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How Do We Help Clients to Choose Technology Stack as a Healthcare Tech Company?

There are two types of healthcare tech companies.

One who replies, “Okay. Let’s move ahead with the tech stack you have in mind.”

And one who replies, “Hold on. Give us a few days. Let us dig deep and find the perfect tech stack that meets your current and future needs.”

We’re fortunately not the first type of healthcare tech company.

Why? Because…

  • We brainstorm on behalf of our clients.
  • We study the tech stack of our client’s competitors too.
  • We ask our other sources to validate what we have come up with.
  • We remain straightforward and suggest practical solutions.
  • Our priority is the sustainable growth of clients rather than closing the sales.
  • And thus, nothing restricts us from being real!

To show you how we as one of the top healthcare tech companies help our clients to choose a technology stack for their mobile/web apps, let us share a real case study.

(Please note that this will showcase only how we helped him choose the right tech stack and avoid big blunders. This will not cover the development and testing part of his platform.)

Selecting the Right Tech Stack: Behind-the-door Process at a Healthcare Tech Company

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The Base

An entrepreneur named Jacob from Salt Lake City in the USA approached us back in early 2022.

He already had clarity over what he was supposed to build and what technology stack would be required to accomplish what he had planned.

We started communicating over email.

And his requirements were.

Product requirements

He was looking to build a healthcare eCommerce platform with Shopify.

Healthcare tech companies

The Structure

We took our time.

We never respond quickly.

We need solid reasons to suggest something to our clients.

We can’t share any random things based on our beliefs.

But that does not mean that we sit ideally.

We start brainstorming the moment we hang up the first call.

In the next call, we present the complete roadmap.

We did the same in the case with Jacob too.

Day 1:

We had extensive discussions with our CTO.

The following are some of the keynotes – shared by the CTO.

CTO's Key Notes (3)-min

Endnote for Day 1:

Selecting Shopify in the tech stack of a healthcare eCommerce web app could not deliver value as the ordering flow involved the PHI of patients.

Day 2:

We brought healthcare compliance experts into the discussion.

Our biggest fear was the non-HIPAA compliance status of Shopify. And it came true.

Shopify isn’t HIPAA compliant.

And since we were supposed to deal with PHI, we can’t bet on non-HIPAA compliance technology.

To know the compliance status of Shopify, we directly talked with Shopify itself.

Shopify HIPAA

Endnote for Day 2:

Shopify is not HIPAA compliant. Meaning, there was no way of using it for prescription skincare ordering that involved the PHI of patients.

Day 3:

The client had something fresh.

He had a plan to use Shopify even if it is not HIPAA compliant.

He had a hybrid approach.

Here is what he explained.

Shopify for healthcare

Endnote for Day 3:

A hybrid (Shopify + custom) approach could be possible.

Day 4:

We were done with our assessment of the hybrid model.

And here is what we suggested to the client.

The road ahead

Endnote for Day 4:

Any other development approach rather than a custom development model is like DIY – just a temporary solution to the problem with high possibilities of collapse in the future!

Day 5:

For other people, it was Friday.

For us, it was a deciding day.


Endnote for Day 5:

Shopify could not pass the checklist to be selected in the tech stack!

(And it took us 5 days to decide this. That’s how a true entrepreneur and a true healthcare tech company decide, together.)

The Engineering

The development team is at work.

The product will be ready anytime soon.

And the best thing about the product is its technology stack!

Once it is deployed, we will share the results too.

But for now, let’s leave you with a thought,

SyS Creations