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Healthcare Job Marketplace like Vivian + Healthcare Networking Platform Like Doximity = A Billion $ Healthcare Startup

Don’t 🚩continue with this blog if you don’t meet these conditions…

  • If you’re not ready to embrace new healthcare ideas.
  • If you don’t breathe in and breathe out healthcare!
  • If you don’t think that the healthcare staffing crisis is real and it is going to get worse.
  • If you don’t have a mindset programmed for game-changing healthcare platforms.

Okay. We trust you. Here is the idea 💡 of a healthcare job marketplace + healthcare networking platform

Needless to say that how the pandemic fueled the healthcare staffing crisis in entire North America and many other parts of the world.

However, in the crisis, tech-enabled healthcare staffing startups are a silver lining.

They aim to connect healthcare providers with healthcare entities through their web or mobile apps and facilitate seamless hiring and onboarding experiences.

One such startup is Vivian. It is a healthcare job marketplace and has recently raised a whopping $60 million in funding led by private equity firm Thoma Bravo.

Using its healthcare job marketplace, healthcare providers can find their next dream job, apply for it and keep all emails and messaging with healthcare recruiters in one place.

Vivian offers flexibility to healthcare professionals by letting them search for jobs manually or even automatically aided by sophisticated algorithms.

There are only a few healthcare-specific job marketplace available in the market. Meaning, the opportunity for you to build a healthcare job marketplace is very great.

However, our billion $ idea is to not only build a healthcare job marketplace but also integrate a healthcare networking platform like Doximity into it.

Why? Because staffing and networking are interconnected. And giving both of these options on a single platform can change the whole game!

Let’s understand in detail why 🤔 you must build a fusion of healthcare networking platform + healthcare job marketplace

Every staffing journey starts with networking and it continues even after successful hiring.

Candidates connect to recruiters, they share and understand each other’s interests & expectations and then move toward the hiring process.

If the process lacks the ‘networking’ element, things go messy and full of unwanted conversations and almost zero successful hiring.

Majorly all healthcare job marketplaces focus only on hiring and not on networking. These platforms do not enable healthcare professionals to network first and then apply for the job.

And thus, healthcare professionals leave with no choice but to use different platforms – one for the job and one for the network – even though job and network cannot exist separately.

That’s why we are literally pushing you to build a healthcare job marketplace app like Vivian but also integrate healthcare networking features to it like Doximity.

That’s the perfect recipe for building a billion $ healthcare startup.

Moving forward… how do the healthcare job marketplace and healthcare networking platform work together 🎊

To understand it with clarity, we have to understand its two different fronts ‘differently’.

Healthcare professionals’ front:

  • Suppose Jack is a physician and planning to switch his job.
  • He creates his profile in your healthcare job marketplace by adding personal, academic and his professional details.
  • He also sets his preferences like location, minimum salary requirements, job type etc.
  • Now, Jack has two options. He can either search all listed jobs by himself or allow algorithms to suggest him the most appropriate listed jobs.
  • Here too, Jack has two options. Jack can now apply for the job or have a first chat with the recruiter and then decide to apply.
  • In addition to this, there is a newsfeed where Jack can share his professional experience, explore others’ experiences and thoughts, and build his network which includes both healthcare professionals like him and healthcare recruiters.

Healthcare recruiters’ front:

  • Suppose, Erica is hiring physicians for a hospital. So, she creates her company account on the platform by adding company information.
  • To hire physicians, she has multiple ways. She can either post the job details or approach all listed physicians directly through the platform by sending them job requests in private messages.
  • She has access to a detailed dashboard from where she can track and monitor the status of each applied job and each approached physician.
  • The best thing is, that she invites her team members, assigns them tasks and builds a network too with both healthcare professionals and healthcare recruiters like her.

Basically, it is LinkedIn, but where only healthcare professionals and healthcare recruiters interact with each other and build their network with the purpose to hire and find appropriate jobs.

(I haven’t come across such a healthcare-specific platform so far!)

If made your mind, let us help 🍾 you define the feature set for your ‘LinkedIn for healthcare’ platform

There is always a reason behind what we do, say and write!

The reason for sharing feature sets is that it influences both project cost and user experience greatly.

Features for healthcare professionals:

  • Login/signup
  • Profile creation
  • Built-in resume maker
  • Resume uploader
  • Newsfeed
  • Set job preference
  • Search jobs (Manually with filters)
  • Algorithm-based job suggestions
  • Connect to recruiters
  • Explore the company profile and job description
  • Single-click apply for the job
  • Dashboard to track all applied jobs
  • Set favourite jobs
  • Chat privately with healthcare recruiters
  • Chat privately with other healthcare professionals
  • Send connection requests
  • Arrange and join ‘voice conference’
  • Share image, text, video and document
  • Read healthcare news
  • Ask questions and get answered

Features for healthcare recruiters:

  • Login/signup
  • Profile creation
  • Find candidates manually
  • Get recommendations from the algorithm
  • Post a job
  • Send a private message
  • Dashboard to track the performance of all posted jobs
  • Send connection requests
  • Build a network
  • Promote a job by paying a fee
  • Invite team members
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Schedule interviews
  • Automatic reminders

We love 💖 idea execution more than idea sharing! Because that’s only what does justice to our earned healthcare IT knowledge

We’re different. We possess different knowledge, a different mindset and most importantly different guts.

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company. In other words, we only entertain healthcare IT projects. Why?

Well, we’re here to win it, not to just participate. And to win it, specific knowledge is required.

Of course, we do it for ourselves. But our single action for ourselves results in 10X results for healthcare providers and patients.

And that’s the ultimate vision of our 50+ healthcare IT professionals including healthcare app developers, healthcare UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists and QA engineers.

So, if you want to leverage our healthcare IT and business knowledge for your growth and solid market presence, we are thrilled to work with you!

But please note, we only work with healthcare providers, healthcare startups and healthcare enterprises!