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Hire RPA Developers in the UK: A Complete Guide to Close the Best Deal

The volatile economy, evolving technologies, and rising consumer expectations are pushing healthcare organizations to make appropriate choices for their business; nothing more and nothing less.

RPA is a disruptive technology with the potential to transform a healthcare business’s process efficiency, throughput, and accuracy.

However, if not implemented properly, it can cause cataclysmic failures in the healthcare system.

Therefore choosing the right RPA development company or RPA developers is highly important than ever in the digital transformation journey of every healthcare organization.

This article will guide you through how to hire the right RPA partner for your healthcare business automation.

What are the Roles of RPA Developers in the Healthcare Sector?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers work closely with the healthcare business operation heads and the analysts to optimize the healthcare workflow processes.

RPA developers design, develop, and implement RPA software bots.

They develop various tools to perform operations with the text, numerical data, and database, and analyze business operations to check whether they can be automated or not.

RPA developers’ responsibility includes:

  • Designing, developing, and debugging automation processes as per the operational needs of a healthcare organization.
  • Developing and integrating the RPA tool with the system to resolve automation issues.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the RPA system pre and post-implementation, identifying and fixing the software bugs and glitches.
  • Configuring new automation with efficient and easily understandable automation tools.
  • Documenting RPA procedures to outline mistakes and to ensure processes are going smoother.

Why Hire RPA Developers from RPA Development Companies?

Generally, when the organization wants to implement RPA in their healthcare system, the first option that comes to their mind is, “Can we do it by ourselves?”

However, that would require a certain level of coding skills and expertise in RPA tools such as UiPath.

So, the second option is to hire someone who can do the work for you.

But this is where things get tricky.

Whom to hire?

RPA developers from an RPA development company or freelancers?

Here we are not forcing you to avoid hiring freelancers, we are just highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of both; the final choice completely depends on your requirements.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers RPA Developer


Here are the most undeniable pros of hiring freelancers.

  • Affordability: It’s completely understandable that when you are hiring a freelancer it will cost you less. Because even though you are getting a range of services from a single person, you have to pay only for the work done by that one person.
  • Communication: It is always easy to keep track of your implementation progress by communicating with the single person who is responsible for the work.
  • Flexibility: Freelancers don’t have fixed working hours so they will not mind working for long hours, or helping you in the early morning to resolve any software issue.


Well, there are always some disadvantages to every option you choose.

  • Fake promises: Some freelancers may promise you a lot to get the job in the hiring process, but later they may not keep up with their promises and certainly not meet your expectations.
  • Availability: Reputed freelancers often work with multiple projects. That means the freelancer you want to hire will not always be available for you. So, you can not pre-assume your favorite freelancer is free for you.
  • They may not deliver on time: The biggest risk of hiring freelancers is they may look skilled in the beginning but as the project progresses they will not be able to cope with the job and cause delays in the project delivery.
  • Can quit anytime: Freelancers may quit their job anytime due to the higher paying job as they are not your employees. In such a case, you have to make a clear agreement about the project handover in advance.

Pros and Cons of Hiring RPA Developers From the Company

Even if we don’t go into the pros and cons of hiring an RPA developer from the company, anyone can easily say that a company can provide more services and value than an individual freelancer.


  • Overall expertise: Unlike freelancers, the company provides you with workforce expertise in multiple areas such as analytics, designing, development, consultation, and administration so your result will be better quality.
  • Continuous support: The company provides a dedicated support system to their clients to keep your system running without any failure.
  • Diverse talent and versatile approach: As your project is developed by a team of with people specialization and experience in their area, they will try to make your solution world-class by addressing every issue in the healthcare process automation.
  • On-time delivery of projects: Most organizations adopt a rapid development process to ensure early delivery of the bots that helps to streamline healthcare operations.


  • Higher expenses: Employing a team will cost you more than employing an individual.

How Can Our RPA Developers at SyS Creations Help You?

Every healthcare system has unique RPA requirements.

Therefore to achieve the specific goal we have utilized our healthcare IT expertise to curate RPA solutions for smoother healthcare RPA adoption.

Our RPA development and R&D team will help you with:

  • RPA Consultation: Identify the scope of automation in your healthcare system and build productive workflows.
  • Hybrid Automation: You can create a collaborative work environment for humans and robots to streamline internal processes through better human-robot interactions.
  • Attended Automation (require human interaction): Automate healthcare processes with attended bots that are executed by human actions and commands.
  • Unattended Automation (work without human interaction): Fully automate a task or the workflow without human interaction with unattended bots that trigger process events at a fixed time or after a certain event.

We know that great innovation can not be done by a single person.

Therefore we have partnered with the RPA industry leaders – Automation Anywhere and UiPath to achieve the desired outcome in the minimum time.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Hiring RPA Developers in the UK

While selecting the right RPA developers it’s important to look into their offering, expertise, and knowledge.

Here are a few things you must look into before hiring an RPA developer in the UK.

1. Evaluate your requirement:

If you don’t know the problem you can not solve it, right?

Before hiring an RPA developer, you must be clear about automation requirements.

To get a clear understanding of what you want to automate, study your processes to understand them.

2. Define your RPA objective:

The objective of the RPA implementation is to eliminate repetitive tasks and to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

But here you need to go at the granular level to automate the processes.

3. Create the checklist of your criteria:

Create a checklist of your criteria for hiring RPA developers from the company.

You should include the following things in the checklist:

  • Initial setup cost of RPA, license fee, and maintenance cost.
  • Type of bot you want to create any type of system and devices you want to support with the bot.
  • Company experience and expertise in healthcare RPA development.
  • Does the company provide post-implementation support?

4. Decide whether you need RPA consultation:

If your organization executives are not able to evaluate and understand the requirements of RPA deployment and how to choose the best solution, it’s time to turn to RPA consultation.

It gives you a clear idea of how you can implement the RPA solution and reduce deployment time.

Advantages of Hiring Our RPA Developers

RPA has achieved phenomenal growth in the last few years.

Hiring RPA developers from the company simplifies your RPA deployment without reskilling your existing workforce.

Here are a few advantages you can derive from RPA developers.

  • Cost Saving:

If you think RPA implementation is costly for you, hiring developers from an established company helps to reduce your RPA implementation cost with their expertise and smart use of resources.

Outsourcing RPA developers is more convenient and cost-effective than employing or training new employees in the organization.

  • Competencies:

Outsourced RPA developers with proven experience in RPA development and implementation for healthcare are experts in working closely with the healthcare processes and have the skill to create RPA solutions with the desired outcome.

Their knowledge of automation tools and techniques makes implementation and deployment faster while maintaining the quality under control.

  • Scalability:

If you are outsourcing RPA developers you don’t need to conduct an interview every time your requirement grows up.

You can easily scale up your RPA development team according to your requirements.

  • Monitoring, maintenance, and continuous support:

Even after the deployment, RPA developers will provide you with full monitoring, and maintenance support to ensure processes are running smoothly.

Our Experience with RPA

We are a healthcare-focused IT organization with 8+ years of experience in working with healthcare IT projects from different organizations related to healthcare.

We have previously worked with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy stores, hospitals, nursing homes, and even healthcare startups to automate their labor-intensive processes such as invoicing, reporting, data entry, and prescription processing.

As of now, more than 30 healthcare entities are annually saving 10000+ clinical hours due to the seamless automation we put in place.

We know how important it is to keep automation glitch-free.

A single bug in the automation software can bring inevitable risks.

Therefore, we prioritize the quality of what we deliver by evaluating the real-time risk of RPA implementation through validation and performance tests.

So, now you have a complete understanding of why and how to hire RPA developers to automate healthcare processes, so get ready to eliminate labor-intensive tasks and make sure your healthcare workforce talent is utilized for patient care and business growth.

If you still find it challenging to evaluate your RPA requirements, we can help you find a better solution and smoothly start your automation journey.

Manual processes eat up organizational resources and delay outcomes.

Healthcare organizations can outperform with the AI/ ML and RPA capabilities through correct implementations.

We aim to simplify your healthcare operations and bring efficiencies to your organization.