers depicting the market potential of healthcare apps in Latin America including Brazil.

  • The market size of the Latin American healthcare app market was valued at around USD 2.6 billion in 2020 with anticipated growth to around USD 20.8 billion by 2026. That’s 40.7% of CAGR.


  • Healthcare mobile app revenue in Latin America is expected to reach $85 million in 2024.
  • The average revenue per user is anticipated to rise to around $9 in 2024.
  • Smart hospital apps, telehealth apps, women’s health apps, medication apps, and pharmacy apps are some of the most commercially successful healthcare app categories in Latin America.

1) 1DOC3

1DOC3 is the telemedicine app that has achieved 7-fold growth during the time of the pandemic.

It is a one-in-all telemedicine platform that first enables patients to check symptoms and then chat secretly with the providers.

The telemedicine platform has completed 300K televisits in just a single month.

It offers a web app as well as an Android and iOS app.

2. MyTheraphy Pill Reminder


This is an ad-free and award-winning pill reminder app that helps patients not miss any dose of medication and achieve quick recovery.

It comes with some very useful features such as family sharing, personalized tips, a logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes, etc.

On the Google Play Store, the app has an overall rating of 4.7 based on 128,000 reviews.

3. Doctoralia


Doctoralia facilitates patients in Brazil to schedule both in-person and online appointments with the doctors.

600 verified healthcare providers have already been registered on the Doctoralia platform.

Key features of the app include access to thousands of healthcare professionals, online scheduling, online video consultation service, online chat, and managing your appointments.

Is Healthcare App Development Investment in Brazil a Good Choice?

You might have doubts about the investment you are going to make in healthcare app development.

So, let us present you with some reasons which prove that your investment will be worth it.

  • The market is still majorly untouched

The Latin American healthcare market is going through a very important phase. But if we compare it with the North American healthcare market, the competition is almost zero here in Latin America. For instance, there are only a few good telemedicine, women’s health, fitness, and pharmacy apps in Latin America. If you plan your app based on competitive analysis, you can easily outperform those few performing apps in Latin America.

  • Users are demanding new medical mediums

The pandemic made people habituated to mobile apps for purchasing essential items and seeking important services including healthcare.

They now acknowledge the usefulness of healthcare mobile apps and how mobile apps deliver convenience and save overall costs.

Thus, if you identify the right user demand and address it, your mobile app will surely perform among users.

Because that’s what they are looking for.

  • Affordable and accessible healthcare IT expertise

In the last few years, it has become easy for Latin American startups to get access to world-class healthcare technology and healthcare IT expertise which they can leverage to build up the tech infrastructure for their startups.

15 Profitable Healthcare App Ideas You Can Consider to Build in Latin America

Latin America still has several healthcare challenges that North America used to face decades ago.

So, don’t mix it up!

  1. Telemedicine app: Helps patients to virtually connect to providers
  2. Virtual skincare app: Helps patients to virtually connect to dermatologists
  3. Online pharmacy app: Helps patients to receive medications at their doorstep
  4. Pregnancy tracker app: Helps pregnant women track their pregnancy and receive insights
  5. Period tracker app: Helps women track their periods to achieve ultimate wellness goals
  6. On-demand caregiver app: Helps seniors hire caregivers in a true on-demand manner
  7. Remote monitoring: Helps providers remotely monitor the vital body signs of the patients
  8. Mental health app: Helps patients set goals and work on them with daily meditation practice
  9. Yoga app: Helps people perform yoga through pre-recorded videos or live sessions
  10. Healthcare super app: Helps people receive 360-degree of care with a single app offering telemedicine, online pharmacy, healthcare eCommerce, and mental health services
  11. Healthcare staffing app: Helps healthcare entities to hire healthcare staff on short notice
  12. Weight management app: Helps people gain or lose weight by setting a target and working on it
  13. Healthcare eCommerce app: Helps people to purchase healthcare and wellness products online
  14. Chronic care app: Helps patients deal with chronic conditions and record health & wellness data effortlessly
  15. App for cancer patients: Helps people diagnosed with cancer live the life they always dreamed of!

How Does a Latin American Healthcare App Differentiate Itself from North American Healthcare Apps?

There is a high chance that you are inspired to build a healthcare app in Latin America from any successful North American healthcare app.

If yes, let us tell you that healthcare mobile apps working perfectly in North America might not work in Latin America as both are different markets.

The following are the top differences between a North American healthcare app and a Latin American healthcare app.

  • Language

It is crucial to have a local language in the app you build for Latin America.

  • Features

Don’t focus more on advanced and good-to-have features. Instead, focus more on only purposeful features which deliver real value.

  • Offline access

For your users living in rural areas, give them access to some useful features of your app even when there is no internet connection.

  • Specific app

Address less than 5 specific challenges with your app. Don’t go for the generalized healthcare app model.

  • Cross-platform app

Don’t invest more in the native app as the cross-platform app always does the job in a less competitive market. You can also consider building an MVP mobile app or a progressive web app.

How to Build a Healthcare App in Brazil and the Rest of Latin America?

No, building an app does not only require code.

These are other such 16 things that together build an epic healthcare app.


Win the Latin American Healthcare Market with Our Healthcare Business, IT, and Compliance Expertise

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Since we are armed with on-ground healthcare knowledge, we always end up adding clinical value to healthcare mobile apps.

And that’s what makes the app an instant hit.

With our healthcare IT, business, and compliance expertise, we help you address all your business, technical, and compliance issues.

And as if this is not enough, we also invest in game-changing healthcare startup ideas!

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