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Best Healthcare IT Company 2023 – Providing Proficient Medical IT Solutions

Today’s blog is all about healthcare-focused information technology companies that cater to a very specific yet huge chunk of the population.

By the end, you will have a better understanding of what a healthcare IT company is.

How are they different from other IT companies?

Most importantly, how is SyS Creations a healthcare IT solutions company?

Covering all the aspects of functioning and how we are better than other healthcare IT companies in the USA.

Proper organization and management structure are very important for any sector, marketplace, and company to function smoothly and efficiently.

Today, I am going to tell you about how Information Technology has brought about a significant change in bridging the gap between patients, healthcare providers, the government, and insurers.

Often referred to as health IT specialists, these companies are healthcare-focused and resolve issues that pertain to the healthcare sector.

This might include managing and handling technical areas such as patient health information and providing smooth clinical workflow solutions by developing healthcare software that manages EHRs/EMRs.

At the same time creating apps for medical IT solutions- doctors apps, telemedicine, and pharmacy apps saving a ton of clinical hours and medication errors.

What is a Healthcare IT Company? How has the US Healthcare System Accepted It?

Healthcare IT companies use tech-infused tools to integrate with general healthcare to counteract two key issues: quality and efficiency.

Health IT companies have all the knowledge to execute healthcare-based projects, with their industry-specific skills.

The United States boasts the biggest healthcare industry, accounting for more than 370 healthcare IT software and services companies including consulting firms, EHRs, Medical Device Providers, revenue cycle management, analytics, staffing, and medication management.

Where they invest 18% of the country’s GDP which is more than any country in the world.

For facts, looking at the current scenario the percentage of U.S physicians using EHR systems in their practices has increased by more than 36% in recent years.

Likewise, top companies like Optum generated more than $136.3 billion in the year 2020.

Medical IT solutions on doctors’ and physicians’ hands have been receiving a positive response.

Around 66% of doctors think the use of IoT has lessened the cost and burden on the healthcare systems.

These are just a few numbers or I should say a few big numbers depicting the scenario of healthcare IT companies in the USA.

Functioning of a Healthcare IT Company – Its Role and Significance

A healthcare tech company when approached with a project or an idea.

The very first thing they do is understand your must-haves’.

And on those bases proceed with the whole developmental process.

As I told you, industry-specific skills are the gems of healthcare IT companies.

These medical IT solution providers have an arsenal of professionals which include:

These are the individuals who have hands-on experience with healthcare IT.

They are aware of the trends, technologies, compliance, etc.

So, they provide dynamic consulting services to clear all your queries and solve them.

With their expertise in building compliant healthcare apps.

They know their way around all the health industry-specific technical requirements and interoperability assessments.

The healthcare industry in the US and around the world is well-regulated.

Thus, the need for compliance specialists rises.

They prepare strategies and solve privacy-related vulnerabilities.

Guiding developers with effective solutions.

At the same time, audit compliance law to counteract new law emergence.

Their work includes providing the best approach to users with the interface and experience of an app or software.

They are well aware of the considerations of the patients, doctors, clinical staff, etc. using the apps as healthcare apps are different from your other regular software/apps.

Serving in the success of the clients by solving any issue or difficulty that arises in their way to accomplish the healthcare project.

The client success manager keeps both the client and the company on the same page making sure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Healthcare IT Companies vs. Other IT Companies – An Insightful Comparison towards the Right Decision

You never call a blacksmith to do a carpentry job.

The statement itself gives you an idea about what we are going to discuss in this section.

People need to understand that a healthcare IT company can deliver more success effectively and efficiently than a general IT company to a healthcare organization.

The industry-specific knowledge, experience, and expertise in building healthcare-specific products or solutions is always a plus.

They work very closely with the healthcare industry and prioritize compliance and interoperability.

HIPAA compliance, HITECH act, ADA compliance, and achieving successful integration to enhance interoperability.

Understanding workflows, and multi-faceted healthcare systems, and optimizing them as well.

Their ability to understand healthcare, patients, and healthcare providers provides them with an edge in bringing innovation by designing and coding medical apps and software.

How is SyS Creations the Best Healthcare IT Company? Our process of Being the Best in the Game

For the last 8 years, SyS Creations has been working at Flash’s pace to deliver healthcare-specific IT solutions.

Healthcare consultation, IT support to healthcare professionals, compliance consultations, healthcare app and software development, integration services, etc.

You name it! We have successfully delivered it.

All this is possible because of a well-researched and curated project implementation procedure.

The 6-dimensional (6D) process- success guaranteed.


Your journey starts the moment you contact us with your idea.

Through a series of calls and meetings, we discuss several things and we deliver you the proposal within 2 days with our robust planning strategy.


Now you are in.

As we discover more about your project and vision, we assemble a dedicated team of experts as per your requirements.

While preparing a workflow based on our discovery call.


Our UI team starts designing mock-ups and once finalized by you we go into full-fledged designing.


The idea is now converting into reality with our developers who use clean code development.

Our integration and compliance specialists make sure of standards adherence.

Demo & QA

With QA testing, we make sure of the implementation of processes and procedures.

We launch a pilot for feedback and provide you with a training session for running the app.


Finally, the day of the launch.

We will stand with you till the successful launch.

The journey just doesn’t end here, we also provide ongoing support for enhancements, bug fixes, and continuous development.

We don’t like to talk without the ability to prove ourselves.

So, here we present to you with some feathers in our cap of success:

  • When a development firm came to us to develop a HIPAA-compliant Healthcare App we assisted them in eliminating 47 security gaps. Click here to read the full case study.
  • Check out how we launched a telehealth app that became a symbol of uniqueness in the telehealth market. Read the full story in our case study section.
  • Using AI, we created an efficient hospital management system that reduced the burden of processing terabytes of data every day. Check out the full story here.

So, now you know who to approach when you are stuck with your healthcare IT solution decisions.

We are available 24/7 and our executive consultant will get in touch with you the moment you contact us.