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Top Business Trends from the Best 8 Healthcare Startups in New York

From time to time, healthcare trends are changing constantly with innovative and effective technology solutions.

As a result, healthcare startups need to focus more on improving the quality of patient care experience.

To achieve that, healthcare startups must implement technology-driven healthcare trends which also help them to create a more convincing market presence.

For that reason, in this blog, we are going to discuss the new-age business trends set by top healthcare startups in New York.

Top Healthcare Startups in New York. What are the Trends They Set?

1. Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy
Walgreens is delivering a customer-centric experience as a leading online and retail pharmacy services provider across the USA.

It offers medication delivery, prescription refills, COVID-19 testing, and virtual pharmacy solutions in one place.

For that reason, it was recognized as one of the 100 most influential companies in 2022 as per TIME Magazine.

To meet the customers’ expectations and demands, Walgreens is operating automation to streamline the pharmacy operation chain.

#Trend: Robots to refill prescriptions

As it operates 9020+ pharmacy stores across the USA, Walgreens is using robots for prescription refills that make the pharmacy working chain more streamlined, fast, and accurate.

Automation in pharmacy is an emerging healthcare trend for startups to reduce the time-consuming and error-generating prescription refill process.

In addition to automation, it also helps the pharmacist to focus on other key tasks, while at the same time reducing the staffing requirements within the system.

2. TMRW Life Sciences

TMRW Life Sciences
TMRW is a life science technology startup that focuses on IVF and cell management solutions.

TMRW has developed the first-ever automated platform IVF procedure in which clinics can identify, manage, and store frozen human eggs and embryos.

#Trend: New standards in IVF care with the TMRW platform

TMRW’s software enables clinicians to reduce error by automating the management, tracking, and storing of frozen human eggs and cells.

As a result, they can focus on other technical tasks without any complexity.

Furthermore, the software also reduces the risk of loss of priceless human cells and assures the patients that their specimens are well-stored and are being monitored 24/7.

3. Galileo Health

Galileo Health
Galileo Health is a virtual healthcare provider nationwide and is providing personalized and convenient solutions for several health conditions.

With advanced healthcare tech solutions and years of medical experience, Galileo Health always looks forward to delivering more quality, easily accessible, and affordable medical solutions.

For that reason, they recently launched the first-ever virtual primary and specialty care solutions for Medicaid members in New York with the help of MVP Health Care.

#Trend: Virtual primary and specialty care solutions for Medicaid enrollees

Both MVP Health Care and Galileo know that quality and comprehensive healthcare services are a major concern for Medicaid enrollees.

For that reason, Galileo is offering 24/7 virtual care solutions for the MVP’s Medicaid members.

So, it’s the emerging healthcare startup trends that allow 360-degree virtual care solutions for urban and rural locations at any time, anywhere.

4. Paige

Paige is offering an AI-based solution to make more effective and informative cancer diagnostic determinations.

Furthermore, Paige has developed a tissue-based AI platform that initially improves patient satisfaction, clinical productivity, and overall pathology outcomes.

#Trend: Transforming Oncology solutions with tissue-based AI technology

Paige platform contains the largest data which helps pathologists to provide a more comprehensive and precise solution for the patients’ cancer diagnostics.

Additionally, it minimizes the workflow and overall cost of the pathology while at the same time focusing on patient data security and privacy.

Paige provides multiple services for clinics and pharmaceutical companies such as Paige – Prostate suite, breast suit, and digital biomarkers.

Also, it gives features like – easy integration, secure data as per the compliance lawsuits, and a generalizable database.

From that, we can safely say that Paige is one of the potential healthcare startups with AI-based trends.

5. HiberCell

HiberCell is a biotechnology startup that majorly focuses on developing advanced treatment approaches for metastatic cancer.

The ultimate goal of the HiberCell is to – prevent the recurrence of cancer with the help of the first-in-class technology solutions.

#Trend: QuAD³ Platform

HiberCell offers a QuAD³ platform for clinical development and drug discovery comparing primary tumor and metastatic cancer. As a result, it gives deep insights into the resistance mechanisms which helps clinicians to improve the patient’s outcomes.

Using the QuAD³ platform, clinicians can analyze multiple data and biological pathways or patterns to enrich the sensitive treatment process.

6. SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth provides complete solutions for women’s reproductive care and health products with the help of telemedicine and home-delivery services.

Recently, SimpleHealth acquired Emme (A healthcare technology company that offers birth control solutions) and became the only company to provide complete birth control management solutions.

#Trend: Smart birth control system

“Up to 80% of women on the pill miss at least one per month”.

With the help of the smart birth control system, SimpleHealth wants to create more streamlined and effective birth control solutions for women’s reproductive care.

Furthermore, the system retains the ability to analyze, track, and manage birth control pills.

SimpleHealth also offers prescription and other women’s health product delivery services for a more personalized care experience.

For that reason, it’s one of the innovative healthcare startup trends.

7. Capsule Pharmacy

Capsule Pharmacy
Capsule Pharmacy is one of New York’s healthcare startups that is reshaping the healthcare industry with innovative pharmacy solutions and trends.

As a leading pharmacy service provider, Capsule Pharmacy offers multiple ranges of pharmacy services including telemedicine solutions in one place.

#Trend: Prescription refill management

Refill management is the solution that not many online pharmacies are providing right now.

For that reason, it is the current healthcare startup trend that every ePharmacy should implement for a better patient care experience.

Using Capsule pharmacy, patients just need to send an existing prescription for transfer from the old pharmacy to the Capsule.

Furthermore, patients can communicate with the pharmacist for any query regarding medication.

8. Ro Health

RO Health

Ro Health provides patient-centric telehealth solutions without any necessity of insurance.

Also, it seamlessly connects telehealth, lab tests, and pharmacy solutions to provide affordable and convenient virtual healthcare solutions.

Furthermore, in-home care and diagnostic testing services are one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Ro Health across the nation.

#Trend: At-home COVID-19 testing

There is no need to wait in a long queue for the COVID-19 test.

Just order the COVID-19 test kit from Ro Health and test yourself with a hassle-free procedure.

For your better understanding, here is the step-by-step process for self-testing for COVID-19.

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