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Custom Data Extraction From PDF & Excel Solution Working on RPA, AI & OCR Tech

Your Problem:

You have a heap of data either in the form of PDF or in Excel or any other format.

You want to have easy access to a few specific data of what you store in an unorganized way.

You further want to add that specific data into different locations or file formats.

But you can’t do it manually as it is a very tedious and error sensitive process.

Our Solution:

We provide you with a custom data extraction from PDF & Excel solution which works on cutting edge automation technologies such as RPA, AI and OCR.

Using our custom automation solution, we extract any specific data from your large database more accurately and faster than 3rd party tools.

We also make automatic data entry of that extracted data into your desired file format and location.

The best part is, we deliver you the complete solution and support so that you can automate your entire data extraction process not only for one time but for every time you need it – without paying anything extra or a subscription fee.

Okay. Let us address your 3 common questions around our custom data extraction solution in the UK

1) Why should we go for your custom solution and not the 3rd party tools for data extraction?

Well, the good thing is you have choices. But the bad thing is, only one among the two will work for you!

Anyway, these are the reasons why you should choose a custom PDF data extraction solution over readymade 3rd party tools.

  • We build it specifically for you!

We first study your needs, workflows, budget, compliance & goals and then only build custom automation solutions for you, specifically.

The outcome of a specific data extraction solution is a more accurate, faster, more compliant and more affordable (in long term) automation solution.

Most importantly, it will be your future-ready solution as you can modify it according to your newly emerged needs.

  • You will be the ultimate owner!

Along with the solution, we deliver complete ownership of that solution. Because code ownership is an asset that you always lack in 3rd party tools. And without code ownership, you restrict the outcome and ROI you’re supposed to derive from automation solutions.

  • Most complex workflows can be automated too

Since our custom solution is built specifically for your workflows, even your most complex workflows can also be easily automated.

But in the case of 3rd party tools for data extraction, they have a certain limit because they cannot automate a workflow that does not have fixed input and output.

To automate such workflows, one must use AI capabilities to their fullest potential.

2) How does your custom data extraction from Excel, PDF solution help us financially and operationally?

Saving your cost by increasing productivity is our vision behind automation!

  • One-time investment

Unlike 3rd party tools, we don’t ask you to pay us monthly subscription fees. In our case, we charge you a single-time fee which is based on the project scale and time it requires.

In other words, you are paying us a single-time fee which is too based on the efforts we put in to reach your goals and then, you will be enjoying the complete ownership of the solution for the rest of the time.

If you calculate, a single-time investment is more affordable in the long run than paying subscription fees every month!

  • Easily scalable and customizable solution

Suppose, we deliver you a custom data extraction solution for a workflow 1.0 and then after some months, you have to make changes in that workflow 1.0. Meaning, that solution does not work anymore. So, do you now need to pay us to build a new solution?

Of course not. Our solution is easily scalable and customizable. Meaning, it can easily handle an unprecedented increase in the number of input data and can also be customized as per your new needs.

This way, we ensure that you don’t have to build a new solution every time there are a few changes in workflows.

  • We know how to save 50% on automation bots!

So, the thing is, there are major two types of automation bots. One is an attended bot that requires your ‘attention’ and one is an unattended bot which is a fully automated bot.

Every automation vendor such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere charges more for unattended bot and less for the attended bot.

So, if you want to deploy fully automated unattended bots to extract data, we can help you save more than 50% on the yearly price you are supposed to pay to that automation vendor for its unattended bot.

How? Well, that’s our secret, hidden in our automation expertise but we would be more than happy to implement it for your financial benefit. (And it is totally legal!)

3) Tell us more about technologies you use to extract data from PDF, Excels or anything else

Ah! That’s our favourite question!

So, we use majorly 3 technologies to build a custom automation solution for you.

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Using RPA technology and RPA tools provided by vendors such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere, our RPA engineers code the software bot which gets installed on your system like a computer program.

This software bot is designed, trained and built to execute processes by itself without human intervention. This software bot gets activated at a fixed time or after a certain event and extracts data within minutes. It can even further make automated data entry too.

  • AI and machine learning

The limitation of RPA is it can not be able to automate a workflow if there is no fixed input and output. So, to automate such a kind of workflow, we have to leverage cognitive RPA.

Cognitive RPA works on the fusion of AI and machine learning technologies and can be able to automate any dynamic process with no fixed input and output.

Working with cognitive RPA requires dedicated skills and expertise as implementing AI and ML in RPA is pretty difficult.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Using OCR technology, our RPA engineers give character recognition capabilities to the software bot.

The modern use cases of OCR are so advanced that we can extract data from even hand-written forms and printed documents.

Using OCR, we can convert text-based data into graphs too for easy understanding of trends in graphical format.

This will surely help you more: RPA in healthcare, a complete guide

Good answers. Now tell us 3 simple reasons why we should contact you guys

You will have access to our 7+ years of automation expertise and you’re fully allowed to utilize it for your maximum gain.

You will have direct contact with RPA R&D engineers and developers.

We will show you the RPA automation and data extraction process in live-action which we have already achieved.